Create Attractive Product Bundles in Shopify

Create Attractive Product Bundles in Shopify

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Setting Up the Bundle
    • Creating a New Bundle
    • Selecting the Bundle Type
  3. Configuring the Bundle
    • Bundle Name and Title
    • Bundle Description
    • Pricing Information
    • Add to Cart Button Details
    • Priority Sequence
    • Bundle Status and Widget Display
    • Tagging and Scheduling
  4. Setting the Discount
    • Type of Discount
    • Bundle Product Level
    • Selecting the Discounted Products
    • Customizing Product Quantity and Image
  5. Bundle Landing Page
    • Automatically Generated Landing Pages
    • Customizing the Landing Page Content
  6. Saving the Bundle and Checking Out
  7. Conclusion

How to Create a Simple Classic Bundle in Bundler App

Bundler app provides an excellent way to offer attractive discounts to your customers when they purchase specific products together. In this article, we will guide you through the process of creating a simple classic bundle using the Bundler app. With this type of bundle, you can set a discount on a pre-determined combination of products, enticing customers to make a bundled purchase and save money.

1. Introduction

Firstly, let's understand the concept of a bundle in the Bundler app. A bundle is a promotional offer where customers receive a discount when they purchase a set combination of products. Bundles can be created in different ways, such as classic bundles, mix and match bundles, or volume discount bundles. In this article, we will focus on creating a classic bundle.

2. Setting Up the Bundle

To get started, open the Bundler app and navigate to the bundle configuration page. Here, you will see all the bundles that you have already configured. To create a new bundle, click on the "Create New Bundle" button.

2.1 Creating a New Bundle

Upon clicking the "Create New Bundle" button, a pop-up window will appear, allowing you to select the type of bundle you want to create. For a classic bundle, choose the first option presented.

2.2 Selecting the Bundle Type

When selecting the classic bundle option, you enable customers to receive a discount when they purchase a specific combination of products. However, it's important to note that there are two other types of bundles available: mix and match bundles, and volume discount bundles. Mix and match bundles allow customers to choose any combination of products from the bundle and receive a discount. On the other hand, volume discount bundles offer discounts when customers purchase multiple quantities of the same or different products together.

Please note that since this article focuses on creating a classic bundle, we will discuss mix and match bundles and volume discount bundles in separate tutorials.

3. Configuring the Bundle

Now that you have selected the classic bundle option, it's time to configure your bundle. Let's go through each field and understand its significance.

3.1 Bundle Name and Title

The first field allows you to set the name of the bundle. This name will be visible to customers on the checkout page, indicating the discount they are receiving. The second field enables you to set a title for the bundle, which will be displayed on your shop and product pages. Generally, the default values are sufficient, but feel free to customize them as per your preference.

3.2 Bundle Description

In this field, you can provide a description for the bundle discount. The description will appear below the bundle title in the bundle widget. By default, there is a suitable default option available, but you can modify it if necessary.

3.3 Pricing Information

The pricing information field determines what is displayed above the "Add to Cart" button in the bundle. During the widget setup, placeholders will be automatically replaced with the correct pricing details. In most cases, you won't need to edit this field.

3.4 Add to Cart Button Details

The input field in this section defines what will be shown on the "Add to Cart" button of the bundle widget. You can also include text to explain to customers that the bundle discount will be applied at checkout. This feature provides transparency and clarity to customers regarding the discount application process.

3.5 Priority Sequence

The priority sequence functionality is immensely useful when you have multiple bundles with similar product sets. By default, the Bundler app applies bundle discounts based on the bundle's priority sequence. If multiple bundles have the same or similar combinations of products, you need to set their priority. For instance, if you want to utilize both bundles, the one with more products should have a higher priority. This ensures that the discount from the higher priority bundle is applied first, and if the required products are unavailable, the next bundle in priority is considered.

3.6 Bundle Status and Widget Display

In this section, you can determine the status of your bundle. When the bundle is active, the Bundler app will apply the bundle discounts. On the other hand, when the bundle is paused, the app will not apply the bundle discount. Additionally, you can choose to show or hide the bundle widgets. The widgets can be hidden on all pages, shown only on product pages, or displayed everywhere. Regardless of widget visibility, the app will still apply the discounts as long as customers have the correct products in their carts.

3.7 Tagging and Scheduling

The tag option allows you to limit the bundle discount to customers who have specific tags. This functionality is beneficial when you want to offer the bundle discount exclusively to wholesale customers or members of a particular club. By leaving this field empty, you make the bundle discount available to all customers.

If you wish to schedule the bundle discount, you can set a start and end date for its availability. However, if you want the bundle to be continuously active, you can uncheck the scheduling option.

4. Setting the Discount

Now, let's determine the discount you want to offer to your customers.

4.1 Type of Discount

You have various options to provide discounts to your customers. You can choose to offer a discount as a percentage, a fixed amount, or even opt for a specific discount on select products within the bundle. Alternatively, you can set a fixed bundle price. For the purpose of this tutorial, we will apply a 10% discount to the bundle.

Finally, you can decide whether you want to offer free shipping as part of the bundle discount. Simply check the appropriate box to include free shipping.

4.2 Bundle Product Level

The bundle product level allows you to decide how the variants within the bundle are displayed. By default, products with multiple variants are grouped in a drop-down selector. However, if you choose the variant level option, each variant will be presented as an individual product within the bundle. This feature is particularly useful when you want customers to buy specific variants together, even if they belong to the same product. Additionally, you can set a custom image to represent the variants instead of displaying all the products in the bundle.

For this tutorial, we will stick to the default product level value.

4.3 Selecting the Discounted Products

In this section, you will choose the actual products for which you want to apply the bundle discount. These are the products that customers must purchase together to avail the bundle discount. To begin, simply click the "Select Products" button and choose the desired products. You can also set custom quantities for each product in the bundle. Moreover, the app allows you to set custom product images, in case you want to override the default variant images.

If you frequently add new variants to your products, you can enable the functionality that automatically adds the newly created variants to the bundle. This ensures that you don't have to manually revisit the app and add the new variants later on. It saves time and streamlines the process.

6. Bundle Landing Page

Bundles in the Bundler app come with automatically generated landing pages, each having a unique URL. These landing pages can serve as promotional tools to attract customers through emails, websites, or other advertising platforms. If desired, you can customize the content of the landing page to align with your brand's voice and style. However, for this tutorial, we will skip the customization and proceed without any custom landing page content.

7. Saving the Bundle and Checking Out

Once you have configured your bundle settings, scroll back up and click the "Save Bundle" button to save your bundle. Congratulations! You have successfully created a simple classic bundle using the Bundler app. To see how the bundle appears in your shop, you can visit the automatically generated bundle landing page. From there, customers can add the bundle to their cart, and the discount will be applied accordingly. Moreover, the Bundle widget will also be displayed on relevant product pages, showcasing the bundle offering and encouraging purchase.

8. Conclusion

In this article, we have learned how to create a simple classic bundle using the Bundler app. By following the step-by-step instructions, you can configure the bundle settings, set the discount, select the products, and customize the bundle landing page. Bundles are an effective way to boost sales, entice customers with discounts, and offer a delightful shopping experience. Start using the Bundler app today to enhance your customers' journey and increase your revenue. Happy bundling!


  • Create attractive discounts by offering bundles of products
  • Choose between classic bundles, mix and match bundles, and volume discount bundles
  • Configure bundle details such as name, title, description, and pricing information
  • Set the discount percentage and include free shipping if desired
  • Customize the display of variant products within the bundle
  • Select the discounted products and set custom quantities and images
  • Utilize automatically generated bundle landing pages for promotions
  • Save the bundle and enjoy the benefits of increased sales and customer satisfaction


Q: Can I offer different types of bundles using the Bundler app?

A: Yes, the Bundler app allows you to create classic bundles, mix and match bundles, and volume discount bundles. Each type has its own unique features and benefits.

Q: Can I customize the appearance of the bundle widget on my shop pages?

A: Absolutely! The Bundler app provides options to customize the placement and design of the bundle widget on your shop's pages. You can choose where to show the widget and even move it to a different location.

Q: How can I promote my bundles to attract more customers?

A: The Bundler app generates unique landing pages with URL links for each bundle. You can use these links to promote your bundles through emails, websites, social media, or any other advertising platform. Additionally, you can customize the content of these landing pages to align with your brand's voice and style.

Q: Can I set a schedule for my bundle discounts to run during specific dates?

A: Yes, the Bundler app allows you to schedule the start and end dates for your bundle discounts. This feature is particularly useful when you want to run promotions for a limited time.

Q: How does the priority sequence work when I have multiple bundles with similar products?

A: The priority sequence functionality ensures that bundle discounts are applied in a systematic manner. When you have multiple bundles with similar product combinations, the app prioritizes the bundles based on your settings. It attempts to apply the discount from the bundle with the highest priority first. If the required products are not available in the cart, it moves on to the next bundle in priority. This feature prevents conflicts and provides a seamless customer experience.

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