Boost Your Sales with Must-Have Shopify Apps

Boost Your Sales with Must-Have Shopify Apps

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Lucky Orange: A Powerful Tracking App
  3. In-Cart Upsell: Increase Sales with One-Click Upsells
  4. SEO Image Optimizer: Improve SEO with Optimized Image Tags
  5. Privy: Capture Emails and Boost Conversions with Pop-ups
  6. Digital Downloads: Sell Digital Products with Ease
  7. Instafeed: Display Your Instagram Feed on Your Website
  8. Product Reviews: Build Trust and Social Proof with Customer Reviews
  9. Conclusion


In this article, I will be sharing my top 5 must-have Shopify apps for 2019. These apps have been personally tested and used by me, and I believe they are essential for any Shopify store owner looking to enhance their sales, improve customer experience, and optimize their website for better SEO. From tracking your customer's behavior to offering one-click upsells, these apps cover a wide range of functionalities that can significantly boost your store's performance. So, let's dive in and explore these must-have apps in detail.

1. Lucky Orange: A Powerful Tracking App

Lucky Orange is a powerful tracking app that allows you to gain valuable insights into your customer's behavior on your website. It provides features like heat maps, which show where most people are hovering their mouse or looking at with their eyes. You can also watch full recordings of what your customers are doing on your website, including where they click, scroll, and how long they stay on specific pages. Lucky Orange is a great tool to understand your customer's journey and make data-driven decisions to improve your online store.

2. In-Cart Upsell: Increase Sales with One-Click Upsells

In-Cart Upsell is an app that helps you increase your average order value by offering upsells to your customers directly within their shopping cart. Unlike traditional pop-ups that can be annoying or easily closed, In-Cart Upsell seamlessly integrates into the cart page, making it more effective at driving additional purchases. By presenting personalized upsell offers to your customers, you can encourage them to add more items to their order without causing any disruptions to their shopping experience. This app is easy to set up and highly customizable, allowing you to tailor your upsell offers for maximum conversions.

3. SEO Image Optimizer: Improve SEO with Optimized Image Tags

SEO Image Optimizer is a lightweight app that optimizes the alt tags and title tags of your images, making them more search engine-friendly. By using relevant keywords and descriptive tags, you can improve the visibility of your product images in search engine results and increase organic traffic to your store. This app is a set-and-forget tool that automatically updates the alt and title tags whenever you upload new images, saving you time and effort in manual optimization.

4. Privy: Capture Emails and Boost Conversions with Pop-ups

Privy is a popular app that allows you to create attractive pop-ups and target specific website visitors to capture their email addresses. With Privy, you can offer incentives like discounts or freebies in exchange for email sign-ups, effectively growing your email list and building a loyal customer base. The app provides various customization options, including design templates, targeting rules, and timing settings, enabling you to create impactful pop-ups that drive conversions without annoying your visitors.

5. Digital Downloads: Sell Digital Products with Ease

Digital Downloads is a Shopify app developed by Shopify itself, designed specifically for selling digital products. Whether you are selling e-books, courses, presets, or any other digital files, this app allows you to seamlessly deliver your products to customers after purchase. Customers receive a download link instead of a physical shipment, simplifying the fulfillment process for digital products. With Digital Downloads, you can monetize your expertise and create passive income streams by selling digital goods directly from your Shopify store.

6. Instafeed: Display Your Instagram Feed on Your Website

Instafeed is a free app that allows you to showcase your Instagram feed directly on your Shopify website. With a simple installation process, you can add a feed of your most recent Instagram posts to any page of your website. This app is perfect for businesses that heavily rely on social media marketing, as it helps to establish brand consistency, build trust, and engage visitors. By displaying real-life photos of your products or customers using your products, you can create social proof and entice potential customers to make a purchase.

7. Product Reviews: Build Trust and Social Proof with Customer Reviews

Product Reviews is a Shopify app developed by Shopify, offering a simplified way for customers to leave reviews on your products. By displaying genuine customer reviews, you can build trust and credibility, which can greatly influence purchase decisions. The app allows customers to rate products and leave detailed feedback, helping other shoppers make informed choices. With high-quality reviews, your store can stand out from the competition and attract more loyal customers.


By leveraging the power of these must-have Shopify apps, you can enhance your store's performance, increase sales, and improve customer satisfaction. From tracking customer behavior to displaying social proof, each app serves a specific purpose in optimizing your Shopify store. Don't miss out on the opportunity to take your store to the next level with these valuable tools. Install them today and experience the difference they can make to your business.


  • Lucky Orange: Gain insights into customer behavior through heat maps and full website recordings.
  • In-Cart Upsell: Increase average order value with one-click upsells integrated into the shopping cart.
  • SEO Image Optimizer: Optimize image tags for better search engine visibility and organic traffic.
  • Privy: Capture email addresses and boost conversions with personalized pop-ups.
  • Digital Downloads: Sell digital products effortlessly, delivering them as instant downloads.
  • Instafeed: Showcase your Instagram feed on your Shopify website for social proof and engagement.
  • Product Reviews: Build trust and credibility with genuine customer reviews.


Q: Are these apps suitable for all types of Shopify stores?
A: Yes, these apps are designed to be compatible with all types of Shopify stores, regardless of their niche or industry.

Q: Do I need to have technical knowledge to install and use these apps?
A: No, these apps are user-friendly and require little to no technical knowledge for installation and usage. Detailed instructions are provided to guide you through the process.

Q: Are these apps free?
A: Some of the apps mentioned in this article have free plans, while others offer paid plans with additional features. You can choose the plan that best suits your needs and budget.

Q: Can I use multiple apps simultaneously?
A: Yes, you can use multiple apps on your Shopify store. In fact, combining the functionalities of different apps can help you optimize your store's performance and achieve better results.

Q: How long does it take to see the impact of these apps on my store's performance?
A: The impact of these apps can vary depending on various factors, such as your store's traffic, products, and marketing strategies. However, you can expect to see noticeable improvements in sales, conversion rates, and customer engagement within a few weeks of implementing these apps.

Q: Are these apps compatible with Shopify themes?
A: Yes, these apps are designed to be compatible with most Shopify themes. However, it's recommended to check the app's compatibility with your specific theme before installation.

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