Boost Sales with Shopify Subscriptions

Boost Sales with Shopify Subscriptions

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Understanding Subscriptions on Shopify
  3. Setting Up Selling Plans a. Creating a Selling Plan Group b. Setting Up Individual Selling Plans c. Applying Discounts
  4. Connecting Selling Plans to Products
  5. Adding Products in Bulk to Selling Plan Groups
  6. Customer Experience with Subscriptions a. Subscribing to a Plan b. Managing Subscriptions
  7. Managing Customer Subscriptions
  8. Configuring Prepaid Subscriptions with Paywhirl
  9. Conclusion

Setting Up Subscriptions for Products on Shopify

Subscriptions are a great way to offer discounts and incentives to customers who regularly purchase from your Shopify store. By enabling subscriptions, you can provide customers with the option to receive their favorite products on a recurring basis, saving them time and ensuring their loyalty to your brand. In this tutorial, we will guide you through the process of setting up product subscriptions on Shopify using the Paywhirl app.

Step 1: Understanding Subscriptions on Shopify

Before diving into the setup process, it's important to familiarize yourself with how subscriptions work on Shopify. Subscriptions involve creating selling plans, which determine the billing intervals for customers, as well as any applicable discounts. By creating different selling plans, such as weekly, monthly, or yearly options, you can cater to various customer preferences.

Step 2: Setting Up Selling Plans

To enable subscriptions for your products, you need to create selling plans. Selling plans are organized into selling plan groups, which can be connected to multiple products. Start by logging into your Shopify account and navigating to the Paywhirl app. Go to the plans section and click on the "Create Plan" button.

Step 2a: Creating a Selling Plan Group

Before creating individual selling plans, you need to provide a name for your selling plan group. The name you choose will be displayed on the product page to inform customers about the available subscription options.

Step 2b: Setting Up Individual Selling Plans

Once you have set up the selling plan group, you can proceed to create individual selling plans. Each plan should have a descriptive name that includes the frequency and discount, which will be shown to customers in their shopping cart.

Step 2c: Applying Discounts

Adding discounts to your selling plans is optional but highly recommended. Discounts incentivize purchases and reward customers for their loyalty. Make sure to configure the billing interval settings correctly and add the desired discount for each plan.

Step 3: Connecting Selling Plans to Products

After setting up your selling plans, it's time to connect them to specific products in your Shopify store. In the Paywhirl app, go to the products section and select the product for which you want to offer subscriptions. Scroll down to the purchase options section and click on "Add Purchase Option."

Step 3a: Selecting the Selling Plan Group

Choose the "Select Existing Option" and then select your selling plan group from the dropdown menu. Click on "Add Plan" to connect the selling plans to the product.

Step 3b: Displaying Plans on the Product Page

Once the plans are added, they will be displayed in the purchase options section of the product page. This allows customers to choose their desired subscription plan before completing their purchase.

Step 4: Adding Products in Bulk to Selling Plan Groups

To streamline the process of adding multiple products to a selling plan group, you can use the bulk add feature. In the Paywhirl app, navigate to the plan section, select your selling plan group, and click on the "Edit Products" button. From there, you can select individual products or entire collections to add them to the selling plan group in bulk.

Step 5: Customer Experience with Subscriptions

Now that you have set up subscriptions for your products, let's take a look at the customer experience when subscribing to one of your plans.

Step 5a: Subscribing to a Plan

On the product page, customers can choose to subscribe and select their preferred delivery interval. In the shopping cart, they can verify their order details, see the plan name, and proceed to checkout. The checkout process remains the same as for any other product, with an additional checkbox asking customers to agree to recurring billing.

Step 5b: Managing Subscriptions

Once the order is complete, customers can manage their subscriptions through the account section of your website. By clicking on "My Subscriptions," they can make changes or cancel their subscriptions, saving both you and the customer time and effort.

Step 6: Managing Customer Subscriptions

As a store owner, you have full access to customer subscriptions from the backend of Shopify. Simply open the subscription section in the Paywhirl app, and you'll be able to update subscriptions on behalf of your customers if needed.

Step 7: Configuring Prepaid Subscriptions with Paywhirl

In addition to regular subscriptions, Paywhirl also offers the option to set up prepaid subscriptions. Prepaid subscriptions are ideal for gift purchases and allow customers to pay in full upfront while generating new orders each month. Stay tuned for our next video in the series, where we'll guide you through the setup process for prepaid subscriptions.


Enabling subscriptions for your Shopify products provides an additional revenue stream and encourages customer loyalty. By following the step-by-step instructions in this tutorial, you can easily set up and manage product subscriptions using the Paywhirl app. Start offering discounts and benefits to your recurring customers today!

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