Uncovering Success: Review of a $50K/Month Sticker Store

Uncovering Success: Review of a $50K/Month Sticker Store

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Overview of "Roasts and Ranks"
  3. The Importance of Niche Selection
  4. Evaluating Offers
  5. Analyzing the Funnel
  6. Assessing Website Traffic
  7. Review of Michael Koss's Store
  8. The Power of Repelling and Attracting
  9. Enhancing the Shopify Store
  10. Conveying the Story and Mission
  11. Leveraging Customer Reviews
  12. Adding Credibility and Social Proof
  13. Optimizing Product Pages
  14. Conclusion


Greetings, Empire Builders! Welcome to another episode of "Roasts and Ranks." In this series, we review your stores, offer constructive criticism, and learn together about what you're doing right and what can be improved. Today, we'll be evaluating Michael Koss's store, a successful entrepreneur and one of our top-performing students. As always, we'll be grading him in four crucial areas: niche selection, offers, funnel, and website traffic. So, let's dive right in and see how Michael's store measures up!

Overview of "Roasts and Ranks"

Before we proceed, let's quickly cover the purpose of "Roasts and Ranks." This series aims to provide valuable insights and feedback to e-commerce store owners. By examining various aspects such as niche selection, offers, funnel, and website traffic, we can help entrepreneurs identify areas for improvement and boost their success rates.

The Importance of Niche Selection

One of the first things we look at when evaluating a store is its niche. A well-defined niche is crucial as it helps attract the right audience while repelling those who are not interested. Trying to appeal to everyone often leads to appealing to nobody. Michael Koss's store, "Eagle Realm," does an excellent job of repelling the wrong people while attracting a specific target audience of American patriots. By clearly calling out to this niche, the store sets itself apart and creates a strong connection with its ideal customers.

Evaluating Offers

Next, we move on to evaluating the offers presented by the store. Michael's store features unique designs aimed at his target audience. These designs are not only visually appealing but also reasonably priced, making them attractive to potential customers. One standout offer is the commitment to donating a portion of all proceeds to veterans in need. This powerful message strikes a chord with customers, creating a deeper connection and motivating them to make a purchase. However, we recommend improving the formatting and adding more congruency to the product images to enhance credibility.

Analyzing the Funnel

Michael has already implemented funnels in his business, which contributes to his high conversion rate. However, we suggest adding additional pages to the Shopify store, such as a "Contact Us" page, a "Track Your Order" page, and most importantly, a dedicated "Story" page. The story behind the business is compelling and worth sharing. By including pictures and sharing the journey from humble beginnings to the present success, Michael can create a strong emotional connection with customers and cultivate loyalty.

Assessing Website Traffic

While Michael's store already enjoys a good conversion rate, there is room for improvement in terms of showcasing customer reviews and building credibility. Encouraging customers to submit reviews and featuring them on the website and social media platforms can help potential customers relate and trust the brand. Additionally, adding a review section and showcasing real people using the products would reinforce the authenticity and appeal of the offers.

Review of Michael Koss's Store

Considering all the factors evaluated, we rate Michael Koss's store, "Eagle Realm," with a score of 7.9 out of 10. With a few adjustments, such as enhancing the Shopify store's design and adding customer reviews, he can easily push his score higher. Overall, his store exemplifies strong niche selection, appealing offers, and a captivating mission.

The Power of Repelling and Attracting

One key lesson we can learn from "Eagle Realm" is the importance of repelling the wrong audience while attracting the right one. By clearly defining a specific audience, businesses can create a sense of exclusivity and connection, thus attracting their ideal customers.

Enhancing the Shopify Store

To further improve the Shopify store, we recommend adding additional pages, including a "Contact Us" page, a "Track Your Order" page, and most importantly, a dedicated "Story" page. Sharing the behind-the-scenes journey and providing a glimpse into the brand's history and growth can create a personal connection with customers.

Conveying the Story and Mission

The story behind a business is a powerful tool for building trust and connecting with customers. By incorporating a dedicated "Story" page on the website and sharing the motivation behind the business, Michael Koss can deepen the emotional connection with his audience and increase their loyalty.

Leveraging Customer Reviews

Featuring real customer reviews is crucial for establishing credibility. Michael can encourage his customers to submit reviews by offering incentives such as shout-outs on social media or exclusive discounts. Additionally, he should consider adding a review section on the website to showcase the positive experiences of satisfied customers.

Adding Credibility and Social Proof

Although the store already enjoys a good conversion rate, adding credibility elements, such as trust badges and social proof, can further enhance customer trust. Displaying customer reviews, testimonials, and showcasing the positive impact of donations made to veterans can solidify the store's reputation.

Optimizing Product Pages

To maximize the effectiveness of product pages, Michael should create a consistent and visually appealing format for image placement. Ensuring uniform image sizes and enhancing the lifestyle imagery can increase the perceived value and desirability of the products.


In conclusion, Michael Koss's "Eagle Realm" store demonstrates several strengths, including a well-defined niche, compelling offers, and a strong mission. By making a few enhancements, such as improving the formatting, adding a "Story" page, and incorporating customer reviews, Michael can elevate his store's performance even further.


  • The importance of niche selection for attracting the right audience
  • Evaluating the offers and incorporating unique designs
  • Enhancing the Shopify store with additional pages and customer reviews
  • Leveraging the store's story and mission to build a personal connection
  • The power of repelling the wrong audience and attracting the ideal customers
  • Optimizing product pages for increased desirability and perceived value
  • Adding credibility elements and social proof to reinforce trust


Q: How can I submit my store for "Roasts and Ranks"?
A: You can submit your store for review by visiting our website and navigating to the "Roasts and Ranks" page. There, you will find instructions on how to participate and the leaderboard showcasing featured stores.

Q: Will I receive any benefits for being featured on "Roasts and Ranks"?
A: Yes! We offer a reward of $100 directly to your PayPal account for being featured on the channel. It's our way of recognizing and supporting the e-commerce community.

Q: Do I need to have a well-established store to participate in "Roasts and Ranks"?
A: Not at all! "Roasts and Ranks" is open to all e-commerce store owners, whether you're just starting or already experiencing success. We believe that feedback and continuous improvement are essential for growth.

Q: How can I improve my conversion rate and customer trust?
A: Enhancing your store's design, sharing your story, featuring customer reviews, and incorporating credibility elements, such as trust badges and social proof, can significantly boost conversion rates and build customer trust.

Q: Can I resubmit my store for review in the future?
A: Absolutely! We encourage store owners to request a reevaluation after implementing suggested improvements. It's an opportunity to showcase growth and progress on your e-commerce journey.