Is Bia Heza's Drop Shipping Course Worth It? A Comprehensive Review

Is Bia Heza's Drop Shipping Course Worth It? A Comprehensive Review

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Course Overview
  3. Pillar 1: Product Research
    • Using TikTok and Ad Spies for Product Research
    • Successful Niches in Drop Shipping
    • Best-selling Products in Health, Beauty, and Fitness Niche
  4. Pillar 2: Website Creation
    • Importance of One Product Store
    • Transitioning to a One Product Store
    • Creating a High Converting Website
  5. Pillar 3: Ad Creation
    • Methods for Creating High Converting TikTok Creatives
    • Using TikTok Organic for Low-budget Advertising
  6. Pillar 4: Setting up Ads
    • Bia Heza's Personal Method for Running TikTok Ads
    • Mastering the Previous Pillars for Successful Ads
    • Scaling TikTok Ads with Vertical and Horizontal Approaches
  7. Private Labeling and Custom Packaging
  8. Customer Support and Hiring Virtual Agents
  9. Bia Heza's Interest in Buying E-commerce Stores
  10. Conclusion

Bia Heza's Drop Shipping Course: A Comprehensive Review


In the world of e-commerce, drop shipping has become a popular business model for aspiring entrepreneurs. Bia Heza, a 22-year-old self-made drop shipping millionaire, is known for his successful YouTube videos on drop shipping. To delve deeper into his strategies and insights, I decided to invest in his drop shipping course. This article reviews Bia Heza's course, providing an overview of its contents and highlighting the key pillars of his drop shipping approach.

Course Overview

Bia Heza's drop shipping course is designed to equip individuals with the knowledge and tools needed to succeed in the ever-evolving world of drop shipping. Priced at $294, the course offers valuable insights that go beyond what is covered in Bia Heza's YouTube videos. With a focus on practical techniques and strategies, the course aims to empower students to achieve success in their own drop shipping ventures.

Pillar 1: Product Research

The first pillar of Bia Heza's drop shipping approach revolves around thorough product research. Bia Heza recommends utilizing platforms like TikTok and paid ad spies such as PP Ads to identify trending products and determine their potential for success. By scrolling through TikTok and using burner accounts, one can discover products that are currently performing well. Additionally, Bia Heza introduces the website as a valuable resource for uncovering winning products. When it comes to niches, Bia Heza has found significant success in the health, beauty, and fitness niche, with top-selling products including pimple patches, skin care devices, and teeth whitening pens.

Pillar 2: Website Creation

Creating a high-converting website is the focus of the second pillar in Bia Heza's drop shipping strategy. His course emphasizes the effectiveness of a one product store, particularly in 2023. Bia Heza suggests starting with a niche store and expanding the product range within the same niche until a winning product is found. Once a winning product is identified, the niche store can be transformed into a one product store, which improves the website's credibility and conversion rate. Bia Heza provides detailed guidance on creating a visually appealing website with a black and white design and one accent color. He recommends using the "Sense" theme for its simplicity and modern appearance. Key components of a high-converting website include a compelling heading with a strong call to action, an informative product page with high-definition photos and reviews, and an FAQ section to address customer queries.

Pillar 3: Ad Creation

In the third pillar of his drop shipping strategy, Bia Heza delves into the creation of highly converting TikTok ads. He discusses two popular methods for creating TikTok ads: compiling clips and videos of the product to create a compelling advertisement and reaching out to small content creators to generate user-generated content (UGC) ads. While the first method may raise concerns regarding copyright permissions, Bia Heza acknowledges its past success. Paying services like Bams Off Ads or Billoom is another option for obtaining UGC creatives. Bia Heza also touches upon TikTok organic, highlighting its potential as a cost-effective advertising approach. He shares his personal success story of running an organically grown TikTok page and generating sales for a store.

Pillar 4: Setting up Ads

The fourth pillar focuses on setting up and running effective TikTok ads. Bia Heza outlines his personal ad strategy that involves starting with a regular TikTok account, posting six best creatives to gauge their performance, and transitioning to a business account. By selecting the top three creatives with the highest views, these ads can be converted into paid spark ads. He emphasizes the need to master the previous three pillars before achieving success with TikTok ads. Bia Heza dispels the notion of shortcuts or hacks, emphasizing the importance of a well-rounded approach. Scaling TikTok ads can be accomplished through vertical and horizontal approaches, raising the budget incrementally based on profitability. He emphasizes the continuous need for fresh ad creatives and suggests finding a trusted private supplier for private labeling and custom packaging of products. Bia Heza also explores the possibility of hiring virtual agents through platforms like for efficient customer support. Additionally, he expresses interest in purchasing successful e-commerce stores.


Bia Heza's drop shipping course provides aspiring entrepreneurs with comprehensive guidance on product research, website creation, ad creation, and ad management. His emphasis on thorough research, niche specialization, and continuous innovation highlights the intricacies of the drop shipping business model. While success is not guaranteed, Bia Heza's strategies, insights, and personal experiences offer valuable lessons for those seeking success in the world of drop shipping. With a strong foundation in the four pillars outlined in his course, individuals can position themselves for success in the competitive e-commerce landscape.


  • Bia Heza's drop shipping course offers in-depth insights beyond his YouTube videos.
  • Thorough product research is essential for success in drop shipping.
  • Creating a high-converting website is crucial, with an emphasis on one product stores.
  • TikTok ads provide effective marketing opportunities, with a focus on both paid and organic approaches.
  • Scaling TikTok ads requires mastery of previous pillars and continuous innovation.
  • Private labeling and custom packaging add a layer of credibility to drop shipping businesses.
  • Outsourcing customer support through virtual agents can enhance efficiency.
  • Bia Heza expresses interest in buying successful e-commerce stores.


Q: How much does Bia Heza's drop shipping course cost? A: Bia Heza's drop shipping course is priced at $294.

Q: What is the focus of Pillar 2 of Bia Heza's approach? A: Pillar 2 focuses on website creation, particularly the effectiveness of one product stores.

Q: What are some successful niches in drop shipping according to Bia Heza? A: Bia Heza has found significant success in the health, beauty, and fitness niches.

Q: How does Bia Heza recommend creating high-converting TikTok ads? A: Bia Heza suggests compiling product clips or reaching out to small content creators for user-generated content ads.

Q: How can TikTok ads be scaled effectively? A: TikTok ads can be scaled through vertical and horizontal approaches, incrementally increasing the budget based on profitability.

Q: Does Bia Heza provide guidance on customer support? A: Yes, Bia Heza recommends hiring virtual agents through platforms like for efficient customer support.

Q: Is Bia Heza interested in buying e-commerce stores? A: Yes, he expresses interest in purchasing successful e-commerce stores that have generated over 100k in revenue.