Build Your Own Custom LEGO Imperial Transport from The Mandalorian!

Build Your Own Custom LEGO Imperial Transport from The Mandalorian!

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Overview of the Imperial Transport
  3. Design and Build Instructions
  4. Scale and Minifigure Compatibility
  5. Effective Use of the SNOT Technique
  6. Impressive Design Details
  7. Functional Features
  8. The Robustness of the Transport
  9. Special Connections and Hidden Details
  10. Conclusion


Welcome to Brick Vault, where today we will be taking a closer look at the Imperial Transport designed by 8th Brother Brick. This custom LEGO creation is based on the ship that appeared in the Mandalorian series and serves as a versatile personnel and material transporter. In this article, we will explore the various aspects of this impressive model, including its design, build instructions, scale, features, and hidden details. So let's dive in and discover what makes the Imperial Transport a must-have for LEGO enthusiasts.

Overview of the Imperial Transport

The Imperial Transport, as the name suggests, is a cold and angular spacecraft designed to transport personnel and materials from one location to another. Unlike the similar Imperial Troop Transport, which is limited to ground hovering, the Imperial Transport has the ability to make quick runs through a planet's atmosphere, allowing larger cruisers and capital ships to remain in orbit. Its unmistakable Imperial aesthetic and attention to detail make it a standout addition to any LEGO Star Wars collection.

Design and Build Instructions

For those interested in building their own Imperial Transport, detailed instructions can be found on our webstore, Each purchase includes a step-by-step PDF guide and a parts list for convenient online ordering. The instructions have been thoroughly tested for clarity, and the parts have been carefully curated for availability. By obtaining the instructions, you not only get the opportunity to build this stunning model but also support the talented designers like 8th Brother Brick, who have created other remarkable LEGO creations.

Scale and Minifigure Compatibility

Since the Imperial Transport is relatively new in the Star Wars universe, there are no specific references for its exact scale. However, the designer aimed for a minifigure scale that aligns with other LEGO Star Wars creations. This means that when displayed alongside other minifigure scale models, the Imperial Transport blends seamlessly into the overall collection. Its size and proportions are well-suited to accommodate a squad of eight troopers, along with a commander or two. Additionally, there is a smaller room in the midsection for extra cargo or storage.

Effective Use of the SNOT Technique

One of the notable design elements of the Imperial Transport is the effective use of the Studs Not On Top (SNOT) technique. This technique involves utilizing bricks and slopes to create a smooth and polished appearance, minimizing the visibility of LEGO studs. The skillful application of the SNOT technique can be observed throughout the model, giving it a sleek and refined look. By employing techniques such as side building, adding slopes, using panels as covers, and hiding hinges, the designer has achieved a level of precision and angle manipulation that is truly impressive.

Impressive Design Details

The Imperial Transport boasts an abundance of intricate design details that add to its overall visual appeal. From hidden angles to subtle staggering, every aspect of this model has been meticulously crafted. The back of the transport showcases advanced techniques that create complex shapes and angles. Even on the top, there are staggered angles that further enhance the overall aesthetic. The attention to detail in this model is truly phenomenal, and it is made evident by the dense piece count required to bring the design to life.

Functional Features

While the Imperial Transport excels in its visual design, it also offers a range of functional features. The top of the transport can be easily removed in two sections, providing access to the interior. These top assemblies have designated slots on the frame, ensuring a secure fit without any wobble. Once removed, the interior reveals space for a squad of eight troopers and additional room for a commander or two. There is also a smaller room in the midsection, offering versatile storage options. Furthermore, the ramp can be lowered, and the double turrets on either side can swivel, adding to the playability of the model.

The Robustness of the Transport

When handling the Imperial Transport, one quickly notices its robust construction. The model feels sturdy and well-built, allowing for easy maneuverability and play. The top assemblies fit securely, providing a solid structure without compromising on functionality. The transport fulfills its purpose of transporting personnel and materials seamlessly, ensuring that it can withstand even the most intense imaginary missions.

Special Connections and Hidden Details

One of the standout aspects of the Imperial Transport is the attention to detail in even the smallest connections. 8th Brother Brick incorporated brackets to perfectly align slopes and create a flush surface. These subtle details may initially go unnoticed, but they enhance the overall coherence and sophistication of the design. The designer's meticulous approach throughout the model ensures that every angle and connection is carefully considered, resulting in a creation that is both visually stunning and structurally sound.


In conclusion, the Imperial Transport from 8th Brother Brick is a remarkable LEGO creation that captures the essence of the Star Wars universe. Its unique design, meticulous attention to detail, and functional features make it a standout addition to any LEGO Star Wars collection. Whether you are a LEGO enthusiast, a Star Wars fan, or both, the Imperial Transport offers a rewarding building experience and a model that will impress both young and adult builders alike. Visit our webstore,, to obtain the instructions and start building your own Imperial Transport today!


Q: Are the instructions for the Imperial Transport easy to follow? A: Yes, the instructions provided on our webstore,, have been tested for clarity and comprehensiveness. Each step is clearly illustrated, making it easy to follow along and build the model.

Q: Can the Imperial Transport be customized or modified? A: While the instructions provide a comprehensive guide to building the Imperial Transport as designed by 8th Brother Brick, creative builders can always add their own personal touch or modifications to the model. LEGO bricks offer endless possibilities for customization, allowing builders to make the model unique to their preferences.

Q: Is the Imperial Transport compatible with other LEGO Star Wars sets? A: Yes, the Imperial Transport is designed to be in scale with other LEGO Star Wars minifigure scale sets. This means that it can seamlessly integrate into any LEGO Star Wars collection, enhancing the overall display and play experience.

Q: Are there any other Star Wars ships or vehicles available from 8th Brother Brick? A: Yes, 8th Brother Brick has also designed other notable Star Wars creations, such as the Swamp Speeder and the Snail Tank Droid. These models exhibit the same level of detail and craftsmanship as the Imperial Transport. Visit our webstore,, to explore more of 8th Brother Brick's designs.