Discover Profitable Dropshipping Products for $50K/Month

Discover Profitable Dropshipping Products for $50K/Month

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Method 1: Teemu Method
    • 2.1 Finding Trending Products
    • 2.2 Niche Selection
    • 2.3 Assessing Problem-Solving Abilities
    • 2.4 Importance of Perceived Value
  3. Method 2: PP Ads
    • 3.1 Setting up Filters
    • 3.2 Problem-Solving and Insecurity
    • 3.3 Assessing Product Potential
    • 3.4 Q4 Sales and Exceptions
  4. Conclusion


In this article, we will discuss effective product research methods that can help you prepare for Q4 and boost your sales. We will explore two different approaches: the Teemu Method and PP Ads. Both methods focus on finding trending products that solve problems or address insecurities. By following these research techniques, you can increase your chances of finding profitable products that can generate substantial monthly profits.

Method 1: Teemu Method

The Teemu Method is a reliable way to discover trending products that are still relatively under the radar. By visiting, a platform similar to AliExpress, you can explore various product categories and identify potential winners. When using this method, it is essential to consider niches that have products solving insecurities or addressing common problems. Beauty and health, as well as women's clothing, tend to perform well as they offer solutions to a broad audience.

2.1 Finding Trending Products

To begin, you can navigate to the Teemu homepage and browse different categories or explore the best sellers section. Sorting by relevance or top sales can give you insights into newer products with potential. While scrolling through the products, look for items that solve significant problems and offer high margins for selling. Consider the perceived value of a product, as larger or more impactful items tend to have a higher perceived value.

2.2 Niche Selection

When focusing on beauty and health or women's clothing, keep in mind that these niches consistently perform well. Look for products that cater to a broad audience and tackle common insecurities. For example, products like a beard bib or hair curlers can solve specific problems and generate sales. Additionally, consider products that save time or offer quick results, as this appeals to consumers who want instant solutions.

2.3 Assessing Problem-Solving Abilities

The key to successful product selection is finding items that solve problems. Your products should address insecurities or provide practical solutions to everyday issues. For example, a gadget that helps shape the jawline can target a broad audience and solve a significant insecurity. Ensure that the problem your product solves appeals to a passionate pocket of potential buyers.

2.4 Importance of Perceived Value

When assessing products, consider their perceived value. Larger or more visually impactful items are often perceived as higher value, allowing for higher price points. While browsing through Teemu, focus on finding products with a broad appeal, passionate audience, and high margins. This combination will increase your chances of selling products that bring in substantial profits.

Method 2: PP Ads

PP Ads, despite receiving criticism, can also be a valuable resource for product research. By utilizing the right filters and keeping an eye out for problem-solving capabilities, you can discover successful products. It is important to look beyond impression numbers and delve deeper into the products and their potential.

3.1 Setting up Filters

To start with PP Ads, visit the product research tab and set your country preference to the United States. Adjusting ad impressions between 30k and 100k can yield various results. Experiment with different time frames and filters to determine the best settings for finding profitable products.

3.2 Problem-Solving and Insecurity

Similar to the Teemu Method, focus on products that solve problems or address insecurities. Avoid selling products that lack practical use or relevance. Look for items like shapewear or their male counterparts, which effectively solve insecurities and have proven to be winners in the market.

3.3 Assessing Product Potential

When browsing through PP Ads, click on products to understand their purpose and target audience better. Determine if a product solves a problem or insecurity and whether it aligns with your target market. Consider the potential demand for the product and analyze its suitability for scaling up your business.

3.4 Q4 Sales and Exceptions

During the Q4 period, which includes holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Christmas, you have more leeway to sell products that may not solve significant problems. In these cases, focus on items that evoke emotions, such as meaningful jewelry or personalized gifts. Additionally, clothing items and holiday-specific products can experience higher demand during this period.


By utilizing the Teemu Method and PP Ads, you can enhance your product research efforts and increase your chances of finding profitable products. Remember to focus on problem-solving abilities, perceived value, and suitability for your target market. Adapt your research strategies for Q4 sales, considering exceptions and the holiday-themed products that perform well during this season.


  • Discover trending products using the Teemu Method
  • Focus on niches that solve problems or address insecurities
  • Consider perceived value and high margins for profitable sales
  • Utilize PP Ads with appropriate filters to find successful products
  • Assess problem-solving capabilities for product potential
  • Adapt research strategies for Q4 sales and holiday-themed products


Q: Are these product research methods suitable for all types of businesses? A: Yes, the Teemu Method and PP Ads can be used by various businesses, especially those involved in e-commerce and dropshipping. These methods focus on finding profitable products that solve problems or address insecurities, which is relevant across different industries.

Q: How often should I conduct product research using these methods? A: It is recommended to perform product research regularly to stay updated with the latest trends and capitalize on emerging opportunities. Set aside dedicated time for research, such as weekly or monthly sessions, to ensure a continuous flow of potential winning products.

Q: Can I use these methods for seasonal sales? A: Absolutely! Both the Teemu Method and PP Ads can be adapted for seasonal sales, especially during Q4 when holidays like Halloween and Christmas are approaching. Consider the exceptions mentioned in the article and focus on products that evoke emotions or cater to specific holiday themes.

Q: How can I determine the potential demand for a product? A: While browsing through Teemu or PP Ads, pay attention to the number of sales or ad impressions a product has. This can provide insights into its potential demand. Additionally, research customer reviews and competitor analysis to gauge the market's response to similar products.

Q: Are there any drawbacks or challenges to using these research methods? A: One challenge is the potential saturation of certain niches or products that have already been heavily marketed. It is important to adapt and seek unique angles or variations of popular products. Additionally, consistently monitoring market trends and competitors' strategies will help overcome any drawbacks.