Learn from a $10k/mo Etsy dropshipping success story

Learn from a $10k/mo Etsy dropshipping success story

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Why Was the Store Suspended?
  3. The Value of the Course
  4. Building the Store and Niche Selection
  5. Scaling the Store and Unique Methods
  6. Optimizing Listings for Success
  7. Utilizing Etsy Ads
  8. Conclusion
  9. Join the Community and Find Success


In this article, we will discuss the journey of a store that was permanently suspended on Etsy and the valuable lessons that can be learned from its experience. We will delve into the reasons behind the store's suspension and explore how to build a successful store, choose the right niche, and scale it effectively. Additionally, we will provide tips on optimizing your listings for maximum visibility, utilizing Etsy ads, and offer a conclusion with next steps. So let's dive in and discover the ins and outs of running a thriving Etsy store!

Why Was the Store Suspended?

The store in question was suspended due to copyright strikes on another store owned by the same individual. While the store in question operated cleanly and followed all guidelines, the suspension was a ripple effect from the copyright strikes received on a different store in the anime niche. Despite the suspension, it is crucial to understand that operating a store on Etsy can be done safely and within the guidelines. This article will focus on how to operate a store cleanly and avoid copyright issues, ensuring your store's success.

The Value of the Course

The course presented in this article offers extensive value to aspiring Etsy entrepreneurs. It covers everything from creating a store and finding products to niche selection and dropshipping from the USA. The course also includes examples of live niches and winning products that are currently successful. By following the course, aspiring entrepreneurs can learn from the instructor's experience and gain valuable insights into operating a profitable Etsy store.

Building the Store and Niche Selection

When starting an Etsy store, it is essential to choose a niche that has high potential for success. The instructor initially began by dropshipping from eBay onto the Etsy platform. Retail arbitrage was employed, taking listings from eBay and marking them up two to three times on Etsy. This simple strategy quickly gained traction, and each niche chosen resulted in two to three thousand dollars of revenue within the first month. The niches were selected based on their proven success on the eBay platform and the demand they generated.

For example, the instructor found a successful eBay seller with over 1.5 million items sold, indicating significant demand for their products. This led to the selection of a niche, such as costume weapons, which appealed to the cosplay community on Etsy. By leveraging proven demand and dropshipping from a reliable US supplier, the instructor was able to quickly generate a high volume of sales, resulting in a successful Etsy store.

Scaling the Store and Unique Methods

Scaling an Etsy store can be achieved through organic methods, without relying heavily on paid advertising. The instructor employed a unique scaling method of adding one listing per day, ensuring a steady increase in revenue and visibility. By choosing a supplier with an extensive range of products, the store could continuously expand its catalog, attracting more customers and generating consistent sales. It is important to note that adding listings too quickly can result in a store suspension, so a gradual approach is recommended.

The instructor also introduces the concept of the "Etsy bully method," which involves duplicating winning product listings uniquely. By doing so, the store gains dominance over the targeted keywords, effectively outperforming competitors on the platform. This method, coupled with the continuous addition of new listings, can lead to rapid growth and increased visibility for the store.

Optimizing Listings for Success

To stand out among competitors, it is crucial to optimize Etsy listings effectively. The instructor shares several important tips for achieving success in this area. One strategy involves using badges, such as a "Made in USA" badge, to increase conversions. While the products may not have been manufactured in the USA, customers respond positively to the perception of domestic production. Additionally, utilizing the "Etsy best-seller badge" can further enhance trust and credibility, leading to higher sales.

Another aspect of optimization is creating a unique brand aesthetic for the store. This can be achieved through the use of logos and consistent branding elements across all listings. By providing a personalized touch to the store, customers are more likely to engage with the products and make a purchase. Additionally, pattern interruption can be used to make listings stand out. By incorporating colors or designs different from competitors, the store can capture the attention of potential customers, increasing the likelihood of a sale.

Utilizing Etsy Ads

While Etsy ads may not offer the same level of targeting and data as platforms such as Facebook or TikTok, they can still be a valuable tool for driving sales. The instructor advises focusing on higher-ticket products with a margin of at least 60%. This allows for more flexibility in customer acquisition costs and allows the store to run profitable ad campaigns. Additionally, utilizing the "Etsy bully method" mentioned earlier can be an effective strategy for running ads. By duplicating winning product listings and targeting them individually, the store can dominate search results within its niche, effectively outperforming competitors.


In conclusion, running a successful Etsy store requires careful attention to detail and strategic thinking. Despite the challenges and risks involved, it is possible to build a thriving business on the platform. By choosing the right niche, dropshipping from reliable US suppliers, continuously adding listings, and optimizing content for maximum engagement, entrepreneurs can increase their chances of success. Additionally, utilizing Etsy ads and employing unique scaling methods can further amplify growth and revenue. With the right strategies and consistent effort, anyone can achieve success on Etsy.

Join the Community and Find Success

If you're looking for ongoing support and a community of like-minded individuals, be sure to join the instructor's Discord community. It is a valuable resource for networking, sharing ideas, and receiving feedback. By connecting with others on a similar journey, you can continue to learn and grow, ultimately achieving your goals on Etsy. So take advantage of this opportunity and join the community to expedite your path to success.