Writing Online: A Life-Changing Journey

Writing Online: A Life-Changing Journey

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Overcoming Fears and Barriers to Writing Online
    • Fear of starting
    • Fear of lack of originality
    • Fear of perfectionism
    • Fear of judgment from others
  3. The Power of Showing Your Work
    • Embracing the beginner's mindset
    • Connecting with others through sharing
    • The value of documenting your journey
  4. Serendipity and the Expansion of Network
    • The concept of a serendipity vehicle
    • Reaching people around the world
    • The potential for unexpected opportunities
  5. Clarity and Self-Reflection
    • Writing as a tool for clarifying thoughts
    • Communicating with yourself through writing
    • Finding what you have to say
  6. The Butterfly Effect of Writing Online
    • Small actions with significant impact
    • The chain reaction of connections and opportunities
  7. Getting Started and Choosing Topics
    • Platforms for starting a blog
    • Writing about personal interests and niche topics
    • Documenting your work and learning process


How Starting a Blog Can Change Your Life

In this article, we're diving into the transformative power of starting a blog and putting yourself out there on the internet. As a doctor based in Cambridge, I made the decision to start my personal blog around five years ago, and the impact it has had on my life has been remarkable. If you've ever contemplated starting a blog but have been held back by fears and doubts, this article is for you.

Overcoming Fears and Barriers to Writing Online

When I first had the idea of starting a blog during my first year of university, I was plagued by numerous fears. The prospect of writing online seemed daunting, as I questioned what I could possibly write about and whether anyone would even care to read it. The fear of judgment from friends and family loomed large, with concerns of mockery and being perceived as a terrible person. Additionally, the notion of originality consumed my thoughts, making me hesitate to contribute to an already crowded online world. Furthermore, the fear of perfectionism fueled doubts about the quality of my writing and potential negative repercussions on future career prospects. These fears held me back for years, preventing me from sharing my thoughts and ideas with the world.

The Power of Showing Your Work

It was not until I discovered Austin Cleon's book, "Show Your Work," that I found the inspiration and guidance to overcome my fears and take the plunge into writing online. Cleon's book served as a guide for self-promotion, specifically tailored for individuals who loathe the idea of self-promotion, like myself. It reframed the concept of sharing one's work as a means of providing a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the creative process. By documenting my journey, sharing my thoughts, and discussing my learnings, I found that my work became more relatable and intriguing to others.

Serendipity and the Expansion of Network

Building an online presence through blogging opened up a world of serendipitous connections. I likened the experience to breaking free from the confines of a small village and venturing into neighboring towns. The internet served as the conduit for little robots carrying my ideas and experiences to people around the globe. By putting myself out there, I expanded my network and invited countless opportunities to enter my life. These opportunities often surpassed my wildest imagination, making it clear that the impact of sharing one's work far transcends personal expectations.

Clarity and Self-Reflection

One of the most significant benefits of writing online is the clarity it brings to one's thoughts. Documenting my ideas, experiences, and reflections helped me gain a deeper understanding of my own thinking. It was through the act of writing that I solidified my thoughts and feelings surrounding various aspects of my life. Writing, as Austin Cleon aptly describes, is not solely a means of communication with the outer world but also a channel for self-communication. The process of writing allows thoughts to surface, enabling the exploration and articulation of ideas that may have previously remained dormant.

The Butterfly Effect of Writing Online

The butterfly effect, famously illustrated by the notion that a butterfly flapping its wings in one part of the world can spark a series of events leading to a tornado in another, epitomizes the impact of writing online. Every word written and shared possesses the potential to create a ripple effect, transcending time and space. By starting a blog, I unleashed the power of my ideas and experiences, allowing them to reverberate beyond my immediate reach. The connections, collaborations, and opportunities that ensued were oftentimes unforeseen and far-reaching, affirming the profound influence of seemingly small actions.

Getting Started and Choosing Topics

To embark on your own blogging journey, you need not invest significant resources. Platforms such as WordPress, Substack, and Ghost offer accessible and user-friendly solutions to set up your blog for free. When it comes to choosing topics, Austin Cleon advises aspiring writers to focus on what genuinely interests them. By delving into niche subjects and documenting personal experiences and learnings, writers can authentically connect with an audience passionate about the same subjects. Embracing the beginner's mindset and sharing the process of growth and discovery can not only provide valuable insights to others but also cultivate new connections and opportunities.

In conclusion, starting a blog has the potential to revolutionize your life. It transcends self-promotion, inviting serendipitous connections and opportunities that extend far beyond the scope of imagination. Writing online fosters clarity, self-reflection, and the growth of ideas. It represents a butterfly effect, where the impact of sharing one's work can create a ripple effect across the globe. So, what are you waiting for? Take that leap, put yourself out there, and let the transformative power of blogging reshape your life.


  • Starting a blog and sharing your work online can have a transformative impact on your life.
  • Overcome fears of judgment, lack of originality, and perfectionism to take the plunge into writing online.
  • Showing your work allows for connections, serendipity, and unexpected opportunities to enter your life.
  • Writing online fosters clarity, self-reflection, and the exploration of ideas.
  • Seemingly small actions, such as starting a blog, can result in significant, far-reaching effects.
  • Choose topics that genuinely interest you and embrace the beginner's mindset to authentically connect with an audience.


Q: I'm not an expert in anything. Can I still write and share my work? A: Absolutely! Embrace being a beginner and document your learning process. Share your journey and insights, as beginners often excel at teaching others who are also beginners. Your unique perspective has value.

Q: What if my friends and family judge me for starting a blog? A: In reality, people are generally focused on their own lives and are unlikely to judge or mock you. Embrace the support of those who appreciate your efforts, and remember that others may find your journey inspiring.

Q: How do I choose topics for my blog? A: Write about what genuinely interests you. Focus on niche subjects and document your experiences and learnings. By sharing your unique perspective, you can authentically connect with an audience passionate about similar topics.

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