Unlocking New Innovations for Shopify Merchants

Unlocking New Innovations for Shopify Merchants

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Yappo Tech Talk
  3. Yappo Updates for Shopify Merchants
  4. Online Store 2.0 and Yappo Compatibility
  5. Yappo Reviews with OS 2.0 Compatibility
  6. Yappo SMS Bump with OS 2.0 Compatibility
  7. Yappo Loyalty with OS 2.0 Compatibility
  8. Yappo SMS Bump: Click to Buy Feature
  9. Yappo SMS Bump: Innovations for 2022
  10. Yappo SMS Bump: Transactional Messages
  11. Yappo SMS Bump: Subscriber Collection Tools
  12. Yappo Loyalty and SMS Bump Integration
  13. Yappo Loyalty: Advanced Segmentation Engine
  14. Yappo Loyalty: Targeted Loyalty Campaigns
  15. Yappo Reviews: Enhanced Visibility with Dashboard
  16. Yappo Reviews: Reviews Tagging Feature
  17. Yappo Reviews: Reporting and Insights
  18. Yappo Syndication to Shops on Facebook and Instagram
  19. Yappo Syndication Email Reporting
  20. Yappo Integrations: Listrak
  21. Yappo Integrations: Glue.io
  22. Yappo Integrations: Gatsby
  23. Yappo Integrations: Tapcart
  24. Conclusion

Yappo Tech Talk: Innovations and Updates for Shopify Merchants

Welcome to Yappo Tech Talk! In this quarterly event series, we share the latest innovations happening at Yappo and provide updates for Shopify merchants. Get ready to learn about new features, integrations, and enhancements that can help you grow your business. Whether you're interested in Yappo Reviews, Yappo SMS Bump, or Yappo Loyalty, we have exciting updates for you. So, let's dive in!


Hello everyone and welcome to Yappo Tech Talk! My name is Kim Winter, the Director of Product Marketing here at Yappo. If this is your first time joining us, Yappo Tech Talk is our quarterly event series where our team shares all the latest innovations happening at Yappo. You can get all the updates about our platform and individual solutions in one place and even get a sneak peek at the things to come.

We're excited to announce new updates for Shopify merchants, as well as tons of new features and updates to Yappo SMS Bump, enhanced segmentation for Yappo Loyalty, and reviews insights for shops on Facebook and Instagram. We'll also be hearing firsthand from some of our favorite customers and sharing our newest integrations.

So, what does all of this mean for you? Let's dig into that more in just a few minutes. If you have any questions during the event, feel free to ask them in the live chat. All of our speakers are here and responding to your questions. We're also inviting everyone to join the Yappo Community afterwards, where we'll keep the conversation going and maybe even reveal a few prizes. We'll share details about that at the end of the event, so let's get started!

Yappo Updates for Shopify Merchants

Are you a Shopify merchant looking to streamline your website management? Great news! Yappo is proud to announce full compatibility with Shopify's online store 2.0. With online store 2.0, Shopify has upgraded their theme architecture to provide easier and more flexible customization options for brands. This means you can now launch, edit, and manage every part of your website in one place with no coding required. As a leading provider of no code solutions, Yappo is the first e-commerce marketing platform to be OS 2.0 compatible, making it easier for our mutual customers to leverage all of our products, including loyalty, SMS, and reviews. This compatibility eliminates the need for code or development resources and makes the launch process easy and frictionless. Brands can now get up and running quickly with all the marketing tools they need for their storefronts. But let's dive deeper into what this compatibility means for each of our products.

Yappo Reviews with OS 2.0 Compatibility

Did you know that having 100 reviews on a product page can more than double the conversion rate? Now, with OS 2.0 compatibility, you can start collecting reviews and building customer trust from day one. With Yappo, you can drag and drop your star ratings and reviews widgets anywhere on your product pages with ease, and make real-time edits whenever you need to. This seamless integration with OS 2.0 allows brands to showcase customer reviews and leverage social proof to drive conversions. So, start collecting reviews and watch your conversion rates soar!

Yappo SMS Bump with OS 2.0 Compatibility

Are you maximizing subscriber growth for your SMS campaigns? With OS 2.0 compatibility, Yappo SMS Bump makes it even easier to enable on-site subscriber collection tools and drive more revenue. You can now drag and drop subscriber collection tools anywhere on your pages and make edits on the fly right within the OS 2.0 theme. This means you can effortlessly grow your subscriber base, reach your revenue potential, and maximize ROI. So, take advantage of this compatibility and start boosting your SMS campaigns today!

Yappo Loyalty with OS 2.0 Compatibility

Building a loyalty program requires strategic planning, but with OS 2.0, Yappo Loyalty makes it easier than ever. You can now set up your rewards page and deploy it in just a few simple clicks, eliminating the need to manipulate code. On OS 2.0, Yappo Loyalty automatically creates a page and a template on Shopify, so all you need to do is click publish. This streamlines the process and allows you to get your loyalty program in front of your customers faster. By making it quick and easy for customers to join and engage with your loyalty program, you can drive repeat purchases, increase customer lifetime value, and foster brand loyalty.

Yappo SMS Bump: Click to Buy Feature

How much time would you save if you could launch, edit, and manage every part of your website in one place with no coding required? Well, great news! We've made that happen with Yappo's SMS Bump. As a leading provider in no-code solutions, we're excited to announce that Yappo is fully compatible with Shopify's online store 2.0. This means you can now enable the click-to-buy feature, where a simple click brings your customer directly to the checkout. With click to buy, customers can purchase their favorite products as quickly as it takes to respond to a text, creating a frictionless shopping journey that the mobile consumer demands.

Yappo SMS Bump: Innovations for 2022

As the mobile consumer evolves, we're focused on helping brands create unbeatable SMS experiences. We understand that consumers today have different stages in their path to purchase, from awareness to consideration and ultimately to purchase. Our goal as marketers is not only to guide them through these stages but also to bring them back into the cycle, so they continue to make more purchases over time, increasing their lifetime value. But accomplishing this is no easy feat with all the marketing activities required. That's where Yappo SMS Bump comes in. By eliminating the majority of purchase steps, such as accessing the website, exploring products, adding items to the cart, and inputting checkout details, we can answer the needs of immediacy and accessibility. With features like click to buy, we make it easy for customers to reach the checkout by simply clicking on a link in a text.

Yappo SMS Bump: Transactional Messages

Transactional messages are a critical way to share immediate, relevant updates with customers at every stage of their post-purchase journey. With Yappo SMS Bump, you can deliver these engaging, on-brand messages for order confirmations, shipping notifications, and review requests. For example, you can provide a sense of security with order confirmations, let customers know when their package is shipped with shipping notifications, and even collect valuable feedback with review requests. By leveraging the power of SMS, you can ensure that your customers are informed and engaged throughout their post-purchase experience.

Yappo SMS Bump: Subscriber Collection Tools

Growing and sustaining a healthy subscriber base is key to achieving long-term revenue growth. That's why Yappo SMS Bump offers a range of subscriber collection tools to help you reach and capture your customers' attention wherever they are. With keyword opt-ins, social opt-in links, and QR codes, you can easily grow your subscriber list and drive more revenue. These tools allow you to meet your customers where they want to be met, whether they're at work, at home, or on the go. So take advantage of these subscriber collection tools and watch your list of engaged subscribers grow.

Yappo Loyalty and SMS Bump Integration

At Yappo, we understand the importance of offering a comprehensive multi-product experience. That's why we've integrated Yappo Loyalty with Yappo SMS Bump to make it even easier for brands to leverage all of our products. This integration allows you to seamlessly tie loyalty and SMS data together, providing you with a more holistic view of your customers. With Yappo Loyalty, you can now set up punch card campaigns, incentivize repeat purchases, and reward your most loyal customers with SMS-exclusive discounts. By combining the power of loyalty and SMS, you can create personalized experiences that drive customer engagement and increase customer lifetime value.

Yappo Loyalty: Advanced Segmentation Engine

Segmentation is key to delivering personalized experiences that resonate with your customers. That's why Yappo Loyalty offers an advanced segmentation engine that allows you to create and manage customer segments based on a wide range of data points. With over 45 data points to choose from, including points balance, loyalty member status, and more, you can create hyper-targeted segments and engage your most loyal customers with personalized messaging. By leveraging this advanced segmentation engine, you can drive loyalty behavior and increase customer lifetime value.

Yappo Loyalty: Targeted Loyalty Campaigns

Once you've created your customer segments, it's time to engage them with targeted loyalty campaigns. With Yappo Loyalty, you can create and deploy campaigns tailored to the specific needs and motivations of each customer segment. Whether you want to incentivize repeat purchases, drive higher average order value, or reward your VIP customers, Yappo Loyalty provides the tools you need to create impactful campaigns. So take advantage of this integration and start driving customer loyalty with targeted messaging today.

Yappo Reviews: Enhanced Visibility with Dashboard

Yappo Reviews now offers an enhanced dashboard that provides a bird's eye view of all your automatic review requests. With this new feature, you can see which review requests have been scheduled, sent, opened, and reviewed. This visibility allows you to track the performance of your email campaigns and make data-driven decisions to improve your review email strategy. By monitoring your review requests, you can optimize your review collection and leverage customer feedback to drive conversions.

Yappo Reviews: Reviews Tagging Feature

Managing your reviews is now easier with the new reviews tagging feature. You can classify your reviews into different buckets, such as shipping, customer service, top shopper needs, and more. By tagging your reviews, you can efficiently organize and filter them based on specific business needs. Whether you want to highlight positive feedback, address customer concerns, or gather insights for improvement, reviews tagging allows you to better manage and analyze your customer feedback.

Yappo Reviews: Reporting and Insights

Understanding your reviews and gaining insights from customer feedback is crucial for improving your products and customer experience. With Yappo Reviews, you now have access to comprehensive reporting and insights. You can export review data using various filters, such as dates, attributes, tags, and more. This data gives you a deeper understanding of your customers' sentiments and helps you identify trends, areas for improvement, and opportunities for growth. By harnessing the power of reviews reporting, you can make data-driven decisions and continuously enhance your products and customer satisfaction.

Yappo Syndication to Shops on Facebook and Instagram

One of the most exciting features we've released is the ability to syndicate your Yappo reviews directly to your shops on Facebook and Instagram. With social commerce becoming increasingly important, this integration allows you to showcase valuable social proof on more channels. By displaying customer reviews on your Facebook and Instagram shops, you can build trust, increase brand credibility, and influence potential customers' purchase decisions. So, take advantage of this powerful syndication feature and accelerate your sales.

Yappo Syndication Email Reporting

To ensure that your syndicated reviews are reaching your shops successfully, we've introduced automated email reporting. This new reporting capability provides a quick snapshot of which reviews are syndicating properly to your shops on Facebook and Instagram. With automated reports, you can easily track the number of product showcasing reviews, reviews sent to Meta, reviews matched to products, and reviews that need attention. This visibility allows you to take action and improve product matching, ensuring that you're maximizing the impact of your syndication efforts.

Yappo Integrations: Listrak

Integrating Yappo with other e-commerce apps and platforms is a key part of creating a seamless, comprehensive shopping experience for brands. That's why we've partnered with Listrak, a customer data platform that helps marketers unlock the power of their customer data. This integration allows you to leverage Yappo's loyalty and reviews data for segmentation purposes and provides you with better campaign results. By syncing your email subscribers directly to Listrak, you can engage with all of your customers in real time and optimize your marketing efforts for optimal impact.

Yappo Integrations: Glue.io

To run your business effectively, you need access to all of your critical data in one place. That's where Glue.io comes in. Glue.io provides brands and digital agencies with everything they need to run their business intelligence from one platform. With this integration, you can now connect Yappo with Glue.io to gain deeper insights into your marketing campaigns and measure their impact on your overall revenue. By centralizing your data, you can make informed decisions and drive your business to new heights.

Yappo Integrations: Gatsby

Influencer marketing plays a crucial role in social commerce. That's why we've partnered with Gatsby, a platform that helps brands scale their ambassador programs. This integration allows you to set your Yappo loyalty benefits for Instagram posts, stories, and TikTok shares. By incentivizing influencers with loyalty points, you can drive more customers to create and publish content about your brand on social media. This integration also provides valuable engagement insights that help you measure the impact of your influencer campaigns on revenue.

Yappo Integrations: Tapcart

Mobile commerce is on the rise, and having a mobile app can make all the difference for your brand. That's where Tapcart comes in. Tapcart allows Shopify brands to turn their stores into mobile apps without any coding required. With this integration, you can showcase visual user-generated content galleries within your mobile app, creating a seamless and engaging mobile shopping experience. By allowing customers to engage with reviews, loyalty programs, and referral programs directly from the app, you can increase engagement, customer loyalty, and drive more revenue.


Thank you for joining us for this edition of Yappo Tech Talk! We hope you've enjoyed learning about all the exciting updates, features, and integrations that Yappo has to offer. From Yappo Reviews to Yappo SMS Bump and Yappo Loyalty, our goal is to provide you with the tools you need to grow your business, engage your customers, and drive revenue. If you have any questions or want to learn more about any of the features discussed today, don't hesitate to join us in the Yappo Community. We'll be there to answer your questions and share best practices. We look forward to helping you succeed and seeing you at the next Yappo Tech Talk!

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