Transform Your Shopify Store into a Mobile App

Transform Your Shopify Store into a Mobile App

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. What is the Shopify Mobile Application?
  3. Installing the Shopify Mobile Application
  4. Exploring the Front End 4.1. Sign In and Create Account 4.2. Home Page and Product Types 4.3. Customer Profile Section 4.4. My Orders 4.5. Address Section 4.6. Contact Us Option 4.7. Wish List Option 4.8. My Reviews 4.9. Logging Out
  5. Product Purchasing Process 5.1. Adding Products to the Cart 5.2. Buying Now 5.3. Checkout Process 5.4. Shipping Methods 5.5. Payment Options 5.6. Order Confirmation
  6. Other Features and Options 6.1. Categories Section 6.2. Preferences 6.3. Language Switcher 6.4. Contact Us 6.5. Privacy Policy 6.6. Change Shop Option 6.7. Chat on WhatsApp
  7. Conclusion


Welcome to this video tutorial on the Shopify mobile application. In this tutorial, we will explore the features and functionalities of this application and learn how to make the most out of it. Whether you're a Shopify store owner or a customer, this mobile app offers convenience and accessibility on the go. Let's dive in and discover what the Shopify mobile application has to offer.

What is the Shopify Mobile Application?

The Shopify mobile application is a mobile app that allows you to convert your Shopify web store into a mobile application. Available for both Android and iOS devices, this application utilizes the latest technology to provide a seamless and user-friendly experience. With the Shopify mobile app, you can manage your store, browse products, make purchases, and stay connected with your customers, all from the convenience of your mobile device.

Installing the Shopify Mobile Application

Before we begin, make sure to install the Shopify mobile application from the respective app stores for Android and iOS. Once installed, follow the instructions in the prerequisite PDF file to provide the necessary details like app name, color, banner image, and logo. This will allow us to configure the mobile app specifically for your store. Now that the installation process is complete, let's explore the exciting features of the Shopify mobile application.

Exploring the Front End

Upon opening the Shopify mobile application, you'll be greeted with the home page. Let's navigate through the different sections and understand how they enhance the shopping experience.

4.1 Sign In and Create Account

To get started, tap on the sign-in option in the left navigation menu. Here, you have the choice to sign in with your email or create a new account. Enter the required details and tap on the sign-in button to access your account.

4.2 Home Page and Product Types

The home page displays various product types that have been configured on your Shopify web store. These product types are categorized and showcased using different card types, making it easy for customers to browse and discover products of interest.

4.3 Customer Profile Section

In the customer profile section, you can access your account information, update details, view your order history, manage registered addresses, and even write reviews for products you have purchased. It offers a personalized experience and allows you to stay on top of your orders and account information.

4.4 My Orders

The "My Orders" section provides a comprehensive list of your previous orders. You can track shipment status, view order details, and stay informed about the progress of your purchases.

4.5 Address Section

In the address section, you can view and edit your registered addresses. This makes it convenient to update shipping details or add new addresses whenever necessary. Simply tap on the address you wish to edit, make the required changes, and tap the submit button to save the updated information.

4.6 Contact Us Option

If you have any questions or concerns, the "Contact Us" option allows you to send an email directly from the mobile application. Our support team will promptly respond to your queries and provide the necessary assistance.

4.7 Wish List Option

With the wish list option, you can save products that catch your interest. Easily add items to your wish list, keeping them within reach for future reference or purchase.

4.8 My Reviews

The "My Reviews" section displays a complete list of the product reviews you have provided. This feature allows you to track and manage your feedback, helping you remember the products you've reviewed and the comments you've shared.

4.9 Logging Out

When you're done browsing or managing your account, simply log out from the mobile application. This ensures the security of your information and allows for a personalized experience the next time you log in.

Product Purchashing Process

Now that we have explored the different sections of the Shopify mobile application, let's go through the process of purchasing a product.

5.1 Adding Products to the Cart

When browsing through the app, you'll come across products that capture your interest. To add a product to the cart, simply tap on the desired item, and you'll be presented with options such as adding it to your wish list, adding to the cart, buying now, or viewing the complete product description.

5.2 Buying Now

If you prefer to make an immediate purchase, tapping on the "Buy Now" option will redirect you to the checkout page. Here, you'll find all the necessary information about the product before proceeding with the purchase.

5.3 Checkout Process

At the checkout page, you'll need to provide shipping and payment details. Enter your shipping address, choose the desired shipping method, and proceed to the payment options.

5.4 Shipping Methods

You can select from different available shipping methods, such as standard shipping or heavy goods shipping. Choose the option that best suits your needs and preferences.

5.5 Payment Options

When it comes to payment, you have the flexibility to choose from various payment methods. If you have a discount code, simply enter it during the checkout process to avail any applicable discounts.

5.6 Order Confirmation

Once you've completed the payment, your order will be processed, and you'll receive a confirmation notification. The order details will be saved in your account for reference and tracking purposes.

Other Features and Options

In addition to the main sections, the Shopify mobile application offers several other features and options to enhance your shopping experience.

6.1 Categories Section

The Categories section allows you to browse products based on different categories. Whether you're looking for clothing, electronics, or accessories, this feature helps you find products that align with your preferences.

6.2 Preferences

You can customize your shopping experience by adjusting preferences such as currency and language. Change the currency to your local currency and alter the language settings according to your preference, making it easier to navigate and understand the content.

6.3 Language Switcher

The language switcher option enables you to change the language of the mobile application. Select your preferred language to ensure a seamless experience that caters to your linguistic needs.

6.4 Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns, the Contact Us feature allows you to reach out to customer support directly. Send your queries or feedback through the mobile application, and our team will promptly assist you.

6.5 Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy provides information on how your personal data is collected and used within the mobile application. It ensures transparency and helps you understand your rights and how your information is protected.

6.6 Change Shop Option

The Change Shop option allows you to switch to another shop within the mobile application. Simply enter your unique app ID and tap on the submit button to access the desired shop.

6.7 Chat on WhatsApp

For immediate assistance, you have the option to chat with our support team on WhatsApp. Connect with us for any queries or concerns, and we'll provide real-time support to ensure a seamless shopping experience.


In conclusion, the Shopify mobile application revolutionizes the way you manage your store and shop as a customer. With its user-friendly interface, convenient features, and accessibility on the go, it offers a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience. Whether you're a business owner or a customer, the Shopify mobile application is a powerful tool that enhances your online commerce journey. Download the app today and unlock the full potential of your Shopify store.


  • The Shopify mobile application allows you to convert your web store into a mobile app, providing convenience and accessibility on the go.
  • Explore the different sections of the app, including sign-in, home page, customer profiles, orders, addresses, contact us, wish lists, and more.
  • Learn how to make purchases, navigate the checkout process, choose shipping methods, and complete payments.
  • Customize your shopping experience with options like category browsing, preferences, language settings, and currency selection.
  • Connect with customer support through the built-in chat feature or by sending an email directly from the app.
  • Keep your personal data secure with the privacy policy and enjoy a seamless experience with frequent updates and enhancements.


Q: Can I use the Shopify mobile application for both Android and iOS devices? A: Yes, the Shopify mobile application is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Q: How do I install the Shopify mobile application? A: Simply search for "Shopify" in the respective app stores for Android and iOS, and click on the install button to download and install the app.

Q: Can I manage my Shopify store using the mobile application? A: Yes, the mobile application provides access to various store management features, allowing you to manage your products, orders, and customer interactions.

Q: Can I make purchases directly from the Shopify mobile application? A: Yes, you can browse products, add them to your cart, and complete the checkout process within the mobile application.

Q: Can I customize the mobile application according to my store's branding? A: Yes, you can provide your app name, color scheme, logo, and banner image during the installation process to customize the mobile application to match your store's branding.

Q: Is the Shopify mobile application secure? A: Yes, Shopify prioritizes the security and privacy of its users. The mobile application incorporates security measures to ensure the protection of user data.

Q: Can I switch between different shops within the mobile application? A: Yes, you can easily switch between different shops by entering the unique app ID for each store.

Q: Is customer support available through the mobile application? A: Yes, you can contact customer support by using the "Contact Us" option or through the built-in chat feature on WhatsApp.

Q: Can I change the language and currency settings in the mobile application? A: Yes, the mobile application offers language and currency settings, allowing you to personalize your shopping experience.

Q: Can I write reviews for products I have purchased through the mobile application? A: Yes, the mobile application provides a "My Review" section where you can write and manage reviews for products you have purchased.

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