Top 5 Best Thermal Printers for Shipping Labels

Top 5 Best Thermal Printers for Shipping Labels

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Free X Wi-Fi Super Roll
  • Rollo Label Printer
  • Munbin Shipping Label Printer
  • Dymo 1755 120
  • Munbin Receipt Printer
  • Pros and Cons
  • Conclusion


Thermal printers have become an essential tool in various businesses, enabling fast and efficient printing of labels, receipts, and more. With a wide range of options available in the market, it can be challenging to find the best one for your specific needs. In this article, we will explore and compare some of the top thermal printers available, discussing their features, functionality, and value for money. Whether you're looking for a compact desktop unit or a versatile label printer, we've got you covered. So, let's dive in and find the perfect thermal printer for you.

Free X Wi-Fi Super Roll

The Free X Wi-Fi Super Roll is a compact desktop thermal label printer that offers a range of features for fast and convenient printing. With the ability to print 4x6 labels, it is compatible with major shipping platforms and marketplaces, including USPS, FedEx, UPS, Amazon, eBay, and more. The built-in super roll holder allows for easy label feeding, and the printer can adjust to different label sizes automatically. With high-speed printing capabilities of up to 170 mm per second and a resolution of 203 dpi, the Free X Wi-Fi Super Roll is a reliable choice for businesses of all sizes.

Rollo Label Printer

The Rollo Label Printer is known for its speed, reliability, and affordability. With the ability to print labels up to 4.16 inches wide, including shipping labels, FBA labels, barcodes, and more, it offers versatility for various applications. The printer works with any direct thermal label of any size, eliminating the need for expensive ink or toner. Its high-speed printing at 150 mm per second ensures quick and efficient label printing, while its auto-detection feature recognizes the size and characteristics of your label for hassle-free operation. The Rollo Label Printer is a cost-effective solution that lets you focus on other areas of your business.

Munbin Shipping Label Printer

For those looking for DIY stickers and logos with colored thermal labels, the Munbin Shipping Label Printer is an excellent choice. With a unique pink color and a compact design, it adds a touch of liveliness to your work environment. The printer can print up to 60 labels per minute, improving your working efficiency. The use of thermal printing paper with an adhesive back saves costs on ribbon and ink. Additionally, the Munbin Shipping Label Printer is widely compatible and supports major shipping platforms like UPS, FedEx, eBay, Etsy, Shopify, and more. It comes with free labels and a detailed installation video tutorial, making it easy to get started quickly.

Dymo 1755 120

The Dymo 1755 120 is a versatile label printer that allows you to print a wide range of professional-quality labels. With over 60 label styles and layouts to choose from, you can customize labels to suit various tasks. The printer uses thermal printing technology, eliminating the need for costly ink or toner. Its fast print speed of up to 53 standard or 29 high-capacity address labels per minute ensures quick label production. The Dymo 1755 120 is compatible with a variety of popular online selling platforms and shipping carriers, providing maximum flexibility for your business.

Munbin Receipt Printer

The Munbin Receipt Printer, also known as the Itppo68, is an 80mm thermal receipt printer used in cashier POS systems. It comes with USB, serial, and LAN interfaces for versatile connectivity options. With a high printing speed of 300 mm per second, it is ideal for busy areas such as shopping centers and cafes. The printer supports various operating systems, including Windows 7, 8, 9x, 10, 2000, 2003, and XP. Its sound and alarm design ensure that you never miss an order. The Munbin Receipt Printer is suitable for use in supermarkets, canteens, retail stores, hotels, and shopping malls.

Pros and Cons


  • Fast and efficient printing
  • Versatile compatibility with major shipping platforms
  • Cost-effective solution with no need for ink or toner
  • Customizable label options
  • Wide range of connectivity options
  • Suitable for various business environments


  • Limited color options for thermal labels
  • Initial setup may require assistance for some models


Choosing the right thermal printer for your business can greatly improve efficiency and productivity. The Free X Wi-Fi Super Roll, Rollo Label Printer, Munbin Shipping Label Printer, Dymo 1755 120, and Munbin Receipt Printer are all excellent options with their unique features and functionality. Consider the specific needs of your business, such as label size, printing speed, and compatibility with shipping platforms, to make an informed decision. With any of these printers, you can expect reliable and high-quality printing for your labeling and receipt needs.

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