Supercharge Your Shopify Store with Zapiet's Local Pickup and Delivery App

Supercharge Your Shopify Store with Zapiet's Local Pickup and Delivery App

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Quick Install Wizard
  3. Customizing Admin Settings
    • Store Pickup and Delivery Panel
    • Delivery Settings
    • Rates Customization
    • Third-Party Platforms and Curbside Pickup
    • Multiple Locations Customization
  4. Product Customization
    • Customizing Location Availability
    • Controlling Pickup and Delivery Days and Times
    • Setting Product Prep Time
  5. Order Management
    • Order Tracking and Status
    • Customizing Order Flow and Workflow

Article: Enhancing Customer Buying Experience with Zapier's Advanced Customization Features

Zapier is a powerful tool that offers quick installation to merchants, enabling them to streamline their customer buying experience. However, to further enhance this experience and customize it according to their preferences, merchants can delve deeper into the admin settings of Zapier. In this article, we will explore the various customization options available within Zapier's dashboard and how they can be used to optimize the store pickup and delivery features.


Before we dive into the intricacies of customizing Zapier's features, let's first understand the initial installation process and its benefits. The quick install wizard provides a fast and easy setup that gets you up and running in no time. However, merchants often desire more control and personalization, which is where the admin settings come into play.

Quick Install Wizard

Zapier's quick install wizard is designed to provide a seamless installation process for merchants. It ensures a rapid setup and allows merchants to start using the platform without any hassle. While this wizard is efficient, it serves as just the beginning of the customization journey with Zapier.

Customizing Admin Settings

Within the admin settings of Zapier, merchants can find a plethora of options to fine-tune their store pickup and delivery features. Let's explore some of these settings:

Store Pickup and Delivery Panel

The store pickup and delivery panel is the hub of customizability within Zapier. It allows merchants to tailor the settings according to their specific requirements. Whether it's managing a single location or multiple locations, the store pickup and delivery panel provides advanced control over delivery settings.

Delivery Settings

Merchants can have advanced control over their delivery settings within Zapier. From offering delivery based on specific values or weights to enabling exact or partial postcode matching, Zapier ensures flexibility in delivery options. Additionally, merchants can set a maximum radius for delivery, catering to their desired customer base.

Rates Customization

Within the rates customization settings, merchants can define their local delivery rates or store pickup rates. Whether it's offering free delivery over a minimum order value or customizing rates for specific promotions, the rates customization feature provides ample flexibility. Merchants can even disable certain delivery rates based on their preferences.

Third-Party Platforms and Curbside Pickup

Zapier enables seamless integration with third-party platforms, making it convenient for merchants to manage orders and pickups. Whether it's working with popular e-commerce platforms or offering curbside pickup, Zapier's admin settings accommodate these capabilities.

Multiple Locations Customization

For merchants with multiple locations, Zapier allows customization for each individual location. This includes defining specific products available only at certain locations, controlling pickup and delivery days and times, and setting product preparation time. This level of customization ensures efficient order management and an improved customer experience.

Product Customization

When it comes to product customization, Zapier offers several features to cater to specific merchant requirements. Let's delve into the details:

Customizing Location Availability

With Zapier, merchants can easily customize the availability of products at each individual location. This allows for precise control over inventory and ensures that customers can only select products that are available at their desired location.

Controlling Pickup and Delivery Days and Times

Merchants can define the days and times during which pickup or delivery is available for specific products. This level of control ensures that orders are processed and fulfilled within the designated timeframe, leading to a seamless customer experience.

Setting Product Prep Time

To ensure efficiency in order fulfillment, Zapier allows merchants to set a specific preparation time for each product. This feature helps merchants manage their operations effectively and guarantees that orders are dispatched in a timely manner.

Order Management

Managing orders efficiently is crucial for any merchant, and Zapier's admin settings provide ample support in this area. Let's explore the various order management features available:

Order Tracking and Status

Zapier's admin dashboard offers comprehensive order tracking and status functionalities. Merchants can easily view and manage all incoming orders, keeping track of their progress from pending to ready for pickup or complete. This helps merchants stay organized and ensures that the order flow is optimized.

Customizing Order Flow and Workflow

The ability to customize the order flow and workflow is one of the standout features of Zapier. By defining specific statuses and order queues, merchants can tailor the platform to align with their unique business processes. This level of customization ensures a smooth and efficient order management system.

In conclusion, Zapier's advanced customization features provide merchants with the tools they need to enhance their customer buying experience. From customizing delivery settings to tailoring product availability and order management, Zapier empowers merchants to create a personalized and efficient online store. By leveraging these features, merchants can boost customer satisfaction, streamline operations, and ultimately drive business growth.


  • Zapier offers a quick install wizard for fast and easy setup.
  • Admin settings allow for advanced customization of store pickup and delivery features.
  • Merchants can customize delivery settings, rates, and work with third-party platforms.
  • Multiple location customization enables tailored experiences for each store.
  • Product customization includes controlling availability, pickup/delivery days and times, and setting prep time.
  • Order management features allow for efficient tracking, status management, and workflow customization.


Q: Can I customize delivery options based on specific criteria like value or weight? A: Yes, Zapier enables advanced control over delivery settings, allowing you to customize based on specific values or weights.

Q: Can I offer free delivery for certain promotions or locations? A: Absolutely! Zapier's rates customization feature allows you to customize your delivery rates based on promotions or specific locations.

Q: How can I manage orders efficiently with Zapier? A: Zapier provides comprehensive order management features, including order tracking, status management, and customizable order flows and workflows. This ensures efficient order processing and organization.

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