Streamline Your Reviews Management with Yappo's Moderation Dashboard

Streamline Your Reviews Management with Yappo's Moderation Dashboard

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Importance of Reviews in Brand Growth
  3. Moderation Dashboard and Settings 3.1 Auto Publish Filter 3.2 Moderating Reviews 3.3 Rejecting Reviews 3.4 Acceptable Reasons for Rejecting a Review
  4. Adding a Double Layer of Security with Filters 4.1 Profanity Filter 4.2 Sentiment Filter
  5. Help Desk Integration for Efficient Customer Support
  6. Best Practices for Publishing Reviews and Answering Questions
  7. Managing Reviews with Tags
  8. Escalating Reviews to Help Desk
  9. Managing Photo and Video Content in Reviews
  10. Converting Product Reviews to Site Reviews
  11. Resending Review Requests and Starting a Dialogue
  12. Commenting and Pushing Reviews to Social Media
  13. Advanced Filtering Options
  14. Exporting Review Content
  15. Conclusion


Reviews are an integral part of brand growth in today's fast-paced world of e-commerce. Launching a new reviews program can be an exciting time as it brings in a new influx of customer feedback in real-time. However, managing these reviews efficiently is crucial for maintaining a positive brand image. This is where Yappo's moderation capabilities come into play, making your day-to-day reviews management more efficient.

The moderation dashboard offered by Yappo provides various settings and best practices to streamline the process of publishing reviews. One of the key features is the auto publish filter, which allows you to automatically publish reviews based on their star rating. By setting up this filter, you can ensure that all reviews with a star rating above a certain threshold are published to your website automatically.

However, there may be reviews that require moderation on a case-by-case basis. Yappo advises handling these reviews individually to showcase as much authentic content and customer feedback as possible. Reviews below the minimum star rating selected for auto publishing will remain in the moderation panel for 14 days. After this period, any unmoderated reviews will be automatically published to the site.

When it comes to rejecting a review, Yappo provides guidelines based on acceptable reasons. These include reviews that contain confidential or private information, harassing or abusive language, inappropriate content with respect to race, gender, or other intrinsic characteristics, false or misleading performance claims, and reviews that are suspected to be fake. Rejecting a review should be done carefully, as withholding negative reviews without valid reasons can be viewed as deceptive.

To add a double layer of security to the moderation process, Yappo offers a profanity filter and a sentiment filter. The profanity filter identifies inappropriate and unwanted words or phrases, preventing reviews containing such language from being automatically published. The sentiment filter, on the other hand, identifies negative sentiment reviews, ensuring that they are not auto-published even if they meet the star rating threshold. This filter helps identify potential product or service issues that need to be addressed.

Integrating Yappo with your help desk platform allows for seamless moderation, customer support, and escalation of complaints. By activating the help desk integration, your customer service team can easily moderate reviews, answer questions, and address customer concerns within your help desk platform. This integration ensures timely and thorough responses, improving the overall customer experience.

When publishing reviews, it is important to include both positive and negative feedback to build trust and authenticity with your audience. Yappo's moderation dashboard provides features to comment on reviews, thank customers for feedback, apologize for negative experiences, and more. These comments can be either private or public, depending on the nature of the response.

Managing and organizing reviews can be made easier with tags. By tagging reviews based on categories such as product quality or marketing, you can classify and track customer feedback more effectively. Additionally, Yappo offers the option to escalate reviews to the help desk for more personalized assistance. This ensures that negative feedback is addressed before publishing and helps maintain customer satisfaction.

Yappo's moderation dashboard also allows for the management of photo and video content within reviews. Moderating these visual elements separately from the written reviews ensures that only appropriate and relevant media is published on your website. Reviews can also be converted to site reviews if they contain information about product quality, shipping, or customer service.

The advanced filtering options provided by Yappo enable you to sort and search through reviews based on various criteria. You can search for specific reviews, filter by star rating, view reviews with or without comments, and even filter reviews for profanity or negative sentiment. These advanced filters help streamline the moderation process and make it more efficient.

If you need to export your review content for further analysis or record-keeping, Yappo offers the option to do so. With a simple click, you can export all your review content into a CSV file, which contains all the necessary details. This allows you to have a copy of your reviews for reference or analysis purposes.

In conclusion, Yappo's moderation capabilities provide a comprehensive solution for efficiently managing reviews at scale. From auto publishing based on star ratings to advanced filtering options and integration with help desk platforms, Yappo ensures that brands can effectively collect and showcase customer feedback while maintaining control over their content. By following best practices and utilizing the moderation dashboard, brands can enhance their online presence, build trust, and drive growth through valuable customer reviews.

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