Streamline your Dropshipping Store with Autods

Streamline your Dropshipping Store with Autods

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Understanding the Changes in the dropshipping Industry
  3. The Rise of Autods
  4. Connecting Your Store to Autods
  5. Exploring Autods Dashboard and Features
  6. Product Research with Autods
  7. Importing Products to Your Store with Autods
  8. Fulfillment Options with Autods
  9. Using Autods with a Virtual Assistant
  10. Integration with Other Fulfillment Platforms
  11. Conclusion

Using Autods to Automate Your Dropshipping Store

With the recent discontinuation of Oberlo, dropshippers are left wondering how to best automate their stores and manage their suppliers and orders. In this article, we will explore the solution - Autods. This all-in-one platform provides an easy and beginner-friendly way to import products, choose multiple suppliers, and automate your dropshipping store. We will take you through a step-by-step tutorial to help you understand the changes in the industry, connect your store to Autods, explore its features, and maximize automation in your dropshipping business.


Dropshipping has become a popular business model for aspiring entrepreneurs, allowing them to set up an online store and sell products without the need for inventory management or order fulfillment. However, with the discontinuation of Oberlo, a major app that connected stores to suppliers and tracked orders, dropshippers need to find an alternative solution. This is where Autods comes in – an all-in-one platform that simplifies the dropshipping process and helps automate your store.

Understanding the Changes in the Dropshipping Industry

The discontinuation of Oberlo has left many dropshippers searching for a new solution. Autods provides an excellent alternative, allowing you to import products to your store from multiple suppliers and automate the fulfillment process. This platform is ideal for beginners as well as experienced dropshippers looking for a more efficient way to manage their stores.

The Rise of Autods

Autods has quickly gained popularity among dropshippers due to its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features. With Autods, you can import products from various suppliers, including popular platforms like AliExpress, Amazon, Walmart, and more. This flexibility allows you to source products at the best prices and maximize your profit margins.

Connecting Your Store to Autods

To get started with Autods, you'll need to connect your store to the platform. If you're using Shopify, simply follow the step-by-step process outlined in this tutorial. If you haven't set up a Shopify store yet, don't worry – we'll guide you through that process too. Once your store is connected, you can start exploring the features and benefits of using Autods.

Exploring Autods Dashboard and Features

Autods provides a comprehensive dashboard that gives you an overview of your store's performance, including cost of goods, revenue, analytics, and best-performing products. This dashboard allows you to track and analyze your store's performance, making it easier to make informed decisions and optimize your dropshipping business.

Product Research with Autods

One of the key features of Autods is its product research tool. It allows you to search for trending, popular, and holiday products from various categories. With Autods, you can easily find products to add to your store that have the potential to generate high sales and profits. This tool is a valuable asset for dropshippers looking to stay ahead of the competition and offer in-demand products to their customers.

Importing Products to Your Store with Autods

Autods makes it incredibly easy to import products to your store. Whether you're using the product research tool or have found a product on another website, Autods allows you to import products with just a few clicks. You can customize product details, descriptions, images, and variants directly from the platform, ensuring your store looks professional and enticing to customers.

Fulfillment Options with Autods

Autods offers two fulfillment options – manual fulfillment and automatic fulfillment. If you prefer to fulfill orders manually, you can connect AliExpress as your supplier and manage order fulfillment yourself. Alternatively, you can use the automatic fulfillment feature, which allows you to load credits and have Autods automatically fulfill orders from Chinese or American sourcing centers. This feature saves you time and ensures smooth order processing.

Using Autods with a Virtual Assistant

If you're running your dropshipping store with a team, Autods offers the option to add virtual assistants (VAs) to help manage and operate your store. This added feature allows you to delegate tasks and keep your store running smoothly, even when you're not actively working on it. Autods provides flexibility and convenience for dropshippers of all levels of experience.

Integration with Other Fulfillment Platforms

Autods seamlessly integrates with other fulfillment platforms, allowing you to consolidate your product data and track revenue and cost of goods from multiple platforms. This allows you to expand your dropshipping business beyond just one supplier and take advantage of the best products and prices available. Autods' auto-sync tool makes it easy to import and track products from different fulfillment platforms, giving you more control over your business.


Autods is the ideal solution for dropshippers looking to automate their stores and streamline the fulfillment process. With its user-friendly interface, comprehensive features, and integration with various suppliers, Autods simplifies the dropshipping journey for beginners and experienced entrepreneurs alike. Start using Autods to automate your dropshipping store and focus on scaling your business to new heights.


  • Autods is an all-in-one platform that connects your store to multiple suppliers and automates the dropshipping process.
  • Import products from popular platforms like AliExpress, Amazon, and Walmart, choosing the best prices and suppliers.
  • The user-friendly interface and comprehensive features make Autods suitable for beginners and experienced dropshippers.
  • Autods offers a product research tool to help you find trending and profitable products to add to your store.
  • Enjoy the convenience of manual or automatic order fulfillment, saving time and effort.
  • Autods integrates with other fulfillment platforms, allowing you to expand your product range and track performance from multiple sources.

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