Boost Your Store's Credibility with the Loox Shopify App

Boost Your Store's Credibility with the Loox Shopify App

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Overview of Looks App
  3. Review Management
    • Managing Reviews
    • Review Timing
    • Discount for Photo and Video Reviews
    • Manual Review Requests
    • Review Request Emails
    • Review Forms
    • Adding Custom Questions to Reviews
  4. Displaying Reviews
    • Review Widgets
    • Customizing Review Themes
    • Importing Reviews
    • Importing Reviews from Other Apps
    • Importing Reviews from a Spreadsheet
  5. Referral Program
    • Two-Sided Incentive vs. One-Sided Incentive
    • On-Site Referral Widgets
    • Post Purchase Referral Widgets
    • Referral Emails
  6. Upsell Feature
    • Post Purchase Upsell
    • Setting Triggers and Offers
    • Customizing Upsell Options
  7. Branding Options
    • General Appearance
    • Email Appearance
  8. Integrations
    • Google Shopping
    • Metafields Integration
    • Social Media Platforms
    • Email Marketing Apps
    • Loyalty Programs
    • Customer Account Page Apps
  9. Order Tracking
  10. Settings
    • Localization and Multilingual Support
    • Email Customization
    • External Domains
  11. Pros and Cons
  12. Conclusion

Looks App: The Ultimate Shopify Review Solution

In this article, we will explore Looks App, a popular Shopify review app with over 13,000 reviews and an average rating of 4.9. Looks App positions itself as a social proof solution that helps you build a trusted brand using reviews and referrals. With features such as automated review request emails, customizable review widgets, and a referral program, Looks App aims to enhance your store's credibility and drive customer engagement.

1. Introduction

Shopify store owners understand the importance of customer reviews in influencing purchase decisions. Reviews not only establish trust in a brand but also provide valuable feedback for potential customers. Additionally, referrals and upsells can significantly increase order value and customer loyalty. This is where Looks App comes in - offering a comprehensive solution for review management, display, referrals, and upsells.

2. Overview of Looks App

Looks App is a powerful Shopify app that focuses on leveraging social proof to grow your brand. With its robust features and user-friendly interface, Looks App aims to simplify the process of collecting, managing, and displaying customer reviews. Additionally, it offers a referral program and post-purchase upsells to maximize customer engagement and increase revenue.

3. Review Management

Looks App provides various tools to effectively manage customer reviews and leverage them to enhance your store's reputation. You can automate review request emails, customize review templates, and set up review notifications. The app also allows you to offer discounts for photo and video reviews, prompting customers to share more engaging content.

4. Displaying Reviews

Displaying reviews prominently on your website is crucial to establish trust and convince potential customers to make a purchase. With Looks App, you have access to multiple customizable review widgets that can be placed strategically throughout your site. The app also allows you to import reviews from other platforms and customize the appearance of your review forms.

5. Referral Program

Looks App offers a referral program feature that allows you to incentivize your customers to refer your store to their friends and family. You can choose to offer rewards to both the referrer and the referred customers or opt for a one-sided incentive. The app provides on-site referral widgets, post-purchase referral widgets, and customizable referral emails to effectively promote your referral program.

6. Upsell Feature

Increasing your store's average order value is essential for maximizing profits. The post-purchase upsell feature of Looks App enables you to offer relevant upsell products or discounts to customers after they make a purchase. This feature allows you to customize upsell triggers, select target products, and set specific offers to encourage customers to add more items to their cart.

7. Branding Options

Looks App understands the importance of branding consistency. With its branding options, you can customize the visual elements of the app to match your brand. From selecting a branding icon to choosing the font and email appearance, Looks App allows you to maintain a cohesive brand identity throughout your review displays and communication.

8. Integrations

To streamline your review management process and extend the functionality of Looks App, it offers integrations with various platforms and apps. You can integrate with Google Shopping, Metashop, social media platforms, email marketing apps, loyalty programs, and customer account page apps. These integrations enhance the reach and effectiveness of your reviews and referrals.

9. Order Tracking

Looks App provides an order tracking feature that allows you to monitor the delivery status of your orders. You can track emails sent to customers, ensuring the delivery of review requests and referral notifications. This feature helps you stay organized and ensures timely follow-ups with customers.

10. Settings

Looks App provides an extensive range of settings to customize your review and referral processes. From localization and multilingual support to email customization and external domain selection, you have the flexibility to tailor the app according to your specific requirements.

11. Pros and Cons


  • Advanced review management features, including automated review request emails, photo and video reviews, and customizable templates.
  • Multiple customizable review widgets to showcase customer feedback throughout your website.
  • Referral program functionality with on-site and post-purchase referral widgets and customizable referral emails.
  • Post-purchase upsell feature to increase average order value.
  • Branding options to maintain a consistent brand identity.
  • Integrations with popular platforms and apps for enhanced functionality.
  • Order tracking feature for efficient review and referral management.
  • Extensive customization settings to align the app with your specific needs.


  • Limited customization options for the referral program.
  • Manual configuration required for post-purchase upsells, which can be time-consuming for larger stores.
  • Higher pricing tiers may not be cost-effective for stores with limited budgets.

12. Conclusion

Looks App offers a comprehensive solution for review management, display, referrals, and upsells. With its robust features and user-friendly interface, Looks App empowers Shopify store owners to build a trusted brand and drive customer engagement. While the app excels in review management and display capabilities, its referral program and upsell features may not be as advanced as some standalone apps in the market. However, for new and growing stores with limited budgets, Looks App provides a cost-effective solution to enhance customer trust and increase revenue.

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