Streamline Product Importing for Your Shopify Store

Streamline Product Importing for Your Shopify Store

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Creating a Shopify Store
  3. Installing the Overlo App
  4. Using the Overlo Chrome Extension
  5. Sourcing Products from Aliexpress
  6. Finding Winning Products
  7. Importing Products into Shopify
  8. Setting Product Titles and Collections
  9. Adding Product Descriptions
  10. Importing Product Images
  11. Pricing and Publishing Products
  12. Conclusion

How to Import Products into Your Shopify Store

Welcome to this guide on how to import products into your Shopify store. If you've ever wondered how to streamline the process and save time, then you're in the right place. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about importing products, from creating your Shopify store to sourcing products from Aliexpress. So let's dive in and get started!


Before we begin, it's essential to have a Shopify store in place. If you don't have one yet, don't worry. We will walk you through the process of setting up your store and getting started. Shopify offers a 14-day free trial, so you can explore its features and decide if it's the right platform for you.

Step 1: Creating a Shopify Store

To create a Shopify store, simply follow the link provided in the description of this article. It will take you to the Shopify website, where you can sign up for a free trial. Once signed up, you'll be brought to your Shopify dashboard, which will serve as your command center for managing your store.

Step 2: Installing the Overlo App

The next step is to install the Overlo app, which will streamline the process of importing products into your store. To do this, navigate to the "Apps" section of your Shopify dashboard and click on "Visit Shopify App Store." From there, search for "Overlo" and click on "Get." The app will be added to your list of installed apps.

Step 3: Using the Overlo Chrome Extension

To make the importing process even more efficient, we recommend installing the Overlo Chrome extension. This extension will enable you to import products directly from Aliexpress, a popular marketplace for sourcing products. Simply search for "Overlo Chrome extension" on Google and add it to your Chrome browser.

Step 4: Sourcing Products from Aliexpress

Once you have the Overlo Chrome extension installed, you can start sourcing products from Aliexpress. This platform offers a wide range of products, and it integrates seamlessly with Shopify through the Overlo app. You can search for products by entering keywords or browse through categories to find potential winners.

Step 5: Finding Winning Products

Finding winning products is a crucial step in the importing process. While there are no guarantees, certain factors can indicate whether a product has the potential to be successful. Look for products with a high number of orders, as this indicates that they are popular among buyers. You can use the filters on Aliexpress to sort products by the number of orders.

Step 6: Importing Products into Shopify

Once you've found a product you want to import, open the product page and click on the Overlo Chrome extension icon. This will import the product into your Overlo import list. To access the import list, click on "Open Import List" within the Overlo app.

Step 7: Setting Product Titles and Collections

In the Overlo import list, you can adjust the product title and assign it to a collection within your Shopify store. The product title should be descriptive and include relevant keywords. Collections help organize your products and make it easier for customers to navigate your store.

Step 8: Adding Product Descriptions

While Overlo can automatically import product descriptions, it is recommended to review and personalize them. A well-crafted product description helps customers understand the product's features and benefits. Take the time to write a compelling description that highlights the unique selling points of the product.

Step 9: Importing Product Images

When importing products into your store, you have the option to include additional images. Ensure that the images are high-quality and showcase the product from different angles. Adding lifestyle images that demonstrate the product in use can also be beneficial in capturing customer interest.

Step 10: Pricing and Publishing Products

After completing all the necessary steps, it's time to set a price for your imported product. Consider the perceived value of the product and research similar items on the market to determine a competitive price. Once you've set the price, review all the product details and click on "Push to Shop" to publish it on your Shopify store.


In conclusion, importing products into your Shopify store doesn't have to be a complicated process. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can streamline the process and save time. Remember to research and select winning products, optimize your product titles and descriptions, and price your products competitively. Happy importing!


  • Learn how to import products into your Shopify store with ease
  • Set up your Shopify store using a simple step-by-step process
  • Use the Overlo app and Chrome extension to streamline the importing process
  • Source products from Aliexpress and find potential winners
  • Customize product titles, descriptions, and images to optimize your listings
  • Set competitive prices and publish your imported products on your Shopify store
  • Save time and effort by following best practices for importing products


Q: Can I import products from other platforms besides Aliexpress? A: While this guide focuses on Aliexpress, you can also source products from other platforms compatible with the Overlo app, such as Alibaba or Oberlo Supply.

Q: Are there any restrictions on the number of products I can import into my Shopify store? A: Shopify does not impose any limits on the number of products you can import. However, it's important to consider your store's capacity and ensure that you can manage the inventory effectively.

Q: Can I import products with variations, such as different colors or sizes? A: Yes, you can import products with variations into your Shopify store. Overlo allows you to manage product variations and specify different options for customers to choose from.

Q: How often should I update my imported product listings? A: It is recommended to regularly review and update your imported product listings. Keep an eye on market trends, customer feedback, and competitor offerings to ensure your products remain competitive.

Q: Can I import products into multiple collections within my Shopify store? A: Yes, you can assign imported products to multiple collections within your Shopify store. This allows you to organize your products based on different categories or themes.

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