Streamline Pre-Order Management on Shopify

Streamline Pre-Order Management on Shopify

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Benefits of Pre-Orders
  3. Pre-Order Management on Shopify 3.1. Automatic Inventory Allocation 3.2. Accurate Shipment Dates for Customers 3.3. Controlling the Pre-Order Release
  4. Fulfilling Pre-Orders 4.1. Receiving and Allocating Inventory 4.2. Fulfilling Orders for Retail Stores 4.3. Delaying or Cancelling Orders
  5. Simplifying Pre-Orders on Shopify 5.1. Displaying Shipment Dates to Customers 5.2. Preventing Over-Ordering and Cancellations 5.3. Flexibility in Pre-Order Release
  6. Conclusion

The Benefits of Pre-Orders

Pre-orders have become an effective tool for retailers to gauge customer demand for upcoming products and ensure sales to improve profit margins. By allowing customers to place orders before a product is officially released, retailers can analyze pre-order data to determine how much stock they should order, thus reducing inventory wastage. However, managing pre-orders can be a stressful task for merchandisers, as they must handle the complexities of over-promising and balancing inventory between stores and pre-orders. Thankfully, with the advent of e-commerce platforms like Shopify, the entire pre-order management process has been made easier.

Pre-Order Management on Shopify

Shopify, a leading e-commerce platform, offers a range of user-friendly applications and features to simplify the pre-order management process. One such application is HotWax Commerce, which seamlessly integrates with Shopify and provides accurate inventory allocation. With HotWax Commerce, retailers can automate the transition from "Sold Out" buttons to "Pre-Order" buttons on product pages based on upcoming shipments. Additionally, this application displays specific shipment dates to customers, giving them a clear understanding of when their pre-orders will be shipped.

Automatic Inventory Allocation

One of the key advantages of using HotWax Commerce on Shopify for pre-order management is its ability to automatically allocate inventory from incoming shipments. This ensures that pre-orders are fulfilled on time without consuming the entire stock. The retailer has full control over the allocation process, allowing them to distribute inventory to their retail locations while fulfilling online pre-orders simultaneously.

Accurate Shipment Dates for Customers

Customers often want to know when they can expect to receive their pre-order before making a purchase. HotWax Commerce addresses this concern by displaying precise shipment dates on the product page, based on incoming shipment dates. This transparency enhances customer trust and satisfaction, leading to increased sales and reduced cancellations.

Controlling the Pre-Order Release

To effectively manage pre-orders, HotWax Commerce offers a dedicated pre-order management app on Shopify. This app allows retailers to release pre-orders in limited quantities, ensuring that pre-orders do not deplete the entire inventory. Retailers can release orders in bulk or choose to release pre-orders one at a time for more granular control. The flexibility to select the desired warehouse for fulfillment further enhances inventory management capabilities.

Fulfilling Pre-Orders

Once inventory is received from incoming shipments, retailers using HotWax Commerce can seamlessly fulfill pre-orders on Shopify. By accessing the pre-order management app, retailers can allocate inventory to fulfill online pre-orders while also ensuring that their retail stores have sufficient stock for walk-in customers. This control over the pre-order releasing process allows retailers to distribute inventory as per their preference and meet the demands of both online and offline customers.

Receiving and Allocating Inventory

HotWax Commerce provides a user-friendly interface for retailers to receive and allocate inventory from upcoming shipments. Within the receiving app, retailers can view and receive all upcoming shipments, streamlining the inventory management process. Whether receiving inventory in-store or through the Shopify admin panel or Shopify POS, retailers can efficiently organize their stock to fulfill pre-orders and retail store requirements.

Fulfilling Orders for Retail Stores

In addition to fulfilling online pre-orders, retailers using HotWax Commerce can ensure that their retail stores receive a portion of the inventory to cater to walk-in customers. The ability to allocate stock to both pre-orders and retail stores simultaneously reduces the chances of inventory wastage and serves the needs of different customer segments effectively.

Delaying or Cancelling Orders

In some cases, delays in shipment may occur, necessitating a change in the promised shipment date for pre-orders. HotWax Commerce allows retailers to easily edit the promise date, automatically notifying customers of the updated shipment date. Furthermore, in rare instances where it becomes necessary to cancel an order altogether, retailers have the option to do so with a simple click. This flexibility ensures that pre-orders are managed efficiently, even in challenging situations.

Simplifying Pre-Orders on Shopify

HotWax Commerce, with its integration with Shopify, simplifies the process of taking pre-orders and ensures a seamless customer experience. Pre-order management becomes hassle-free by displaying accurate shipment dates to customers right on the product page. The application prevents over-ordering and cancellations by automatically halting pre-orders when future inventory runs out. Additionally, it empowers retailers with full control over the pre-order releasing process, enabling them to distribute inventory according to their specific requirements and optimize sales.

Displaying Shipment Dates to Customers

One of the crucial aspects of managing pre-orders is providing customers with clear and accurate information about shipment dates. With HotWax Commerce, product pages on Shopify showcase precise shipment dates, removing any ambiguity for customers. This transparency builds trust and encourages more pre-orders, leading to increased revenue.

Preventing Over-Ordering and Cancellations

Over-promising and subsequent cancellations can severely impact the reputation of a retailer. HotWax Commerce addresses this issue by automatically stopping pre-orders when future inventory runs out. By allocating inventory based on pre-order demand, wasted inventory can be significantly reduced, resulting in improved profit margins.

Flexibility in Pre-Order Release

HotWax Commerce's pre-order management app offers retailers the flexibility to release pre-orders in limited quantities or in bulk. By giving control over the allocation process, retailers can ensure that pre-orders do not deplete the entire stock. The option to select the warehouse for fulfillment adds another layer of flexibility, enabling retailers to cater to specific customer segments effectively.


Managing pre-orders can be a challenging task, but with the right tools and features, retailers can streamline the process and maximize sales. Shopify, in conjunction with applications like HotWax Commerce, provides a comprehensive solution for pre-order management. From automatic inventory allocation to accurate shipment dates and flexible pre-order releasing, retailers can take full advantage of pre-orders to meet customer demands, reduce wastage, and improve profit margins. By utilizing these tools, retailers can enhance their e-commerce operations and provide a superior customer experience.

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