Start Dropshipping with $0 and Make $1,000 Per Day!

Start Dropshipping with $0 and Make $1,000 Per Day!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Finding a Winning Product
  3. Creating Your Store Name
  4. Setting Up Your Shopify Account
  5. Fulfilling Orders with Auto DS
  6. Advertising on Pinterest
  7. Using Influencers as Affiliates
  8. Making Your Affiliate Offer
  9. Closing Deals with Influencers
  10. Conclusion


Starting a successful dropshipping store can seem daunting, but with the right strategies and tactics, it's possible to achieve significant results even with zero initial investment. In this article, we'll explore the step-by-step process of building a profitable dropshipping business from scratch and driving sales of over $1,000 per day. We'll cover everything from finding a winning product to setting up your store, fulfilling orders, and implementing a unique advertising strategy using influencers as affiliates. Get ready to learn the secrets to dropshipping success without breaking the bank!

1. Finding a Winning Product

The first step in building a successful dropshipping business is finding a winning product. A winning product should have a "wow" factor and a passionate audience. Look for products that solve a problem or cater to a passionate niche. Platforms like Auto DS can help you discover hot products across various categories and ensure you choose evergreen products that can be sold year-round.

2. Creating Your Store Name

Choosing a compelling store name is crucial for branding and attracting customers. Avoid naming your store after the product you're selling to allow for flexibility in case you decide to sell different products in the future. Use a business name generator tool, such as Google's Business Name Generator, to come up with a broad and catchy name that doesn't tie you to a specific product niche.

3. Setting Up Your Shopify Account

To create your online store, sign up for a Shopify account. Shopify is a popular and trusted e-commerce platform that offers a user-friendly interface and robust features for building and managing your store. You can start with a free trial or opt for the $1 for three months offer to keep the initial costs low.

4. Fulfilling Orders with Auto DS

Managing your order fulfillment process manually can quickly become time-consuming and inefficient. To streamline this process, use a tool like Auto DS. Auto DS allows you to automate the fulfillment process by connecting your Shopify store with suppliers on platforms like AliExpress. Simply import products from Auto DS to your store, and they will take care of the shipping and fulfillment seamlessly.

5. Advertising on Pinterest

While many dropshippers focus their efforts on platforms like Instagram and Facebook, exploring alternative platforms like Pinterest can open new opportunities. Pinterest attracts a predominantly female audience interested in fashion, beauty, and home inspiration. Leveraging influencers on Pinterest can be an effective and cost-efficient way to promote your products and drive traffic to your store.

6. Using Influencers as Affiliates

Instead of paying influencers upfront for promoting your products, explore the concept of affiliate marketing. With affiliate marketing, you offer influencers a percentage of each sale they drive to your store. This incentivizes them to promote your products while minimizing your upfront costs. Pinterest influencers with large followings can generate significant sales through affiliate marketing.

7. Making Your Affiliate Offer

To attract influencers to become your affiliates, create a compelling affiliate offer. Craft a professional and enticing proposition that outlines the benefits of promoting your products. In your offer, explain the affiliate program structure, commission rates, and the potential for high sales volume. Consider arranging a Zoom or Discord call to further explain the offer and build a personal connection with influencers.

8. Closing Deals with Influencers

Closing deals with influencers requires effective communication and relationship-building. Once an influencer expresses interest in your affiliate program, schedule a call to discuss the details and address any questions they may have. Use this opportunity to showcase the potential of your product and how it aligns with their audience. By building a genuine connection, you increase the chances of securing their commitment to promoting your products.

9. Conclusion

Starting a dropshipping store without any upfront investment is possible with the right strategies in place. By finding a winning product, setting up a professional online store, utilizing automation tools like Auto DS, and exploring alternative advertising platforms like Pinterest, you can achieve significant sales growth. Using influencers as affiliates can further boost your marketing efforts without incurring high upfront costs. Remember, building a successful dropshipping business requires perseverance, continuous learning, and adapting to the ever-changing e-commerce landscape.


  • Learn how to start a dropshipping store with zero upfront investment
  • Find a winning product that caters to a passionate audience
  • Build a professional online store using Shopify
  • Streamline order fulfillment with Auto DS
  • Leverage Pinterest and influencers as affiliates for cost-efficient advertising
  • Craft compelling affiliate offers to attract influencers
  • Develop strong relationships with influencers to secure their commitment
  • Achieve significant sales growth through effective marketing strategies
  • Continuously adapt and learn in the competitive dropshipping industry


Q: Can I start a dropshipping store without any upfront investment? A: Yes, it is possible to start a dropshipping store with zero upfront investment. By utilizing platforms like Shopify, Auto DS, and leveraging affiliate marketing with influencers, you can build a profitable business without the need for significant upfront costs.

Q: How do I find a winning product for my dropshipping business? A: Look for products that have a "wow" factor and cater to a passionate audience. Consider using tools like Auto DS to discover hot products across various categories. Focus on finding products that either solve a problem or target a passionate niche.

Q: Can I use influencers on Pinterest to promote my products? A: Yes, Pinterest can be a valuable platform for advertising your dropshipping products. By collaborating with influencers who have a large following in fashion, beauty, or home inspiration niches on Pinterest, you can effectively reach your target audience and drive traffic to your store.

Q: How can I automate the order fulfillment process in my dropshipping store? A: Tools like Auto DS can help automate the order fulfillment process. By connecting your Shopify store with suppliers on platforms like AliExpress, you can import products seamlessly and automate the shipping and fulfillment process, saving you time and effort.

Q: How do I attract influencers to become affiliates for my dropshipping business? A: Craft a compelling affiliate offer that outlines the benefits of promoting your products. Highlight the commission rates, sales potential, and any additional incentives you can offer. Establishing a personal connection and explaining the offer in detail through a call can further increase the likelihood of influencers joining your affiliate program.

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