Shopping for School Uniforms and Family Adventures - Dear Diary Ep 2

Shopping for School Uniforms and Family Adventures - Dear Diary Ep 2

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Recap of Episode One
  3. The To-Do List for the Day
  4. Shopping for School Uniforms
  5. Heading to the Mall
  6. Choosing and Trying on School Uniforms
  7. Grabbing Some Food at the Food Court
  8. Grocery Shopping at the Mini Mart
  9. Heading Back Home


Welcome to episode two of "Dear Diary: Growing Together with Athena Lee and her Family During Her High School Years" in The Sims 4 Let's Play series. In this episode, we will see Athena and her family embark on a busy day full of activities, including shopping for school uniforms, visiting the mall, and grocery shopping. Join us as we delve into the daily life of this Sim family and witness their adventures unfold.

Recap of Episode One

Before we dive into today's events, let's briefly recap what happened in the previous episode. Athena and her family had an epic slumber party to celebrate the end of their summer break. Drama ensued, but the night ended successfully. Now, it's the next morning, and the family has a lot on their to-do list.

The To-Do List for the Day

Athena wakes up early, feeling the urgency to complete the tasks at hand. The to-do list includes dropping off the girls at Auntie Leah's house, picking up Aquino, going grocery shopping, and picking up school uniforms. However, a surprise child support notice dampens their spirits. They discover a hefty bill for watching Aquino overnight. Determined to resolve this issue, they make plans to pick up their son and sort out the payment.

Shopping for School Uniforms

Athena realizes that the girls need to get their school uniforms before the start of the new school year. She plans a trip to H&M, where they can find a variety of options. They try on different uniforms, including skirts, dresses, and sweaters. It's a fun and exciting experience for the girls as they model their potential school attire.

Heading to the Mall

After a successful shopping trip for school uniforms, the family heads to the mall. Athena has a craving for Chinese or Vietnamese food, in contrast to the children's desire for burgers and fries. They arrive at the mall and split up, each seeking their desired meal.

Choosing and Trying on School Uniforms

The girls begin trying on their potential school uniforms at the mall. They showcase different outfits, from skirts and dresses to sweaters and blazers. Each uniform receives favorable reactions from the family, and they make their selections while capturing some photos to show Auntie Leah.

Grabbing Some Food at the Food Court

Once they finish shopping, the family gathers at the food court to satisfy their hunger. Athena enjoys her sweet and sour pork, while the kids indulge in hamburgers, fries, and other delectable treats from the food court. They take a moment to relax and bond over their meal.

Grocery Shopping at the Mini Mart

After their food court adventure, the family realizes that they need to stock up on groceries. With their long shopping list in hand, they head to the nearby Mini Mart. They navigate the aisles, picking up items such as bread, meat, cereal, peanut butter, and more. It's a late-night shopping spree necessary to ensure the family has everything they need.

Heading Back Home

Finally, the family boards the bus and returns home with their groceries. Exhausted but satisfied with their accomplishments, they put away the groceries and prepare for a well-deserved rest. Tomorrow promises another eventful day, with visits to the kids' schools for their open houses.

Stay tuned for more exciting episodes of "Dear Diary" as we continue to follow Athena and her family through their high school years.


  1. Athena and her family have a successful slumber party.
  2. The family faces a surprise child support notice.
  3. Shopping for school uniforms at H&M.
  4. Trying on different school uniform options.
  5. Enjoying a meal at the mall's food court.
  6. Grocery shopping at the Mini Mart.
  7. Returning home and putting away the groceries.


Q: How did the slumber party in episode one go? A: The slumber party in episode one was a success, with some drama but overall a great experience for the family.

Q: What was the surprise notice the family received? A: The family received a surprise child support notice, billing them for watching Aquino overnight.

Q: Where did they shop for school uniforms? A: They shopped for school uniforms at H&M.

Q: What did the girls try on during their uniform shopping? A: The girls tried on skirts, dresses, sweaters, and blazers during their uniform shopping trip.

Q: What did the family eat at the food court? A: Athena enjoyed sweet and sour pork, while the kids had hamburgers, fries, and other treats from the food court.

Q: Where did the family go grocery shopping? A: The family went grocery shopping at the Mini Mart.

Q: How did the family end their day? A: The family returned home, put away the groceries, and prepared for a well-deserved rest.

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