Boost Customer Trust with AliExpress Review Import

Boost Customer Trust with AliExpress Review Import

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Importing Products from AliExpress to Shopify using TD Reviews
    • 2.1. Accessing the Shopify App Store
    • 2.2. Installing TD Reviews
    • 2.3. Enabling Review Display on Product Pages
    • 2.4. Importing Reviews from AliExpress
  3. Selecting Suitable Products to Import
    • 3.1. Identical Products
    • 3.2. Similar Products with Differences
  4. Importing Reviews
    • 4.1. Importing Text Reviews Only
    • 4.2. Importing All Reviews or Photo Reviews Only
    • 4.3. Translating Non-English Reviews
    • 4.4. Disabling or Editing Reviews
  5. Customizing Review Display
    • 5.1. Showing Anonymous Reviews
    • 5.2. Changing Review Rating Criteria
  6. Conclusion

Importing Products from AliExpress to Shopify using TD Reviews

With the TD Reviews app, you can easily import products from AliExpress and display their reviews on your Shopify store. This app simplifies the process and provides an efficient way to showcase product feedback to your customers.

Accessing the Shopify App Store

To start, visit the Shopify App Store and search for "TD Reviews." Despite the name, this app offers exceptional functionality. Install the app and proceed with the setup.

Installing TD Reviews

Once installed, you can choose either a grid or list format for review display. The app's setup process is quick and straightforward. Next, you have the option to enable or disable review display on product pages without any reviews.

Importing Reviews from AliExpress

To begin importing reviews, access the products in your store and select the product you want to prioritize. Open AliExpress in a separate tab and find a suitable product that has a good number of reviews. For products with identical options, you can easily import reviews. However, if the options differ, you'll need to find a similar product with some differences and add the reviews manually. Copy the product URL and paste it into TD Reviews for import. You can choose to import text reviews only or include photo reviews as well. After importing, you can preview the reviews and make any necessary adjustments, such as translating non-English reviews or disabling certain entries.

Selecting Suitable Products to Import

Choosing the right products to import from AliExpress is crucial to effectively showcase genuine customer feedback. Here are two methods to consider:

Identical Products

If you have an identical product available on AliExpress, simply import the reviews directly. Select a product with as many reviews as possible, ensuring a reliable representation of customer experiences. Copy the product URL and proceed with the import process in TD Reviews.

Similar Products with Differences

For products that have slight variations not available on AliExpress, you can still import reviews by choosing a similar product and manually adding the reviews. Look for a product with a different design or features but still relevant to your product. Copy the product URL and follow the import process in TD Reviews. Make sure to copy the text reviews and adjust accordingly to match your product.

Importing Reviews

The TD Reviews app provides seamless review importing capabilities. Consider the following steps when importing reviews:

Importing Text Reviews Only

When importing reviews, you have the option to import text reviews only. This allows you to provide customers with valuable feedback while keeping the importing process efficient. You can choose the minimum star rating requirement and the number of reviews to import. Adjust these settings according to your preferences.

Importing All Reviews or Photo Reviews Only

If you have a product with numerous reviews, you can choose to import all reviews or opt for photo reviews only. When selecting photo reviews, ensure that the product has a substantial number of photo reviews available on AliExpress.

Translating Non-English Reviews

If you import reviews that are in a language other than English, it is crucial to translate them for your customers. You can use external translation tools or the language translator feature provided by TD Reviews. However, it is recommended to review and adjust translations manually, as automated translations may not be entirely accurate.

Disabling or Editing Reviews

After importing the reviews, you have the option to disable or edit any review entries. This allows you to maintain control over the displayed content and ensure its relevance and accuracy.

Customizing Review Display

TD Reviews offers various options to customize the way reviews are displayed on your Shopify store. Consider the following customization options:

Showing Anonymous Reviews

If you prefer to keep customer identities confidential, you can enable the option to show anonymous reviews. This adds an additional layer of privacy to your customers' feedback.

Changing Review Rating Criteria

You can adjust the criteria for review ratings display. By default, the app shows reviews with four stars and above. However, you can modify this setting based on your product and target audience.


Importing reviews from AliExpress to your Shopify store has never been easier with the TD Reviews app. It allows you to enhance your product pages with valuable feedback, increasing customer trust and confidence in your brand. Start utilizing this powerful app today to boost your sales and improve the overall shopping experience for your customers.


  • Import products from AliExpress to Shopify with ease
  • Display reviews on product pages to increase customer trust
  • Select suitable products for review import
  • Import text and photo reviews from AliExpress
  • Customize review display options
  • Translate non-English reviews for better customer understanding
  • Manage and edit reviews to maintain accuracy and relevance


Q: Can I import reviews from multiple AliExpress products to a single Shopify product? A: Yes, with TD Reviews, you can import reviews from different AliExpress products and merge them into a single Shopify product. This allows you to provide a comprehensive overview of customer experiences.

Q: Can I choose the number of reviews to import for each product? A: Absolutely! TD Reviews allows you to select the number of reviews to import for each product. You can import as many or as few reviews as you prefer.

Q: Can I translate reviews using the TD Reviews app? A: Yes, TD Reviews provides a language translation feature that automatically translates non-English reviews. However, it is recommended to review and edit the translations manually for accuracy.

Q: Can I disable or edit reviews after importing them? A: Yes, you have complete control over the reviews imported with TD Reviews. You can disable or edit any review entries to ensure relevance and accuracy.

Q: Are photo reviews imported along with text reviews? A: Yes, you can choose to import both text and photo reviews, or you can choose to import only photo reviews if available for the product.

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