Revolutionizing Shipping: The Journey of Aftership and its Postman Add-on

Revolutionizing Shipping: The Journey of Aftership and its Postman Add-on

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Andrew Chan - CMO at Aftership
  3. Aftership - Revolutionizing the Shipping World
  4. The Release of Postman Add-on
  5. A Brief History of Aftership
  6. The Problem Aftership Solves
  7. Aftership's Customer Base
  8. Improving the Post-Purchase Experience
  9. The Importance of Tracking in E-commerce
  10. Introducing Postman: Simplifying Shipping Label Generation
  11. Integrating with Multiple Carriers
  12. The Challenges in Supply Chain Management
  13. Aftership's Visibility and Solutions
  14. Handling Freight and LTL Shipments
  15. The Complexities of Shipping Puzzle Pieces
  16. The Impact on Customer Satisfaction
  17. Integration with CRMs and CDPs
  18. Aftership's Integration Options
  19. Supporting Small and Large Businesses
  20. The Aftership Dashboard: A Control Tower for Exception Handling
  21. Conclusion


In this article, we will explore the innovative world of Aftership and its recent release, Postman. Led by CMO Andrew Chan, Aftership has been revolutionizing the shipping industry by providing a solution to track packages and enhance the post-purchase experience. We will delve into the journey of Aftership, its customer base, and the challenges it addresses in the shipping world. Additionally, we will take a closer look at the newly introduced Postman add-on and how it simplifies shipping label generation. We will also discuss the importance of supply chain management and how Aftership provides visibility and solutions in this domain. Furthermore, we will explore the impact of Aftership's services on customer satisfaction and their integration with CRMs and CDPs. Let's dive in and uncover the exciting developments happening at Aftership!

Andrew Chan - CMO at Aftership

To understand the story behind Aftership, we need to start with its Chief Marketing Officer, Andrew Chan. With an impressive background and deep understanding of the shipping industry, Chan has played a crucial role in the growth and success of Aftership. Through his leadership and expertise, Aftership has become a leading player in the shipping space, serving numerous big brands and continuously innovating to shake up the industry. In our conversation with him, Chan provides valuable insights into the journey of Aftership, the recent release of the Postman add-on, and the impact it holds for the shipping world.

Aftership - Revolutionizing the Shipping World

Let's take a moment to understand what Aftership is all about and how it has been revolutionizing the shipping industry. Aftership was founded in 2012 with a simple yet powerful concept – to help merchants track packages more efficiently. In the past, tracking packages was a cumbersome process, involving copying tracking numbers and visiting various websites. Aftership aimed to change that by proactively notifying customers about their order's whereabouts and offering a unified tracking experience. Over the years, Aftership has grown exponentially and now serves over 30,000 customers, including renowned brands like eBay, Wish, MCM, and Gymshark. This growth can be attributed to Aftership's focus on improving the post-purchase experience and maximizing customer engagement.

The Release of Postman Add-on

Recently, Aftership made waves in the shipping industry with the release of its new add-on, Postman. This add-on has the potential to disrupt the traditional shipping landscape by streamlining the shipping label generation process. For online retailers who handle multiple carriers and sell across various channels, generating the right shipping labels can be a complex task. Postman simplifies this process by providing an automation tool that generates accurate shipping labels based on the selected shipping method. Whether it's standard shipping or expedited delivery, Postman ensures that the right label is generated seamlessly. Additionally, Postman offers integration with over 900 carriers worldwide, making it a powerful solution for businesses of all sizes.

A Brief History of Aftership

To truly appreciate Aftership's impact, it's important to understand its humble beginnings. Aftership was founded in 2012 by a group of entrepreneurs, including Andrew Chan. Their vision was to revolutionize package tracking and enhance the overall post-purchase experience. The initial concept focused on proactively notifying customers about their order's status and creating an efficient tracking system. Over time, Aftership's customer base grew exponentially, attracting both fast-growing and top-tier brands. Today, Aftership has evolved into a company with over 350 employees and continues to lead the industry in providing exceptional post-purchase experiences.

The Problem Aftership Solves

Aftership aims to solve a common problem faced by merchants – providing a seamless post-purchase experience. For many retailers, the journey doesn't end with the purchase; it extends to shipping and delivery. Aftership helps merchants proactively notify their customers about the whereabouts of their packages, increasing engagement and loyalty. By addressing the pain points associated with package tracking, Aftership ensures that customers stay informed, fostering a positive experience that encourages repeat purchases. Additionally, Aftership recognizes the importance of post-purchase experiences in retaining loyal customers and building strong brand recall.


  • Proactively notifies customers about package whereabouts
  • Enhances post-purchase experience
  • Increases customer engagement and loyalty


  • Challenge of integrating with multiple carriers
  • Requires continuous optimization to meet evolving customer expectations

Aftership's Customer Base

Aftership boasts an impressive customer base, which includes some of the biggest names in the industry. With over 30,000 customers, Aftership serves a diverse range of businesses, from fast-growing brands to well-established platforms like eBay and Wish. This wide-ranging customer base is a testament to Aftership's ability to cater to different business needs and deliver exceptional tracking experiences. By serving such a vast array of customers, Aftership has gained valuable insights into the diverse challenges and requirements of the shipping industry.

Improving the Post-Purchase Experience

Aftership understands the crucial role that the post-purchase experience plays in customer retention and brand loyalty. To improve this experience, Aftership focuses on key aspects such as tracking, customer support, delivery promises, on-time delivery rates, and handling exceptions. By providing accurate and timely tracking information, Aftership enables customers to stay informed about their orders, reducing anxiety and enhancing satisfaction. Additionally, Aftership's comprehensive support features help businesses resolve exceptions proactively, preventing potential customer complaints and ensuring a smooth post-purchase journey.


  • Improves customer retention and brand loyalty
  • Offers accurate and timely tracking information
  • Proactively resolves exceptions to prevent complaints


  • Dependent on carriers to provide accurate tracking updates
  • Challenges in achieving seamless integration with various e-commerce platforms

The Importance of Tracking in E-commerce

Tracking plays a pivotal role in e-commerce, significantly impacting customer satisfaction and repeat purchases. Customers expect real-time updates on their package's location and delivery status, and Aftership addresses this need by offering a seamless tracking experience. By providing accurate and timely information, businesses can meet customer expectations, build trust, and foster long-term relationships. Aftership's tracking capabilities enable merchants to keep customers informed every step of the way, ensuring a positive post-purchase experience.


  • Builds trust and fosters customer loyalty
  • Enhances the post-purchase experience
  • Meets customer expectations for real-time tracking updates


  • Relies on carriers to provide accurate and timely tracking information
  • Challenges in tracking international shipments with multiple carriers

Introducing Postman: Simplifying Shipping Label Generation

One of Aftership's recent innovations is the introduction of Postman, an add-on that simplifies the shipping label generation process. For retailers selling across multiple channels and using various carriers, generating accurate shipping labels can be a challenge. Postman addresses this issue by offering an automation tool that generates the correct shipping label based on the selected shipping method. This ensures that the right label is created for each order, simplifying the shipping process and reducing errors. By streamlining label generation, Postman helps businesses ship faster, improve efficiency, and enhance the overall post-purchase experience.


  • Streamlines and automates shipping label generation
  • Reduces errors in shipping process
  • Improves efficiency and speeds up order fulfillment


  • Requires proper integration with multiple e-commerce platforms
  • Challenges in handling shipping label customizations

Integrating with Multiple Carriers

Aftership's success lies in its ability to integrate with over 900 carriers worldwide. This extensive integration allows businesses to connect with their preferred carriers seamlessly and gain access to a wide range of shipping options. Whether it's domestic or international shipping, Aftership enables merchants to work with their chosen carriers efficiently. This integration eliminates the need for businesses to manage multiple carrier integrations individually, saving time and resources. Aftership acts as a centralized platform that connects businesses with their desired carriers, simplifying the shipping process and enhancing operational effectiveness.


  • Extensive integration with over 900 carriers worldwide
  • Provides access to a wide range of shipping options
  • Centralizes carrier management, saving time and resources


  • Technical complexities involved in integrating with multiple carriers
  • Challenges in managing carrier-specific requirements and updates

The Challenges in Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management poses unique challenges for businesses, especially in the realm of shipping. Aftership recognizes these challenges and offers solutions to address them effectively. Two main issues plague the shipping industry – freight delays due to global situations like COVID-19 and the fluctuation in delivery times for puzzles (non-standard shipments). While Aftership cannot control global freight delays, it can provide visibility and insights into the on-time delivery rates of puzzle-like shipments. By helping businesses track and monitor their deliveries, Aftership empowers them to optimize their supply chain management and improve overall customer satisfaction.


  • Provides visibility into supply chain challenges
  • Empowers businesses to optimize delivery processes
  • Improves overall customer satisfaction


  • Challenges in accurately predicting and controlling delivery times
  • Limited control over external factors impacting supply chain

Aftership's Visibility and Solutions

Aftership offers valuable visibility and solutions to businesses, helping them navigate the complexities of shipping and supply chain management. By tracking millions of shipments, Aftership provides insights into delivery success rates, allowing merchants to assess their performance accurately. Aftership's analytics and reporting capabilities enable businesses to identify exceptions, address them proactively, and improve overall operational efficiency. With Aftership, businesses gain valuable data-driven insights that help them make informed decisions and enhance customer experiences. From small e-commerce stores to enterprise-grade solutions, Aftership's visibility and solutions cater to a wide range of businesses' needs.


  • Provides visibility into delivery success rates and exceptions
  • Enables proactive exception handling and process improvements
  • Offers data-driven insights for informed decision-making


  • Challenges in integrating with existing systems and workflows
  • Requires continuous optimization to adapt to evolving customer expectations

Handling Freight and LTL Shipments

Aftership's capabilities extend beyond traditional parcel shipping to include freight and Less Than Truckload (LTL) shipments. Many merchants handle complex shipping operations, involving both puzzles (non-standard shipments) and freight. Aftership understands the challenges associated with managing these types of shipments and offers tailored solutions. By integrating with freight carriers and providing visibility into freight delivery, Aftership helps merchants streamline their entire shipping process. This comprehensive approach ensures that businesses can effectively manage both parcel and freight shipments, delivering a seamless shipping experience to their customers.


  • Addresses the complexities of freight and LTL shipments
  • Streamlines the management of non-standard and large-scale shipments
  • Provides visibility into freight delivery to optimize supply chain


  • Challenges in integrating with a wide range of freight carriers
  • Requires additional expertise and resources for freight management

The Complexities of Shipping Puzzle Pieces

Shipping puzzle pieces or non-standard shipments present unique challenges for merchants. These shipments often have erratic delivery times and require careful monitoring to ensure customer satisfaction. Aftership recognizes these complexities and offers solutions to track and manage puzzle-like shipments effectively. By providing visibility into fluctuating delivery times and helping businesses address exceptions, Aftership enables them to deliver a consistent and reliable customer experience. The ability to track and monitor puzzle shipments has a significant impact on customer satisfaction and plays a vital role in fostering loyalty and repeat business.


  • Addresses the complexities of shipping puzzle pieces
  • Provides visibility into fluctuating delivery times
  • Helps businesses address exceptions and ensure consistent customer experience


  • Challenges in accurately predicting delivery times for non-standard shipments
  • Requires continuous monitoring and exception handling for optimal customer satisfaction

The Impact on Customer Satisfaction

Aftership's focus on enhancing the post-purchase experience directly impacts customer satisfaction. By providing businesses with accurate tracking information, Aftership helps reduce customer anxiety and frustration associated with package whereabouts. This transparency fosters trust and loyalty, leading to higher customer satisfaction ratings. Additionally, Aftership's proactive exception handling and support features prevent issues from escalating, ensuring a smooth and positive customer experience. With Aftership's solutions in place, businesses can minimize customer complaints, improve retention rates, and create a lasting impression that drives repeat purchases.


  • Reduces customer anxiety and frustration
  • Fosters trust, loyalty, and satisfaction
  • Minimizes customer complaints and improves retention rates


  • Dependent on timely and accurate tracking updates from carriers
  • Challenges in handling exceptional cases that require manual intervention

Integration with CRMs and CDPs

Aftership's integration capabilities extend beyond carrier integrations. Aftership seamlessly integrates with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and Customer Data Platforms (CDP) to provide a holistic view of the customer journey. By connecting tracking and delivery data with CRM and CDP systems, businesses gain valuable insights into individual customer satisfaction and overall experience. This integration enables businesses to assess the impact of their shipping processes on customer sentiment. By understanding the complete customer journey and leveraging data-driven insights, businesses can fine-tune their strategies to drive long-term growth and customer satisfaction.


  • Provides a holistic view of the customer journey
  • Integrates tracking and delivery data with CRM and CDP systems
  • Enables data-driven decision-making based on customer sentiment


  • Requires proper integration configuration and data mapping
  • Challenges in aligning tracking data with broader customer experience efforts

Aftership's Integration Options

Aftership recognizes that businesses have varying integration needs, and therefore it offers multiple integration options. From technical companies with centralized data warehouses to small Shopify stores, Aftership provides solutions for all business sizes. For technically advanced companies, Aftership offers seamless integration with data warehouses, enabling businesses to consume data from Aftership anywhere in their systems. For smaller businesses, Aftership offers plug-and-play solutions through integrations with platforms like Shopify, making tracking data easily accessible within their existing workflows. Furthermore, Aftership integrates with popular solutions, including Zendesk and Salesforce, providing businesses with flexibility and convenience.


  • Offers multiple integration options for businesses of all sizes
  • Seamless integration with data warehouses for technical companies
  • Plug-and-play solutions for smaller businesses through platform integrations


  • Technical complexities involved in data warehouse integrations
  • Challenges in managing integrations with multiple e-commerce platforms

Supporting Small and Large Businesses

Aftership caters to both small and large enterprises, acknowledging the different needs and resources of each. For small businesses, Aftership offers convenient plug-and-play solutions that enable them to quickly access tracking data within their existing workflows. These solutions provide invaluable insights into the delivery process, allowing businesses to improve customer experiences without investing in extensive resources or infrastructure. For large enterprises, Aftership provides enterprise-grade solutions, empowering businesses to scale their operations and optimize their supply chain management. With Aftership's comprehensive support and tracking capabilities, businesses of all sizes can deliver exceptional post-purchase experiences.


  • Supports small businesses with plug-and-play solutions
  • Enables large enterprises to scale operations and optimize supply chain
  • Provides invaluable insights for improving customer experiences


  • Limitations in plug-and-play solutions for complex business requirements
  • Requires customized configurations for enterprise-grade implementations

The Aftership Dashboard: A Control Tower for Exception Handling

Aftership goes beyond being a mere tracking information portal; it acts as a control tower for businesses to handle exceptions proactively. Aftership's dashboard provides businesses with granular control over exception management, empowering them to resolve issues swiftly. By filtering exceptions based on criteria such as incorrect addresses or lost packages, businesses can prioritize and address problems efficiently. Aftership encourages businesses to take a proactive approach to exception handling rather than waiting for customer complaints to arise. By leveraging the power of the control tower, businesses can enhance operations and ensure a seamless post-purchase experience for their customers.


  • Offers a comprehensive dashboard for exception management
  • Provides granular control and filtering options for efficient problem resolution
  • Encourages proactive exception handling to prevent customer complaints


  • Challenges in managing exceptions at scale
  • Requires continuous monitoring and intervention for effective exception handling


Aftership has proven to be a game-changer in the shipping industry, offering innovative solutions to enhance the post-purchase experience. The release of the Postman add-on further demonstrates Aftership's commitment to simplifying shipping label generation. By integrating with multiple carriers and providing comprehensive visibility into supply chain management, Aftership equips businesses with the tools they need to succeed. The impact of Aftership's services on customer satisfaction is undeniable, as it fosters trust, improves retention rates, and creates exceptional post-purchase experiences. With its seamless integrations and ability to handle exceptions proactively, Aftership truly stands out as a leader in revolutionizing the shipping world.

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