Automate Store Translation for International Dropshipping Success

Automate Store Translation for International Dropshipping Success

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Potential of Targeting Different Countries in dropshipping
  3. The Importance of Translating Your Shopify Store Content
  4. Simplifying Store Translation with AI
  5. Step by Step Guide to Setting Up Transy App
    1. Installing the Transy App on Your Store
    2. Managing Target Languages
    3. Translating Content with Basic Language
    4. Translating Currency Settings
    5. Customizing the Language and Currency Switcher
    6. Auto Translating Third-Party Apps
  6. How Transy Makes International dropshipping Easier
  7. A Demo of Transy Store Translation
  8. Taking Advantage of Pre-Built Dropshipping Stores
  9. Conclusion

Automating Shopify Store Translation with Transy for Faster International Success


The world of dropshipping is highly competitive, with most entrepreneurs targeting the lucrative US market. However, there is a massive opportunity to tap into other countries and their potential consumer base. By taking a successful product from the US and bringing it to another country, you can achieve significant growth and profitability. One crucial aspect of this approach is translating your Shopify store content accurately and efficiently for the target audience. In this article, we will explore how using an AI-powered app called Transy can automate store translation, making it easy to cater to international customers.

The Potential of Targeting Different Countries in Dropshipping

While many dropshippers focus solely on the US, there is immense potential in expanding to other countries. By bringing a proven product to a new market, you can benefit from lower competition and a fresh customer base. To succeed in international dropshipping, it is vital to adapt your Shopify store to cater to the target country's language and culture. Without proper translation and localization, potential customers may not trust your store enough to make a purchase. That's where Transy can make a significant difference.

The Importance of Translating Your Shopify Store Content

Language is a powerful tool for building trust and connecting with customers. If your store content is not localized, potential customers may struggle to understand your products, services, and policies. It becomes essential to communicate effectively and resonate with your target audience. By speaking their language, you can break down barriers and establish trust. Transy is an app designed to automate the translation process, ensuring that your store content is accurately translated into the target language.

Simplifying Store Translation with AI

Transy utilizes AI technology to automate the translation process for your Shopify store. There are currently 7,100 languages in the world, making manual translation a daunting task. With Transy, you won't have to manually create 7,100 different Shopify stores, as it can automatically translate your content into multiple languages. The app offers both basic and advanced language options, allowing you to choose the level of customization you require. Basic language translation has proven to be accurate and effective, making it an excellent choice for most dropshippers.

Step by Step Guide to Setting Up Transy App

To begin using Transy, follow these simple steps to set up the app on your Shopify store.

  1. Installing the Transy App on Your Store: Start by installing the Transy app from the Shopify App Store and connect it to your Shopify account. Once installed, you can access the app's features from your Shopify dashboard.
  2. Managing Target Languages: Within the Transy app, navigate to the "Manage Language" section. Here, you can add and publish target languages that you want to make available on your storefront. Transy offers translation options for 110 languages.
  3. Translating Content with Basic Language: Choose the "Basic Language" option in Transy, as it automatically translates your store content accurately. This feature saves you time and ensures a high level of translation quality. To begin, select the target languages you added and publish them on your store.
  4. Translating Currency Settings: Transy also automatically translates the currency of your store into the primary currency of the target country. This feature is crucial in providing a seamless shopping experience for international customers. Adjust the currency settings within Shopify to match the formatting preferences of the target country.
  5. Customizing the Language and Currency Switcher: The language and currency switcher is a vital tool for international customers to select their preferred language and currency. Customize its display mode, switch currency options, and the design of the switcher to make it unobtrusive and user-friendly.
  6. Auto Translating Third-Party Apps: To ensure a consistent and fully localized experience, enable Transy to automatically translate third-party apps you may have installed on your Shopify store. This feature guarantees that all aspects of your store, including pop-ups and upsells, are accurately translated.

By following these steps, you can set up Transy on your Shopify store and automate the translation process for international customers.

How Transy Makes International Dropshipping Easier

Transy greatly simplifies the process of expanding your dropshipping business to different countries. With its AI-powered translation capabilities, you can automatically translate your store content into multiple languages without the need for manual translation. This automation saves you time and ensures accurate translations, building trust with potential customers. With Transy, your Shopify store becomes more accessible and appealing to an international audience.

A Demo of Transy Store Translation

To illustrate the effectiveness of Transy, let's take a look at a demo of store translation. Suppose you have a store targeting the US market, and you want to expand to Germany. Transy will automatically translate your store's content into German, including product descriptions, policies, and other important information. This seamless translation creates a user experience that feels native to German customers, increasing their trust and likelihood to make a purchase.

Taking Advantage of Pre-Built Dropshipping Stores

If you're new to dropshipping or facing challenges in building and designing your store, there's a solution for you. Our team offers free pre-built and custom-designed Shopify dropshipping stores with 20 ready-to-sell products. These pre-built stores can be tailored to your niche and ready within 24 hours. By providing these free stores, we aim to help more people succeed in dropshipping, creating a win-win situation for entrepreneurs and our channel's growth.


Expanding your dropshipping business to international markets presents significant opportunities for growth and profitability. Language and currency barriers, however, can hinder success in these new markets. By leveraging Transy's AI-powered app, you can automate the translation process, making your Shopify store accessible and appealing to international audiences. With Transy, you can easily cater to the language and currency preferences of your target countries, ensuring a seamless shopping experience for potential customers. Don't limit yourself to the US market – tap into the potential of international dropshipping and watch your business thrive.


  • Expanding dropshipping business to new countries for increased growth and profitability
  • Importance of translating Shopify store content accurately for target audience
  • Simplifying store translation with AI-powered app, Transy
  • Step-by-step guide to setting up Transy app for automated translation
  • Customizing language and currency switcher for a user-friendly experience
  • Demonstrating Transy's effectiveness through store translation demo
  • Capitalizing on pre-built dropshipping stores for easy store setup
  • Conclusion: Unlocking the potential of international dropshipping with Transy

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