Read More, Learn More: Unlock the Secrets to ‘Reading’ 1000 Books a Year

Read More, Learn More: Unlock the Secrets to ‘Reading’ 1000 Books a Year

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Step 1: Fill the Funnel
  3. Step 2: Make it Effortless
  4. Step 3: The Blog Post Mindset
  5. Step 4: Go Deep
  6. Conclusion
  7. Highlights
  8. Frequently Asked Questions

How to Read More Books: A Four-Step Method


Reading has always been seen as a prestigious and intellectually stimulating activity. However, the notion that finishing a book is the only way to truly experience it is flawed and outdated. In this article, we will explore a new approach to reading that allows you to consume a large number of books without feeling pressured to finish each one. By adopting a four-step method, you can read more books, satisfy your intellectual curiosity, and gain valuable insights. So, let's dive in and discover how to read more books effectively.

Step 1: Fill the Funnel

To read more books, it's important to have a constant stream of books flowing into your reading list. Book summaries are an excellent resource for this purpose. Websites like Short Form offer concise summaries of popular non-fiction books, making it easy to quickly gather the main insights. By reading summaries, you can decide which books are worth exploring further and which ones may not be a good fit for your interests. Additionally, platforms like Goodreads, Twitter, and podcasts can provide valuable book recommendations based on your preferences and the opinions of others. By actively seeking out book recommendations, you can ensure that your reading funnel is always filled with potential options.

Step 2: Make it Effortless

Reading should be integrated into your daily routine in a way that feels effortless. Audiobooks are a game-changer in this regard. Apps like Audible allow you to listen to books while driving, walking, or doing other activities. This way, you can make the most of your time and read more books without compromising your productivity. Additionally, using the Short Form app or browsing through Twitter can help you discover book recommendations without any extra effort. For those who prefer physical copies, Kindle provides a convenient way to read in various environments. By making reading as seamless and easy as possible, you increase your chances of consuming more books.

Step 3: The Blog Post Mindset

The traditional mindset of powering through every book to the very end is flawed. Instead, adopt the blog post mindset. Treat books like you would treat blog posts, allowing yourself to stop reading if the content isn't engaging or beneficial. It's crucial to read for your own intellectual curiosity and personal growth rather than trying to impress others or adhere to societal expectations. Skip sections or skim through the book if you find repetitive or unnecessary information. The goal is to gain the main insights and ideas that are valuable to you. Summaries, whether in the form of book summaries on Short Form or blog posts, can provide just as much value as reading the entire book. Remember, reading is about satisfying your own curiosity, not reaching some arbitrary goal.

Step 4: Go Deep

As you go through the previous steps, you will come across books that deeply resonate with you. When you find a book that captivates your interest, take the time to go deep and explore it further. Note-taking is an excellent way to internalize and retain information from these books. Whether you prefer jotting down bullet points, creating a comprehensive summary, or engaging with interactive exercises, make sure to capture the key ideas and insights. Additionally, consider turning your favorite books into video content or discussions to share your knowledge and recommendations with others. By going deep on the books that truly resonate with you, you enhance your understanding and create opportunities for meaningful discussions.


Reading more books doesn't have to be a daunting task. By following the four-step method outlined in this article, you can read more books that align with your interests and satisfy your intellectual curiosity. Remember to fill your reading funnel with a variety of book recommendations, make reading effortless through audiobooks or convenient apps, adopt the blog post mindset to read selectively, and go deep on the books that resonate with you. Embrace the joy of reading and explore the world of knowledge that awaits you.


  • The traditional notion of finishing a book to experience it fully is flawed.
  • Book summaries and recommendations provide a constant flow of potential books to read.
  • Audiobooks and convenient apps like Audible and Kindle make reading effortless.
  • Treat books like blog posts and feel free to skip sections or skim for the main ideas.
  • Note-taking and exploring favorite books in-depth enhance understanding and knowledge sharing.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I find book recommendations?

    • Goodreads, Twitter, and podcasts are great resources for finding book recommendations based on your interests and the opinions of others.
  2. Should I feel guilty if I don't finish a book?

    • No, there is no need to feel guilty. Treat books like blog posts and prioritize your own intellectual curiosity and enjoyment.
  3. How can I retain information from the books I read?

    • Taking notes, whether in bullet point form or comprehensive summaries, is an effective way to retain information. Engaging with exercises or turning insights into video content can also enhance understanding.
  4. How can I make reading a part of my daily routine?

    • Incorporate audiobooks into activities like driving, walking, or exercising. Use convenient apps like Audible and Kindle to have books readily available in various environments.
  5. Is it necessary to read every word of a book?

    • No, it is not necessary to read every word. Skim and skip sections as needed to focus on the main ideas and insights that are relevant to you.

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