Prepare for a Pre-order Drop: A Clothing Brand Owner's Journey

Prepare for a Pre-order Drop: A Clothing Brand Owner's Journey

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Preparing for a Pre-order Drop
    • 2.1. Creating the Products Online
    • 2.2. Taking Flats and Product Photos
    • 2.3. Setting Up the Website
    • 2.4. Changing Product Locations on the Website
    • 2.5. Setting Up Shopify and Shipping Areas
    • 2.6. Promoting the Drop on Social Media
  3. Transition from Local to Overseas Production
  4. Waiting for Samples
  5. Post-Production and Editing
  6. Organizing Promotional Giveaways
  7. Planning Outfit Combinations
  8. Back-End Website Setup
  9. Conclusion

How to Prepare for a Pre-order Drop

In this article, we will delve into the process of preparing for a pre-order drop for a clothing brand. We will follow the journey of Drew, a clothing brand owner, as he navigates the various tasks involved in setting up a successful drop. From creating the products online to promoting the release on social media, we will explore each step in detail. So, if you're a brand owner, entrepreneur, or simply curious about the behind-the-scenes of a pre-order drop, keep reading!

1. Introduction

Drew, a clothing brand owner, sets out to prepare for a pre-order drop. He hasn't released new products since September, and his growing Instagram presence has prompted him to step outside the constraints of pre-made numbers and explore his full potential. As we follow Drew throughout the week, we will witness the intricacies and meticulousness required in preparing for a successful drop.

2. Preparing for a Pre-order Drop

2.1 Creating the Products Online

The first step Drew takes is to create the products online, ensuring a seamless browsing and purchasing experience for his customers. By carefully curating the selection and organizing the inventory, he aims to provide an appealing assortment that captivates his target audience.

2.2 Taking Flats and Product Photos

To showcase the products effectively, Drew arranges flat lays and product photos. This includes capturing shots of the hoodies from different angles, both on a flat surface and on models. The images will be crucial in enticing potential customers and giving them a clear idea of how the products look.

2.3 Setting Up the Website

A crucial aspect of a successful drop is having a well-designed and user-friendly website. Drew ensures that his website is visually appealing, easy to navigate, and provides all the necessary information about the upcoming drop. He pays attention to details such as product descriptions, sizing options, and pricing.

2.4 Changing Product Locations on the Website

To create a sense of excitement and exclusivity, Drew decides to change the location of the products on the website. By doing so, he can generate curiosity and encourage visitors to explore the website thoroughly, increasing the likelihood of conversions.

2.5 Setting Up Shopify and Shipping Areas

As an integral part of the brand's logistics, Drew sets up Shopify and defines the shipping areas for the pre-order drop. This ensures that the website is integrated with a reliable e-commerce platform and that customers from various locations can easily place their orders.

2.6 Promoting the Drop on Social Media

Drew understands the importance of a strong social media presence in driving traffic and sales. Throughout the week, he plans to promote the drop on platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. By utilizing various social media channels, he maximizes his reach and engages with potential customers from different demographics.

3. Transition from Local to Overseas Production

Throughout the video, Drew mentions that he has transitioned from local to overseas production. He explains that his decision was driven by a desire for creative freedom and an absence of restrictions. While the transition allows him to explore his creativity, it also comes with the challenge of perfecting the production process and ensuring that the final products align with his vision.

4. Waiting for Samples

A critical aspect of any pre-order drop is the arrival of sample products. Drew eagerly awaits the arrival of his final samples, as they will determine whether the drop can proceed as planned. The samples are shipped through DHL, a common carrier used for international deliveries. Once the samples arrive and are inspected, they will serve as the basis for promotion and production.

5. Post-Production and Editing

To enhance the visual appeal of the products, Drew engages in post-production and editing. Using software like Photoshop, he cleans up the product images, ensuring they look visually striking and professional. This attention to detail enables him to present the products in the best possible light and captures the interest of potential customers.

6. Organizing Promotional Giveaways

To build excitement and incentivize engagement, Drew organizes a promotional giveaway. By posting on social media platforms and inviting users to like and share the post, he increases brand visibility and encourages potential customers to participate. This strategy not only generates buzz but also creates a sense of community around the brand.

7. Planning Outfit Combinations

As a brand owner, Drew understands the importance of presenting his products in a fashionable and appealing way. He considers different outfit combinations that can complement the hoodies, taking into account color coordination and personal style preferences. By showcasing the versatility of the hoodies, Drew appeals to a wider range of potential customers.

8. Back-End Website Setup

In the final stages of preparation, Drew focuses on the back-end setup of his website. This involves adding detailed product descriptions, setting up the search engine listing, and creating size charts. By ensuring that all the necessary information is readily available, he enhances the user experience and reduces the likelihood of customer inquiries or confusion.

9. Conclusion

Preparing for a pre-order drop requires careful planning, attention to detail, and effective promotion. Through a week in the life of a clothing brand owner, we have explored the steps involved in setting up a successful drop. From creating products online and capturing appealing product photos to promoting the drop on social media platforms, these tasks are vital for driving engagement, sales, and brand recognition. By following the journey of Drew, we gain valuable insights into the inner workings of a pre-order drop and the dedication required to run a successful clothing brand.


  • Drew, a clothing brand owner, is preparing for a pre-order drop after a long hiatus from releasing new products.
  • Steps involved in preparing for a pre-order drop include creating products online, taking appealing product photos, and setting up the website.
  • Drew transitions from local to overseas production to achieve creative freedom and remove restrictions.
  • The arrival of sample products determines whether the pre-order drop can proceed as planned.
  • Post-production and editing play a crucial role in enhancing the visual appeal of the products.
  • Promotional giveaways and thoughtful outfit combinations help generate excitement and appeal to a wider audience.
  • Attention to back-end website setup, including detailed product descriptions and size charts, enhances the user experience.


Q: How long has it been since Drew's last drop? A: Drew hasn't released any new products since September.

Q: Why did Drew transition to overseas production? A: Drew wanted to explore creative freedom without restrictions, and overseas production allows for more creative control.

Q: How does Drew promote his pre-order drop? A: Drew utilizes various social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok to promote his drop.

Q: When will the pre-order drop be available? A: The pre-order drop will be available from March 24th to April 1st at 12 p.m.

Q: How does Drew enhance the visual appeal of his products? A: Drew engages in post-production and editing, using software like Photoshop, to ensure the product images look visually striking.

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