Overcoming AliExpress Dropshipping Challenges

Overcoming AliExpress Dropshipping Challenges

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Challenges of Using AliExpress for Drop Shipping
    1. Longer Shipping Times
    2. Higher Chance of Scams
  3. How to Overcome the Challenges
    1. Selecting "Ships From" United States on AliExpress
    2. The Risks of Trusting Strangers in China
  4. Tips for Handling Orders During Testing Phase
  5. Why You Should Use an Agent for Fast Shipping
    1. Quality Control
    2. 8 to 12 Day Shipping Times
  6. How to Find an Agent
  7. Conclusion

Overcoming the Challenges of Using AliExpress for Drop Shipping

Okay, so it's no secret that using AliExpress for your drop shipping business can be a pain, unless you're a beginner and didn't know the information. Well, it can be a pain. Not only does using AliExpress mean longer shipping times (we're talking about up to one month for customers to receive their products), but there is also a higher chance of getting scammed. But fret not, because I'm here to show you how you can not only get fast shipping but also deliver better quality products to make your customers happy.

The Challenges of Using AliExpress for Drop Shipping

Longer Shipping Times

When you fulfill your orders using AliExpress, your customers will have to wait for weeks, and sometimes even up to one month, to receive their orders. This is definitely not ideal if you want to compete with the likes of Amazon, where customers are accustomed to receiving their packages within a couple of days. Besides, waiting for an extended period can result in a dissatisfied customer, bad reviews, and potential account termination on platforms like Shopify.

Higher Chance of Scams

One of the biggest risks of using AliExpress is the fact that you are trusting complete strangers in China with your money and expecting them to send products to your customers. Unfortunately, this trust can be easily misplaced, and many drop shippers have fallen victim to scams. Personally, I lost over $20,000 when one of my big winners turned out to be a scam. The supplier provided tracking numbers, but not a single customer received their order. This resulted in a massive financial loss and a lot of refunds I had to process.

How to Overcome the Challenges

Selecting "Ships From" United States on AliExpress

To mitigate the issue of longer shipping times, you can try selecting "Ships From" United States on AliExpress. By doing so, you can potentially get faster shipping. However, it is important to note that most USA suppliers on AliExpress still take weeks, on average, to process and ship orders. Additionally, selecting this option often leads to higher product costs, eating into your profit margins.

The Risks of Trusting Strangers in China

Trusting strangers in China to fulfill your orders comes with great risks. As I mentioned earlier, I personally lost over $20,000 due to suppliers who didn't send the products to my customers, even after providing tracking numbers. This is why it is crucial to be cautious and avoid placing too much trust in AliExpress suppliers. While there are certainly reputable sellers on the platform, the risk of getting scammed should not be overlooked.

Tips for Handling Orders During the Testing Phase

When you are still testing products and haven't found a winning one yet, it is important to handle your orders strategically. Instead of fulfilling those few orders you receive during the testing phase, it might be wise to refund those customers. The reason behind this is that if you ship those orders from AliExpress, your customers will have to wait for months to receive their products. This can lead to a negative customer experience, which can have severe consequences on your drop shipping business, including account termination by platforms like Shopify. It's better to avoid this risk and focus on testing other products instead.

Why You Should Use an Agent for Fast Shipping

If you want to ensure fast shipping and better quality control, using an agent can be highly beneficial. An agent takes care of sourcing products for you and manages shipping. This not only eliminates the hassle of dealing with AliExpress directly but also allows you to provide a better customer experience. Here are the advantages of using an agent:

Quality Control

Agents ensure that the products they source for you are of good quality and in working condition. This mitigates the risk of receiving broken or faulty items, which can result in customer dissatisfaction and refund requests. By maintaining quality control, agents help you build a reliable brand image and retain customers.

8 to 12 Day Shipping Times

With an agent, you can enjoy significantly faster shipping times compared to AliExpress. While it may not be as fast as Amazon's two-day shipping, getting products delivered within 8 to 12 days is a vast improvement over waiting for a month. This allows you to set realistic expectations for your customers and manage their experience effectively.

How to Find an Agent

Finding an agent is relatively easy. You can start by filling out a form provided by an agent service. In the form, you will be asked to provide your name, email, phone number, WhatsApp number, and the number of orders you do per day. It's worth noting that some agents require a minimum of five orders per day, while others might have higher thresholds. Once you provide the necessary information, an agent will review your submission and get back to you with further instructions and pricing details.


Using AliExpress for drop shipping can be challenging due to longer shipping times and a higher risk of scams. However, by implementing certain strategies, you can overcome these challenges and provide a better experience for your customers. Consider selecting "Ships From" United States on AliExpress to potentially reduce shipping times and be cautious when trusting AliExpress suppliers. Additionally, using an agent can ensure fast shipping and better quality control. Take advantage of the benefits an agent can offer and test out their services for improved drop shipping operations. Remember, staying informed and adapting your approach can lead to a successful drop shipping business.

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