My Experience with a Pre-Built Shopify Store

My Experience with a Pre-Built Shopify Store

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Promise of Pre-built Shopify Stores
  3. The Process of Buying a Pre-built Store
  4. Evaluating the Pre-built Store
  5. The Importance of Product Selection
  6. Using TikTok for Organic Traffic
  7. The Results and Lessons Learned
  8. Pros and Cons of Pre-built Shopify Stores
  9. Conclusion
  10. FAQs

Pros and Cons of Pre-built Shopify Stores

There is no shortage of ads promoting pre-built Shopify stores, claiming that they are instantly ready to make money. This has sparked curiosity among many aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking for a quick and easy way to start their online business. But are pre-built Shopify stores really worth the money? In this article, we will delve into the world of pre-built Shopify stores, exploring their pros and cons and determining whether they are a viable option for budding online entrepreneurs.


In the world of e-commerce, Shopify has become a leading platform for individuals to start their own online stores. It offers a range of features and functionalities that make it attractive for beginners and experienced entrepreneurs alike. However, building a successful Shopify store from scratch requires time, effort, and a certain level of expertise. This is where pre-built Shopify stores come into play.

The Promise of Pre-built Shopify Stores

The promise of pre-built Shopify stores is enticing. For a small investment, usually around $17, you can get a ready-made store that is designed, built, and equipped with winning products, reliable suppliers, a logo, and even 24/7 customer support. The idea is that with a pre-built store, you can skip the time-consuming and sometimes confusing process of setting up a store and jump straight into making sales.

The Process of Buying a Pre-built Store

To truly understand the pros and cons of pre-built Shopify stores, we decided to buy one ourselves and document the entire process. After browsing through various websites and YouTube videos, we came across an ad for a website called Brandify. They claimed to offer a pre-built Shopify store that would be completely designed and built within 48 hours. Intrigued, we made the purchase and eagerly waited for the store to be ready.

Evaluating the Pre-built Store

After receiving the notification email that our pre-built store was finished, we dove straight into evaluating what we got. The website, named "Sip and Blend," focused on juicing and offered a portable blender as its flagship product. Upon closer inspection, we found that the store was well-designed, professional-looking, and even better than what we could have personally created. This was a positive aspect of the pre-built store - the design was already taken care of, which can be a major hurdle for beginners.

The Importance of Product Selection

However, the success of a pre-built store ultimately boils down to the product selection. In our case, the portable blender was priced at $50, which we felt was slightly high. In addition to the blender, Brandify had added two upsell products: reusable ice cubes. These upsell products are meant to boost sales by convincing customers to spend more money. While the product selection was not perfect, it did provide a starting point for making sales.

Using TikTok for Organic Traffic

Instead of running ads, we decided to drive traffic to our pre-built store using TikTok. We created a new account and posted six videos showcasing the portable blender and its benefits. By leveraging the power of organic traffic on TikTok, we were able to gain over 1,000 followers and accumulate 38,000 views in just three days. Furthermore, we managed to make three sales, totaling $150.

The Results and Lessons Learned

The results of our experiment showed promise for pre-built Shopify stores. While it took some time to see sales and views, the investment of $17 in a pre-built store proved to be a relatively low-risk option for beginners. The key to making a pre-built store successful lies in having a viral-worthy product with high demand. While our results were not groundbreaking, they demonstrated the potential of pre-built stores with the right product and marketing strategy.

Pros and Cons of Pre-built Shopify Stores

Before deciding whether to invest in a pre-built Shopify store, it is important to weigh the pros and cons.


  • Ready-made store that is instantly set up and ready to make money
  • Professional design and layout
  • Saves time and effort compared to building a store from scratch
  • Low investment cost


  • Limited customization options
  • Reliance on the product selection provided with the pre-built store
  • Possibility of choosing a saturated or low-demand product
  • Potential lack of understanding of the store's backend and functionality


In conclusion, pre-built Shopify stores offer a convenient and low-risk option for beginners looking to start their online business. While they may not guarantee overnight success, they can provide a solid starting point and save entrepreneurs valuable time and effort. However, it is crucial to thoroughly evaluate the product selection and take steps to market the store effectively. With proper research and a robust marketing strategy, pre-built Shopify stores can be a worthwhile investment for aspiring entrepreneurs.


Q: Do pre-built Shopify stores guarantee success? A: No, success with a pre-built store depends on various factors, including product selection, marketing strategy, and market demand.

Q: Can I customize a pre-built Shopify store? A: While pre-built stores offer limited customization options, you can make certain changes to suit your preferences and branding.

Q: Are pre-built Shopify stores suitable for beginners? A: Yes, pre-built stores can be a good option for beginners as they eliminate the need for technical skills and save time on store setup.

Q: What should I consider when selecting a pre-built Shopify store? A: It is crucial to evaluate the product selection, design quality, and customer support offered by the pre-built store provider.

Q: Can I change the product in a pre-built store? A: Yes, you can replace the product provided with the pre-built store, but it is recommended to choose a product with similar market demand and alignment with the existing store design.

Q: Are there any risks involved in buying a pre-built Shopify store? A: While the investment cost is generally low, there is a risk of choosing a saturated or low-demand product, as well as a lack of understanding of the store's backend functionality. Thorough research and market analysis are essential to mitigate these risks.

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