Maximize Your Currency Exchanges with the Currency Converter Tool

Maximize Your Currency Exchanges with the Currency Converter Tool

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Overview of the Currency Converter Tool
  3. Exploring the Tool Base
  4. Understanding the Currency Converter 4.1 Choosing Two Currencies 4.2 Best Exchange Rates 4.3 Conversions with Unexpected Combinations
  5. Turning Gold into Astral Diamonds 5.1 Buying Basic Profession Resources 5.2 Refining Points per AD 5.3 Gilt Marks to Astral Diamonds
  6. Limitations of the Currency Converter Tool 6.1 Tracking Prices for International Dragon Server Only 6.2 Unlocking Auction House Data through Uncensored Gold Program
  7. Conclusion

An In-depth Look at the Currency Converter Tool


In the world of Neverwinter, currency plays a vital role in the gameplay. As a dedicated player, you always strive to get the most out of your resources. That's where the Currency Converter Tool comes into play. In this article, we will explore the various features and capabilities of this tool, as well as provide some insights on how to maximize your in-game wealth.

Overview of the Currency Converter Tool:

The Currency Converter Tool is a valuable asset for Neverwinter gamers. It is part of a collection of tools developed by the team at Neverwinter Uncensored. This tool base offers a wide range of utilities designed to enhance your gaming experience. Among these tools, the Currency Converter stands out as a convenient and efficient way to optimize your currency exchanges.

Exploring the Tool Base:

Before diving into the specifics of the Currency Converter, it's worth taking a moment to familiarize yourself with the Tool Base. Located on the Neverwinter Uncensored website, the Tool Base is a hub for various game-related tools. From the main menu, you can access the Tool Base and discover a plethora of useful features. While the Currency Converter is the focus of this article, it's worth exploring the other tools available as well.

Understanding the Currency Converter:

The Currency Converter Tool is a straightforward and user-friendly tool that offers remarkable utility for Neverwinter gamers. Its main purpose is to assist players in making optimal currency exchanges. With just a few simple steps, you can choose two currencies and receive information on the best exchange rates available.

Choosing Two Currencies:

To use the Currency Converter, you first need to select the two currencies you wish to convert. By default, the tool suggests copper per Astral Diamonds (AD), which represents buying items on the auction house and converting them into gold. However, the tool allows for other conversions as well, opening up possibilities for unexpected combinations.

Best Exchange Rates:

Once you have selected your desired currencies, the Currency Converter Tool displays the best exchange rates available. For example, if you have an abundance of gold and want to convert it into Astral Diamonds, the tool suggests purchasing basic profession resources for gold and selling them on the auction house. This method may not make you rich overnight, but it offers a reliable way to increase your AD reserves.

Conversions with Unexpected Combinations:

The Currency Converter Tool also encourages players to explore unexpected combinations. For instance, if you find yourself with an overflow of trade bars and guild marks, you can buy enchantments and runestones rank seven and donate them to your coffers. While this may not be the most efficient use of guild marks or trade bars, it highlights the possibilities that arise when experimenting with different currency exchanges.

Turning Gold into Astral Diamonds:

One of the most common desires for Neverwinter players is to turn their gold into Astral Diamonds. This section will delve into some recommended methods for achieving this conversion.

Buying Basic Profession Resources:

A simple yet effective approach to converting gold into Astral Diamonds is by purchasing basic profession resources from the auction house and then selling them for AD. While this may not yield substantial profits, it offers a consistent method to increase your AD reserves over time. For example, using coal can net you around 600 AD per gold spent.

Refining Points per AD:

Another useful conversion strategy is to maximize your refining points per Astral Diamonds. The Currency Converter Tool provides a list of the best items to buy on the auction house for maximum refining point gains. Perusing this list will allow you to make informed decisions about which items to purchase to optimize your refining points.

Gilt Marks to Astral Diamonds:

With the introduction of the Masterwork update (Module 13), players require a significant amount of gilt marks to upgrade their professions. While these marks can be obtained through stronghold quests, some players prefer to expedite their progression. The Currency Converter Tool provides a crucial list that outlines the most beneficial options for converting gilt marks to Astral Diamonds. This valuable information enables players to make strategic decisions in their pursuit of progression.

Limitations of the Currency Converter Tool:

While the Currency Converter Tool offers immense value to Neverwinter players, it has its limitations. It's essential to be aware of these limitations to make the most informed decisions when using the tool.

Tracking Prices for International Dragon Server Only:

One limitation of the Currency Converter Tool is that it currently tracks prices only for the International Dragon server. If you are playing on a console or the Russian server, you may not have access to the full capabilities of the tool. However, the developers are continuously working to expand the tool's compatibility.

Unlocking Auction House Data through Uncensored Gold Program:

To access all the features of the Currency Converter Tool, you must register at the Neverwinter Uncensored message board and unlock the auction house data. This can be achieved through the Uncensored Gold Program, a unique crowdsource system. By providing some data yourself, you gain access to a wealth of information to aid your currency exchanges. The program offers a fair model, requiring only minimal contribution to unlock a wide range of valuable insights.


In conclusion, the Currency Converter Tool is an invaluable asset for Neverwinter players looking to optimize their currency exchanges. Whether you want to turn your gold into Astral Diamonds or explore unexpected combinations, this tool provides a user-friendly interface and valuable information. Despite its limitations, the Currency Converter Tool remains an essential tool in every avid Neverwinter player's arsenal. Unlock its full potential and watch your in-game wealth grow. Happy gaming!


  1. The Currency Converter Tool offers optimal currency exchange rates for Neverwinter players.
  2. Explore unexpected combinations to maximize your currency exchanges.
  3. Learn how to turn your gold into Astral Diamonds using recommended strategies.
  4. Be aware of the limitations of the Currency Converter Tool.
  5. Unlock the full potential of the tool through the Uncensored Gold Program.
  6. Increase your in-game wealth and enhance your gaming experience.


Q: Can I use the Currency Converter Tool if I play on a console? A: Currently, the tool only tracks prices for the International Dragon server. Console players may not have access to the tool's full capabilities.

Q: How can I unlock the auction house data through the Uncensored Gold Program? A: To unlock the auction house data, you need to register at the Neverwinter Uncensored message board and contribute some data. Follow the instructions provided to gain access to a wide range of valuable insights.

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