Mastering Order Fulfillment: A Complete Guide

Mastering Order Fulfillment: A Complete Guide

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Importing Products to Your Store
  3. Reviewing Order Information
  4. Fulfillment Methods
    1. Manual Fulfillment
    2. Auto Fulfillment
    3. Daily Fulfillment
  5. Using Express Shipping
  6. Editing Customer Information
  7. Tracking Orders
  8. Daily Order Fulfillment
  9. Branding Options
  10. Customizing Your Branding


In this article, we will explore how the orders page works and how you can effectively manage and fulfill orders for your online store. We will cover various methods of order fulfillment, including manual fulfillment, auto fulfillment, and daily fulfillment. Additionally, we will discuss how to review order information, edit customer details, track orders, and add custom branding to your products.

Importing Products to Your Store

Once you have imported a product to your store and it is visible in the "My Products" section, it means that the product is successfully linked to Xendrop. This ensures that every order you receive for that specific product will be shown on the orders page.

Reviewing Order Information

On the orders page, you can review all the necessary information related to an order before fulfilling it. This includes payment status, customer details, and shipping preferences. By expanding an order, you can get a comprehensive view of all the information associated with it.

Fulfillment Methods

Manual Fulfillment

To manually fulfill an order, you can simply click on the "Fulfill Order" button. This will allow you to review the order information and make any necessary changes before sending it to the supplier.

Auto Fulfillment

By enabling the auto fulfillment feature, all incoming orders will be automatically fulfilled. This means that the order will be sent to the supplier without any manual intervention. You can toggle this feature on by selecting "Auto Fulfillment" and save your preferences.

Daily Fulfillment

For larger orders or when dealing with a high volume of orders, daily fulfillment can be a useful option. At 7 PM EST each day, Xendrop will automatically charge your card for all unfilled orders. This ensures that all the pending orders are batch processed and sent to the supplier.

Using Express Shipping

If a customer requests express shipping, you can easily accommodate their preference by selecting the appropriate shipping method. Simply click on the express shipping option and save your changes. This will ensure that the order is fulfilled with the desired shipping method.

Editing Customer Information

On the orders page, you have the flexibility to edit customer information. Whether you need to update the shipping address or add a phone number, you can easily make these changes in the customer details section.

Tracking Orders

Once an order has been sent to the supplier, they will ship the product to your customer. As soon as the order is shipped, the supplier will provide a tracking number to Xendrop. This tracking number will automatically be updated on your store, allowing you and your customers to track the shipment.

Daily Order Fulfillment

Daily fulfillment simplifies the order management process by automatically fulfilling all pending orders at the end of each day. This can be beneficial for streamlining bookkeeping and reducing the number of individual payments made to Xendrop.

Branding Options

Xendrop offers branding options that allow you to add your brand identity to each fulfilled order. By toggling on the branding feature, your custom branding will be automatically applied to every order.

Customizing Your Branding

If you wish to further customize your branding, you can do so by accessing the branding section. Here, you can make changes to your branding elements and ensure that every order reflects your unique brand identity.


Q: Can I manually fulfill multiple orders at once?
A: Yes, you can use the "Fill All" option to review and fulfill multiple orders in a pop-up window.

Q: How does daily fulfillment work?
A: Daily fulfillment allows you to batch process and fulfill all pending orders at the end of each day. This helps streamline the order fulfillment process and reduces individual payments.

Q: Can I track the status of the shipment?
A: Yes, once the supplier provides the tracking number, it will be automatically updated on your store. You and your customers can track the shipment using this tracking number.

Q: Can I add my own branding to the orders?
A: Yes, Xendrop offers branding options that allow you to add your brand identity to each fulfilled order automatically. You can also customize your branding further in the branding section.

Q: What happens if a customer requests express shipping?
A: You can easily accommodate express shipping requests by selecting the appropriate shipping method for the order. This ensures that the order is fulfilled with the desired shipping preference.

Q: How do I edit customer information for an order?
A: On the orders page, you can access the customer details section and make any necessary changes, such as updating the shipping address or phone number.

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