Making $1000 in 1 Week: My Affiliate Marketing Journey

Making $1000 in 1 Week: My Affiliate Marketing Journey

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Day 1: Choosing a Niche
  3. Day 1: Creating Theme Pages on TikTok and Pinterest
  4. Day 1: Finding Affiliate Links on and
  5. Day 2: Applying for Affiliate Programs
  6. Day 2: Advertising Strategy
  7. Day 3-7: Posting Videos on TikTok and Pinterest
  8. Week Results: Social Media Account Growth
  9. Week Results: Affiliate Commissions Earned
  10. Conclusion



In this article, I will share my journey of making $1000 in one week through affiliate marketing. I will take you through the process step by step and provide insights into the strategies and platforms I used to achieve this goal. If you're interested in learning how to make money through affiliate marketing, keep reading!

Day 1: Choosing a Niche

The first step of my challenge was to choose a niche to promote. There are numerous profitable niches out there, such as cooking, finance, fitness, and self-development. However, based on my experience, I decided to focus on the business niche, as it tends to generate the highest earnings.

Day 1: Creating Theme Pages on TikTok and Pinterest

To promote my affiliate links, I created theme pages on TikTok and Pinterest. These two social media platforms are known for their potential to grow quickly. I created accounts with the username "waytobillionaire" on both platforms and designed a professional profile picture using Canva.

Day 1: Finding Affiliate Links on and

The next step was to find high-quality affiliate links to promote. I found two reliable websites to search for affiliate programs: and I created an account on and explored various affiliate programs in the business and investing categories. After careful consideration, I found an affiliate link that allows users to get paid for reviewing apps on their phones. Additionally, I signed up for the Coinbase affiliate program, which offers a 10% commission on purchases made through their platform.

Day 2: Applying for Affiliate Programs

On day 2, I applied for the Robinhood and Shopify affiliate programs. The Robinhood affiliate program offers $5 for every user sign-up and an additional $20 for every user who makes a deposit. The Shopify affiliate program provides a generous $150 commission for every user who pays for their first month after the three-month free trial. While it took some time to get approved for these programs, I was determined to join them and reap the benefits.

Day 2: Advertising Strategy

With my affiliate links in hand, I devised an advertising strategy to attract potential customers. I used a website called Linktree to consolidate all my affiliate links into one, making it easier for viewers to access them. Additionally, I leveraged viral videos from TikTok by saving them and either remaking them on Canva or downloading them from without a watermark. These videos became the core content for my promotional efforts.

Day 3-7: Posting Videos on TikTok and Pinterest

During days 3 to 7, I focused on consistently posting two to four videos daily on both TikTok and Pinterest. I searched for popular business and money motivation videos on TikTok and saved the most viral ones. By capitalizing on the platform's tendency to boost initial videos, I aimed to gain traction and reach a thousand followers within 24 hours. While my Pinterest account experienced slower growth, my main source of leads came from TikTok.

Week Results: Social Media Account Growth

After a week, I was pleased with the growth of my social media accounts. My TikTok account exceeded a thousand followers, allowing me to include my link tree in the bio. Some of my videos went viral, attracting substantial traffic to my affiliate links. However, my Pinterest account didn't gain significant traction during this period.

Week Results: Affiliate Commissions Earned

Now, let's dive into the exciting part: the earnings. During the challenge, I had 21 sign-ups for the free Shopify trial and six sign-ups for Robinhood. Unfortunately, I didn't receive any sign-ups for the Coinbase or ClickBank affiliate links. From the Robinhood affiliate program alone, I made $30. If 30 out of the 21 Shopify trial sign-ups convert to paying customers, I could earn approximately $900. These results demonstrate the potential for consistent monthly earnings of around $2000.


In conclusion, my one-week challenge to make $1000 through affiliate marketing was a success. Through selecting a niche, creating theme pages, finding affiliate links, and implementing an effective advertising strategy, I generated substantial social media growth and earned significant commissions. While challenges may arise, with dedication and persistence, affiliate marketing presents a viable opportunity for making money online. If you're interested in exploring this field further, I encourage you to check out my affiliate marketing course for a more detailed strategy to achieve success.

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