[Impulse Theme] Fixing Featured Image Issue on Shopify

[Impulse Theme] Fixing Featured Image Issue on Shopify

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Background
  3. The Issue
  4. The Client's Request
  5. Fixing the Issue
  6. Earning from the Fix
  7. Step-by-Step Guide
  8. Conclusion
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Welcome back to Websites Pro's YouTube channel! In today's video, I'll be showing you how to fix a peculiar issue that some users are facing with the Impulse theme on Shopify. It's not exactly a bug, but rather a feature that needs adjustment. Stick with me as I guide you through the steps to resolve this issue.


Recently, a customer on Fiverr reached out to me with a problem regarding the display of featured images on the product category page. However, instead of showing the collection's featured image, it was pulling the first product's featured image within that collection. This issue was specific to the Impulse theme, which is a paid theme on Shopify.

The Issue

The issue reported by the client was that the product category page was not showing the collection's featured images correctly. Instead, it was displaying a blank featured image for most collections, and for the collections that did have a featured image, it would show the first product's featured image instead.

The Client's Request

The client highlighted their requirement to display the actual collection's featured images rather than the first product's featured image. They were looking for a solution to this problem as it was affecting their store's visual aesthetics and user experience.

Fixing the Issue

To address this issue, I followed a simple configuration change within the Impulse theme's settings. By accessing the Shopify backend and navigating to "Online Store" > "Customize" > "Theme Settings" > "Collection Tiles," I was able to modify the default behavior of the theme. Instead of displaying the first product's image, I enabled the option to display the collection's featured image.

Earning from the Fix

Fixing this issue for the client was a quick task that took around 15 minutes. Upon completing the fix and delivering the solution, I earned a positive rating and a payment of $16. This demonstrates how a minor setting adjustment can lead to valuable freelance opportunities on platforms like Fiverr.

Step-by-Step Guide

For those facing a similar issue, here's a step-by-step guide to resolving it:

  1. Navigate to the Shopify backend.
  2. Click on "Online Store" and select "Customize."
  3. From the customization options, locate and access "Theme Settings."
  4. Look for the "Collection Tiles" setting.
  5. Choose to display the "Collection Image" rather than the "First Product Image."
  6. Save the changes.
  7. Refresh the product category page to see the updated display of featured images.


In conclusion, fixing the issue of incorrect featured images on the product category page of the Impulse theme was a straightforward process. By adjusting a simple setting within the theme's configuration, I was able to ensure that the collection's featured images were correctly displayed. This not only improved the client's store aesthetics but also allowed me to earn a positive rating and payment for my services.

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  • Resolving the issue of incorrect featured images on Shopify's Impulse theme.
  • Adjusting a simple setting within the theme's configuration to display the collection's featured images.
  • Earning $16 and receiving a positive rating from the client for a 15-minute fix.
  • Exploring more videos and opportunities related to freelancing and earning money online.
  • Subscription to the channel ensures access to valuable content for e-commerce growth.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Why are the featured images on the product category page showing the first product's image instead of the collection's image in the Impulse theme? A: This issue occurs due to a default configuration in the Impulse theme. By making a small change in the theme's settings, you can ensure that the collection's featured images are displayed correctly.

Q: How can I fix the issue of incorrect featured images on the Impulse theme? A: Follow the step-by-step guide provided in the article to fix the issue. It involves accessing the Shopify backend, navigating to the theme settings, and enabling the option to display the collection's featured image instead of the first product's image.

Q: Will resolving this issue enhance the visual appeal of my Shopify store? A: Yes, addressing this issue will help improve the aesthetics of your store's product category page. By displaying the actual collection's featured images, you can enhance the visual appeal and provide a better user experience for your customers.

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