Get Inspired by Successful T-Shirt Stores: 4 Amazing Examples!

Get Inspired by Successful T-Shirt Stores: 4 Amazing Examples!

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Shopify Masterclass Sponsor: Profit Calc
  3. Example Store 1: That Shirt Was Cash
    • Product Skus and Variants
    • Reusing Designs on Different Items
    • Bundle Option
    • Description and Reviews
    • Statistics from Similar Web
  4. Example Store 2: The Organic Tee
    • Organic Cotton and Sustainability
    • Australian Made
    • Excellent Shopify Site
    • Good Product Descriptions
  5. Example Store 3:
    • Limited T-Shirt Designs
    • Battle Between Designs
    • Halloween Themed Products
    • Categorization and Variants
    • Statistics from Similar Web
  6. Example Store 4: Shelfies
    • Animal Themed Apparel
    • Organized Product Categories
    • Sizing Chart and Easy Checkout
    • Statistics from Similar Web
  7. Conclusion

T-Shirt Store Examples: Inspiration for Your Own Online Store

In this article, we will explore a few examples of successful t-shirt stores to help you find inspiration for your own online store. We will take a closer look at the products they sell, how they advertise their products on their Shopify store, and the overall layout and features that make them stand out. Whether you're just starting out or looking to revamp your existing t-shirt store, these examples will provide valuable insights and ideas for your business.

Example Store 1: That Shirt Was Cash

That Shirt Was Cash is a t-shirt store that offers a wide variety of mean people shirts, featuring different memes and designs from various creators. With a large selection of detailed designs, they cater to customers who enjoy expressing themselves through humorous and trendy t-shirts. By utilizing the print-on-demand model, the store can offer a vast range of designs without the need for inventory management.

Product Skus and Variants

Like most t-shirt stores, That Shirt Was Cash offers numerous SKUs and variants for their products. This allows them to cover a wide range of designs easily. From funny memes to popular culture references, customers have plenty of options to choose from. Whether they want a design on a t-shirt, sweater, hoodie, pants, or even masks, the store has it all.

Reusing Designs on Different Items

One strategy that works well for That Shirt Was Cash is reusing designs on different items. For example, the famous "cookie wave" design can be found on t-shirts, pants, and even bandanas. This approach allows customers to personalize their style by having their favorite design on various apparel items.

Bundle Option

To increase their average order value, That Shirt Was Cash offers a bundle option. Customers can combine different items, such as a cookie wave t-shirt and pants, and get a discounted price for purchasing them together. This encourages customers to buy multiple products at once, thereby boosting sales.

Description and Reviews

To provide a better understanding of their products, That Shirt Was Cash includes descriptions and background information about the memes on their t-shirts. This adds an extra layer of engagement and storytelling for their customers. Additionally, the store collects reviews, adding social proof and building trust with potential buyers.

Statistics from Similar Web

According to Similar Web, That Shirt Was Cash was founded in 2014 and has an estimated 1-10 employees. Though specific revenue figures are not available, their client base is mainly located in the United States, with a primarily male audience.

Example Store 2: The Organic Tee

The Organic Tee is a t-shirt company that prides itself on offering 100% organic cotton shirts made in Australia. This Australian-owned store focuses on providing high-quality, sustainable t-shirts with unique designs.

Organic Cotton and Sustainability

The Organic Tee sets itself apart by using organic cotton for their t-shirts. This choice not only ensures a comfortable and durable product but also emphasizes their commitment to sustainability. Customers who value eco-friendly products can feel confident in purchasing from The Organic Tee.

Australian Made

Being Australian-owned and producing their shirts in Australia adds value to The Organic Tee's brand. By supporting local manufacturing, they appeal to customers who prioritize ethical considerations and support for local economies.

Excellent Shopify Site

The Organic Tee maintains an excellent Shopify site, with a well-organized layout that showcases their products effectively. The use of black for the "add to cart" buttons adds a touch of sophistication and resonates with fashion and luxury brands. Detailed product descriptions highlight the benefits of their organic cotton t-shirts, helping customers make informed purchase decisions.

Highlight: Explore a range of successful t-shirt stores and gain inspiration for your own online store. Learn from their strategies, such as utilizing print-on-demand, reusing designs on multiple items, and offering bundle options to increase sales.


Q: How can these examples help me with my t-shirt store? A: These examples provide valuable insights and ideas for running a successful t-shirt store, including product variety, advertising tactics, design reuse strategies, and layout organization.

Q: Do these stores ship worldwide? A: While specific shipping details may vary for each store, many online t-shirt stores offer international shipping to reach a broader customer base.

Q: Can I use similar strategies for my own niche clothing store? A: Absolutely! The strategies mentioned in these examples can be adapted and applied to various niche clothing stores, helping you enhance your brand and increase sales.

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