From Struggles to Success: My Inspiring Shopify Journey

From Struggles to Success: My Inspiring Shopify Journey

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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. My Story 2.1. Struggling with Shopify 2.2. Finding Inspiration on YouTube 2.3. Getting Traction and Experiencing Burnout 2.4. Learning from Mistakes and Taking a Break
  3. Discovering a New Path 3.1. Meeting an Inspiring Web Designer 3.2. The Fun of Website Building 3.3. Considering the Risk of Leaving a Stable Job
  4. Starting Inspire Small Business 4.1. The Rocky Journey 4.2. Shopify Recognizes the Value 4.3. Explosive Growth and Overcoming Doubts
  5. The Importance of Perseverance
  6. Conclusion

Article: My Shopify Journey - From Struggles to Success


Welcome to my Shopify journey! In this article, I'll share my personal story of how I went from struggling with Shopify to achieving success. I understand that not everyone may be interested in my story, so I'll also explain how I can help you with your own Shopify journey. But before we dive into the details, let's start from the beginning.

My Story

2.1 Struggling with Shopify

Back in 2014, I made the decision to take my business online and chose Shopify as my platform of choice. However, the first six months were a real struggle. My website looked unappealing, and I didn't make any sales. Additionally, I had limited funds to invest in my business as most of it went into purchasing stock.

2.2 Finding Inspiration on YouTube

To overcome these challenges, I turned to YouTube, where I found five inspiring individuals who shared their knowledge and tips for free. Their videos helped me immensely, and I wanted to pay it forward by creating my own how-to videos to help others who couldn't afford professional assistance.

2.3 Getting Traction and Experiencing Burnout

In 2015, I finally started gaining traction on my website. By 2016, my business, "Cards and Collectibles R Us," had achieved substantial success with over 10,000 online orders. However, the immense workload, coupled with a poor decision driven by greed, led to burnout and a mistake that nearly cost me everything.

2.4 Learning from Mistakes and Taking a Break

After the burnout, I decided to take a break and traveled to Bali in 2017. There, I met a web designer who encouraged me to pursue my passion for website redesign and educating others. This encounter gave me a renewed sense of purpose and the idea to start a business, which I named "Inspire Small Business."

Discovering a New Path

3.1 Meeting an Inspiring Web Designer

Meeting the web designer in Bali opened my eyes to the potential of redesigning websites anywhere. Building Shopify websites had always been a fun and fulfilling process for me, and I felt that sharing my knowledge and helping others could be a rewarding endeavor.

3.2 The Fun of Website Building

For me, building a Shopify website was like playing with adult Lego. The excitement and joy I experienced while learning the intricacies of website design fueled my decision to share my expertise and help others who couldn't afford professional services.

3.3 Considering the Risk of Leaving a Stable Job

Leaving my stable job as a supervisor at Schneider Electric, a well-established company, was a difficult choice. I was earning good money and had used my job to secure my current living situation. However, after months of contemplation, I finally mustered the courage to resign and pursue my dream of inspiring small businesses.

Starting Inspire Small Business

4.1 The Rocky Journey

Starting Inspire Small Business was challenging, with many ups and downs along the way. However, I remained persistent, committed, and focused on providing value. I began offering free Shopify website reviews and received positive feedback from clients.

4.2 Shopify Recognizes the Value

My dedication to helping others did not go unnoticed. Shopify reached out to me, recognizing the value I was providing to the community. They made me an expert and my clients started leaving video reviews, which prompted an exponential growth in my business.

4.3 Explosive Growth and Overcoming Doubts

Soon after Shopify recognized my expertise, my business experienced tremendous growth. From nearly losing my house to making over $10,000 in monthly profit, my journey had completely transformed. This success reminded me of the importance of perseverance and not giving up when faced with challenges.

The Importance of Perseverance

Building a successful business requires perseverance and the determination to push through difficult times. It can be tempting to give up, especially when faced with obstacles or setbacks. However, by giving your all and staying committed, you increase the chances of achieving your goals.


In conclusion, my Shopify journey has been filled with struggles, burnout, mistakes, and ultimately, success. From humble beginnings to running a profitable business, I've learned the value of perseverance, learning from mistakes, and paying it forward by helping others on their Shopify journeys. If you're considering starting or growing a Shopify business, remember to stay committed, learn from others, and never give up.

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