From $0 to $30k a Day: The Journey of a Successful Drop Shipper

From $0 to $30k a Day: The Journey of a Successful Drop Shipper

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Audrey's Journey to Drop Shipping
  3. Finding the Winning Product
  4. Scaling the Business to 30,000 Dollars a Day
  5. The Importance of a Mentor and Community
  6. Selling the Store and the Benefits of Branding
  7. Future Plans and the Importance of Networking
  8. Words of Advice from Audrey
  9. Conclusion


In this article, we will delve into the incredible journey of Audrey, a successful drop shipper who transformed his e-commerce business into a massive success. Audrey managed to scale his business from zero to a staggering thirty thousand dollars a day using Shopify Drop Shipping. We will uncover his secrets to finding a winning product, scaling his business, and ultimately selling it. Audrey's story is a testament to the potential of e-commerce and the power of perseverance and determination.

Audrey's Journey to Drop Shipping

Audrey's journey in the world of drop shipping started about two and a half years ago when he decided to explore alternative ways of making money instead of going to school. Alongside his younger brother, they dabbled in affiliate marketing, survey apps, and other online money-making ventures. It was through a YouTube video on drop servicing that they discovered the concept of drop shipping. Audrey's brother began first, achieving success with his store, which intrigued Audrey to join him. From there, they started building small drop shipping stores and testing different products.

Finding the Winning Product

After testing several products, Audrey stumbled upon a winning product while scrolling through TikTok. Intrigued by its potential, he decided to invest $60 in TikTok ads, which resulted in four sales overnight. With this validation, Audrey knew he had struck gold. He further refined his store design, incorporating unique branding elements, captivating product images, and compelling descriptions. Additionally, he utilized TikTok to source videos that showcased the product's benefits and garnered attention. This winning product became the foundation of Audrey's success.

Scaling the Business to 30,000 Dollars a Day

Once Audrey hit $300 a day in sales, he knew he had a winning formula in his hands. Seeking guidance and knowledge, he partnered with an experienced mentor, Sam Jacobs. With Sam's expertise and strategy, Audrey rapidly scaled his business to reach a remarkable $10,000 a day within a span of two weeks. They leveraged TikTok ads, creating captivating and engaging videos that resonated with their target audience. The scaling process was so successful that Audrey's business reached a peak of $30,000 in sales in a single day.

The Importance of a Mentor and Community

Throughout his journey, Audrey emphasizes the significance of having a mentor and being a part of a supportive community. Joining Sam Jacobs' Ecom Uprisers community provided Audrey with a wealth of resources, tips, and networking opportunities. The community served as a constant source of motivation and guidance, helping Audrey navigate challenges, share experiences, and gain valuable insights into the world of e-commerce.

Selling the Store and the Benefits of Branding

One essential aspect of e-commerce that Audrey highlights is the ability to sell your business at the end. After achieving tremendous success with his drop shipping store, Audrey decided to sell it as a means to capitalize on his efforts and explore new avenues. Working with experienced investors and brokers, Audrey successfully sold his store at a profitable price. This experience reinforced the importance of branding in e-commerce. A well-branded store is viewed as a valuable asset and can attract potential buyers, enabling entrepreneurs to profit from their hard work.

Future Plans and the Importance of Networking

Looking ahead, Audrey plans to shift his focus to brand building and organic growth. He is in the process of launching a supplement brand with his brother and friends, capitalizing on the potential of organic marketing. Audrey also highlights the importance of networking, which he learned through his mentor and community. Building connections within the industry can open doors to new opportunities, collaborations, and potential buyers for his future ventures.

Words of Advice from Audrey

For those considering delving into drop shipping, Audrey encourages taking the first step. While it may seem overwhelming at first, committing to the journey and persevering through challenges is key to success. Audrey advises aspiring entrepreneurs to keep trying, testing different products, and never giving up too early. Through dedication and hard work, success is achievable. Having a mentor or partner who has already experienced the journey can provide invaluable guidance and insights to help overcome obstacles and achieve greater heights.


Audrey's journey in drop shipping serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs in the e-commerce world. Through his perseverance, strategic decision-making, and the guidance of a mentor, Audrey achieved incredible success by scaling his business from zero to thirty thousand dollars a day. His story highlights the importance of finding a winning product, leveraging powerful marketing platforms like TikTok, building a supportive community, and ultimately, reaping the benefits of branding and networking in the e-commerce industry. With his future plans focused on brand building and organic growth, Audrey is poised to continue his success and inspire others along the way.

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