From $0 to $18,000: Shopify Dropshipping Success Story

From $0 to $18,000: Shopify Dropshipping Success Story

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Finding the Winning Product 2.1 Using PP Ads for Product Research 2.2 Analyzing Product Performance on Shop Hunter
  3. Sourcing the Product 3.1 Finding a Chinese Supplier on AliExpress 3.2 Evaluating Pricing and Shipping Time
  4. Building the Store 4.1 Optimizing the Product Page 4.2 Creating an Appealing Offer
  5. Running TikTok Ads 5.1 Setting up a New Pixel 5.2 Creating Custom Ad Campaigns
  6. Analyzing the Results 6.1 Evaluating Day 1 Campaign Performance 6.2 Scaling and Dialing Back Campaigns 6.3 Dealing with Inconsistency
  7. Final Thoughts and Profit Analysis

How to Succeed with Shopify Drop Shipping: A Case Study


In today's article, we will explore a case study of a successful Shopify drop shipping store that generated $18,000 in sales in just 14 days. We will delve into the strategies used to find the winning product, optimize the store, and run effective TikTok ads. Additionally, we will analyze the results, including the challenges faced and the overall profitability of the venture.

Finding the Winning Product:

2.1 Using PP Ads for Product Research: To begin the journey towards a profitable drop shipping store, the first step is to find a winning product. In this case study, the creator utilized the PP Ads software for product research. PP Ads allows for the discovery of unique and trending products not typically found in stores.

2.2 Analyzing Product Performance on Shop Hunter: Once a potential product is identified using PP Ads, it is crucial to assess its sales potential. Shop Hunter, another useful tool, helps determine the sales performance of a product. By pasting the product URL into Shop Hunter, one can analyze the daily sales and overall profitability of the product.

Sourcing the Product:

3.1 Finding a Chinese Supplier on AliExpress: With a winning product in mind, the next step is to source it from a reliable supplier. AliExpress is a popular platform that connects drop shippers with suppliers. The case study shows how the male pheromone cologne was sourced from a Chinese supplier on AliExpress, with varying price options based on the number of packs.

3.2 Evaluating Pricing and Shipping Time: When sourcing products, it is crucial to consider the pricing and shipping time. In this case study, the pricing options for the male pheromone cologne were assessed, and the shipping time of 7 to 10 days was deemed scalable for the drop shipping business model.

Building the Store:

4.1 Optimizing the Product Page: The success of a drop shipping store heavily relies on the product page. Optimizing the product page ensures that visitors are captivated and motivated to make a purchase. The case study demonstrates the use of the Gem Pages app to create a fully custom branded page that highlights key product features and benefits.

4.2 Creating an Appealing Offer: An appealing offer is another essential element of a successful drop shipping store. The case study showcases the creation of different pack options for the male pheromone cologne, with varying prices and discounts. The offer was carefully designed and tested to find the most effective pricing strategy.

Running TikTok Ads:

5.1 Setting up a New Pixel: To drive targeted traffic to the store, running TikTok ads is an effective strategy. The case study emphasizes the importance of using a new pixel for every product tested. It also provides a step-by-step guide on setting up a new campaign and optimizing for conversions.

5.2 Creating Custom Ad Campaigns: The success of TikTok ads largely depends on the quality and appeal of the ad creatives. The case study explains how to create engaging ad texts and videos to attract potential customers. It also highlights the importance of testing different ad variations to find the most effective messaging.

Analyzing the Results:

6.1 Evaluating Day 1 Campaign Performance: After running the TikTok ad campaigns for the male pheromone cologne, it is crucial to analyze the results to determine the product's viability. The case study examines the day 1 campaign performance, including the ad spend, conversions, and return on ad spend (ROAS).

6.2 Scaling and Dialing Back Campaigns: Scaling campaigns that perform well and dialing back those that are unprofitable is a key strategy in drop shipping. The case study explores the process of scaling and dialing back campaigns based on their performance, taking into account factors like ad spend and ROAS.

6.3 Dealing with Inconsistency: Inconsistency is a common challenge when running TikTok ads for drop shipping stores. The case study highlights the inconsistencies faced during the 14-day period and offers insights into potential reasons behind the inconsistency. Strategies for mitigating its impact are also discussed.

Final Thoughts and Profit Analysis:

In the concluding section of the article, the case study reflects on the overall results and profitability of the Shopify drop shipping venture. A detailed profit analysis is provided, highlighting the challenges faced and the lessons learned throughout the process.


  • A case study of a successful Shopify drop shipping store
  • Strategies for finding the winning product and sourcing it
  • Tips for optimizing the product page and creating attractive offers
  • Insights into running effective TikTok ads
  • Analysis of the results and challenges faced
  • Profit analysis and final thoughts on the venture


Q: Which software was used for product research? A: PP Ads was used to identify unique and trending products.

Q: How were the ad campaigns optimized on TikTok? A: Custom ad campaigns were created, leveraging engaging ad texts and videos.

Q: How was consistency in ad performance achieved? A: Consistency in ad performance was a challenge, with periods of both success and inconsistency. Strategies such as scaling, dialing back, and frequent testing were employed to mitigate inconsistency.

Q: Were TikTok ads the primary source of traffic for the drop shipping store? A: Yes, TikTok ads were the primary source of traffic for generating sales in this case study.

Q: How profitable was the drop shipping venture overall? A: The drop shipping venture resulted in a profit of less than $1,000 after accounting for ad spend, Shopify fees, and product costs.

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