Double Your Money in Argentina: Get the Best Blue Dollar Rate

Double Your Money in Argentina: Get the Best Blue Dollar Rate

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Understanding the Exchange Rates in Argentina
    • Red Rate
    • Blue Rate
    • How to Get the Blue Rate
  3. Cost Breakdown in Buenos Aires
    • Rent
    • Food
    • Transportation
    • Entertainment
    • Phone Credit
    • Drinking and Going Out
  4. Cost Breakdown in Cordoba
    • Rent
    • Food
    • Entertainment
    • Sundries and Bathroom Products
    • Miscellaneous Expenses
    • Beautification
    • Clothing
    • Phone Credit
    • Drinking and Going Out
  5. Total Cost in Argentina
    • Flight Expenses
    • Average Monthly Spending
  6. Conclusion

How Much Does It Cost to Travel in Argentina?

Argentina is a beautiful country that attracts many travelers, but one of the concerns for those planning a trip is the cost of living. In this article, we will explore how much money you can expect to spend during a three-month stay in Argentina, specifically in Buenos Aires and Cordoba. We will also delve into the intricacies of the exchange rates, the difference between the red and blue rates, and how to get the blue rate. By the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of the expenses involved in traveling to Argentina and be able to plan your budget accordingly.

Understanding the Exchange Rates in Argentina

Argentina is known for its high inflation, resulting in two different exchange rates - the red rate and the blue rate. The red rate is the official exchange rate that you will see on currency conversion websites and when using your foreign credit card. On the other hand, the blue rate, also known as the dolar blue, is the unofficial rate that fluctuates daily. The blue rate is often much higher than the red rate, making it more favorable for travelers to get their currency exchanged in cash.

How to Get the Blue Rate

There are a few ways to access the blue rate in Argentina. The first method involves exchanging currency with individuals on the street who offer the blue rate. However, this method can be risky, so it is essential to take precautions. Ask about the rate they are offering, calculate the amount you will receive, count the bills one by one, and consider filming the interaction for safety purposes.

Another way to access the blue rate is through an "arbolista," someone who can exchange your currency at the blue rate. This method is usually considered safer as you have a personal connection with the arbolista. However, make sure to bring crisp one hundred dollar bills, as smaller bills may not be accepted.

For a more secure option, Western Union offers currency exchange at the daily blue rate. Creating an account, connecting your bank account or credit card, and using the promo code "digitalxero" brings convenience and potential fee waivers. Remember to bring your passport and a copy when visiting a Western Union branch for the transaction.

Cost Breakdown in Buenos Aires

During a one-month stay in Buenos Aires, the total cost including rent amounted to $735. Without considering rent, the average daily expenses were $10.82. Let's break down the costs into different categories:

  • Rent: $400
  • Food: $231.17
  • Transportation: $39.61
  • Entertainment: $5.73
  • Phone Credit: $14.76
  • Drinking and Going Out: $42.17

To give you an idea of the prices, here are some examples of individual items:

  • Street empanadas: 3 for $1
  • Ceviche at Soho Market: $3.88
  • Chicken breast with mashed potatoes and wine: $4.13
  • Avocado toast in Visa Crespo: $4.08
  • Steak with wine at Ojodevife: $9.71
  • A ton of vegetables from a fruit stand: $8.09
  • Choripan with price: $3.64
  • Café con leche with two medialunas: $1.65

Transportation costs in Buenos Aires are affordable, with a taxi ride from Congresso to Aro Parque costing around $3.40. Buying a SUBE card for public transportation is about $1, and subsequent reloads are based on personal usage.

Cost Breakdown in Cordoba

For a two-month stay in Cordoba, the total cost without considering six weeks of rent was $1,067. The average daily expenses amounted to $11.94. Here's a breakdown of the costs:

  • Rent: $375 (for six weeks)
  • Food: $348.87
  • Entertainment: $1.21
  • Sundries and Bathroom Products: $13.98
  • Miscellaneous Expenses: $66
  • Beautification: $58.78
  • Clothing: $75.67
  • Phone Credit: $9.56
  • Drinking and Going Out: $28.28

Here are examples of individual items in Cordoba:

  • Street empanadas: 3 for $1.31
  • Terrible Chinese food delivery: $7.28
  • Brunch with a drink: $4.37
  • Asado: $8.25
  • Vegetables from a fruit shop: $4.61
  • Choripan at a street fair: $2.67
  • Medium supermarket shop: $9.32
  • Café con leche with two medialunas: $1.65

Transportation costs in Cordoba are similar to Buenos Aires, with affordable taxi rides and reloadable SUBE cards. Additionally, taking little trips outside of Cordoba may incur extra accommodation expenses.

Total Cost in Argentina

Factoring in a flight expense of $90 from Buenos Aires to Cordoba, the total cost for three months in Argentina amounted to $1,802. On average, this comes to approximately $630 per month. Comparing this cost to the expenses of living in the United States, it becomes evident that living in Argentina is much more affordable.


Argentina offers a relatively affordable cost of living for travelers looking to explore the country. By understanding the exchange rates, accessing the blue rate, and considering the cost breakdown in different cities like Buenos Aires and Cordoba, you can effectively plan your budget. Whether you are planning a short-term or long-term stay, Argentina provides a variety of experiences without breaking the bank.

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