Discover Untapped Winning Products with This Proven Strategy

Discover Untapped Winning Products with This Proven Strategy

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Choosing between TikTok and Facebook products
  3. Product research strategy on AliExpress
  4. Optimizing the algorithm on AliExpress
  5. Exploring different niches on AliExpress
  6. Compiling a list of potential products
  7. Finding winning products on AliExpress
  8. Checking for product saturation
  9. Selling products in different markets
  10. Conclusion


In this article, I will share with you my pioneering product research strategy for dropshipping that has generated millions of dollars in sales for my e-commerce stores over the past five years. This strategy is untapped and guaranteed to provide you with unique products that you have never heard of before. I will also teach you how to do competitive research to determine if a product is saturated or not and how to find your own market to sell it in. Furthermore, I will provide you with a free winning product that I have personally tested and know will make sales for you. So let's dive straight into the product research strategy.

Choosing between TikTok and Facebook products

Before starting your product research, you need to decide whether you want to run a TikTok product or a Facebook product. TikTok products are typically cheaper, ranging from $20 to $40, and have a wow factor. On the other hand, Facebook products can be high-ticket items that solve a problem or make someone's day-to-day life easier. It's essential to choose the platform wisely, considering the differences in product types and target audiences.

Product research strategy on AliExpress

To begin your product research, you can utilize AliExpress. Start by exploring the "More to Love" section on the homepage, which contains winning products that have been optimized based on user engagement. Make sure you are logged out of your account to optimize the algorithm. Clicking on specific product categories will refine the results and show you more products related to your interests. Open the products in new tabs to trigger the algorithm and receive more of these types of products.

Optimizing the algorithm on AliExpress

As you scroll through AliExpress, customize your search preferences and compile a list of products in a Google Excel document. Aim to include at least 20 products in your initial list. By engaging with these products, you optimize the algorithm to show you similar trending products. Spend a few minutes triggering the algorithm, and then start looking for potential winning products.

Exploring different niches on AliExpress

To narrow down your product search, consider exploring specific niches on AliExpress. Home products, health care items, skin care products, home improvement tools, and gadgets are excellent niches to consider. Use the "Categories" section on AliExpress to find products within your chosen niche. Adjust the price range to filter out low-priced items and focus on products that fit your target market.

Compiling a list of potential products

Scroll through AliExpress and continue adding unique and interesting products to your Google Excel document. Compile a list of at least 20 products from various categories and niches. Take your time to ensure you have a diverse range of options and consider the potential demand for each product. This list will serve as your pool of potential winning products.

Finding winning products on AliExpress

Now that you have a list of potential products, review each one and select your top five favorites. Evaluate the market demand, uniqueness, and branding potential of each product. Next, narrow down your selection to three favorites and then to two final products. Repeat this process every day to find and validate winning products. By using AliExpress, you can tap into trends before they become saturated and stand out from the competition.

Checking for product saturation

Before launching a product, it's crucial to ensure that it isn't saturated in the market. Use the Facebook Ad Library and TikTok's creative center to search for your product and see if other stores are running ads for it. Analyze the number of likes and comments to determine the level of competition. Additionally, consider targeting a different geographical market if your product is saturated in one region but untapped in another. Use tools like Ali Insider to further assess the saturation level of a product.

Selling products in different markets

To maximize your sales potential, consider expanding your market beyond the United States. If a product is saturated in the US, target markets in Europe or other regions where competition is lower. Adapting your advertising platforms based on the level of competition can significantly impact your success. Choose whether to focus on Facebook or TikTok based on the saturation level of your product in each respective platform.


In conclusion, this product research strategy has proven to be highly effective in finding untapped, winning products for dropshipping. By leveraging AliExpress and optimizing the algorithm, you can discover unique products that have high potential for success. Remember to evaluate competition and consider expanding your market to maximize sales. With this strategy, you can stay ahead of the competition and generate significant revenue for your e-commerce store.

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