Discover the World's Most Successful Shopify Stores

Discover the World's Most Successful Shopify Stores

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Color Pop: A Successful Beauty Brand
  3. A General Store from Portugal
  4. Aloe: Expanding Beyond Yoga Apparel
  5. Boat: Electronics with a Twist
  6. Fast Growing Trees: Unique Store Concept
  7. Berger: Selling Accessories and More
  8. Crafted London: Jewelry for Men
  9. Feature: A Lifestyle Brand with Hats and More
  10. Ruggable: Washable Rugs for Every Home
  11. Uplifting Wearable Reminders
  12. Perusi: A General Store with Various Products
  13. Asphalt Gold: Fashion Brand Success
  14. Keytron: Gaming Keyboards and More
  15. Skims: Kim Kardashian's Successful Brand
  16. Polo Club: A Fashionable Apparel Store

Color Pop: A Successful Beauty Brand

Color Pop is one of the biggest Shopify stores in the world, particularly in the beauty industry. This brand has achieved significant success by establishing a clean and long-lasting image. With a large number of monthly visitors, approximately 7.3 million, Color Pop has become a go-to destination for beauty enthusiasts. Their product range includes a variety of beauty products, attracting customers with different preferences. The success of Color Pop can be attributed to its well-designed website and high-quality products.

The Portugal Store - A General Store with Surprising Success

This unexpected entry on the list is a store from Portugal that sells a diverse range of products. Often referred to as the "Amazon of Portugal," this store has gained immense popularity with approximately 1.5 million monthly visitors. The exponential growth in their website traffic showcases their success in reaching a wider audience. Despite their broad product range, which includes everything from electronics to fashion, the store's focus on offering competitive prices might be the key to its popularity. With an ever-expanding range of products, this store has become a one-stop-shop for Portuguese customers.

Aloe: Beyond Yoga Apparel

Initially known as a yoga brand, Aloe has expanded into a wide range of apparel offerings. Their success can be credited to their clean and comfortable clothing, which appeals to a wide customer base. The visually appealing product images and well-established brand identity have contributed to their exponential growth. In the last month alone, Aloe attracted 2.17 million monthly visitors, solidifying their place among the top Shopify stores. Their success lies in creating a seamless shopping experience and offering products that align with current fashion trends.

Boat: More Than Just Electronics is an unconventional store that sells a variety of electronics. Despite its name, customers won't find luxury yachts on this website. Instead, Boat offers a wide range of electronic devices, including headphones and speakers. The store has gained significant attention and press coverage. With 3.7 million monthly visitors, Boat has successfully carved out a niche in the competitive electronics market. Their consistent growth in website traffic has positioned them as one of the leading Shopify stores in the world.

Fast Growing Trees: Unusual but Successful might appear unexpected among the top Shopify stores, but their unique concept has garnered attention. With over 2.8 million monthly visitors, this store has chosen an unusual niche: selling trees. Despite experiencing a slight decrease in recent months, the store continues to attract approximately 1.5 million visitors monthly. The popularity of this store reflects the convenience it offers customers who seek ready-to-plant trees. Fast Growing Trees proves that even out-of-the-box ideas can lead to successful ventures.

Berger: Accessory Revolution focuses on selling various accessories like screen protectors, phone cases, and AirPod cases. The store has gained popularity, driving approximately 1.2 million monthly visitors. With a clean and inviting website, the brand has created a reputation for offering high-quality iPhone accessories. Leveraging the success of Apple products, Berger has positioned itself as a go-to destination for iPhone users. The store's continuous growth demonstrates prosperous opportunities in the accessory market.

Crafted London: Jewelry for Men

Crafted London is a jewelry brand catering specifically to men. Their success can be attributed to their focus on quality and their visually appealing product images. Crafted London has generated approximately 860,000 monthly visitors, capturing a significant share of the jewelry market. Offering a range of chains and rings, the brand's exclusivity and attention to detail resonate with their target demographic. Crafted London showcases how catering to a specific niche can result in remarkable success.

Feature: Beyond a Hat Brand is an appealing lifestyle brand that sells various products, including hats and sneakers. With 750,000 monthly visitors, Feature has successfully tapped into the growing demand for trendy fashion accessories. The store offers a mix of hats, footwear, and other fashion items, attracting customers who want to represent their communities or favorite sports teams. Feature's ability to diversify its product range has contributed to its immense success.

Ruggable: Washable Rugs Making Waves revolutionizes the rug industry with its washable rugs. The brand's unique concept has captured the attention of consumers worldwide, resulting in a staggering 4.3 million monthly visitors. The store offers a wide range of rugs at various price points, catering to different tastes and budgets. Ruggable has successfully positioned itself as a leader in the rug market, appealing to customers who prioritize convenience and high-quality products. Their success is a testament to the power of innovative ideas. Uplifting and Sustainable Fashion distinguishes itself with its wearable reminders made from recycled water bottles. This sustainable fashion brand has gained popularity among consumers seeking environmentally friendly and uplifting attire. has attracted approximately 680,000 monthly visitors, with numbers reaching 1.3 million during the summer season. By offering wearable reminders with positive messages, appeals to customers looking for both fashionable and meaningful accessories. The brand's success showcases the market potential for sustainable fashion.

Perusi: A Curated General Store is a general store offering a range of products that includes speakers, Ugg boots, and Reebok sweatshirts. Despite the diverse product range, the store attracts a substantial audience, with approximately 1.09 million monthly visitors. Perusi's success can be attributed to its ability to cater to customers with different needs and preferences. By leveraging the vast market potential, they offer products from various brands and capitalize on different trends. Perusi proves that a curated general store can thrive in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

Asphalt Gold: Fashion with Style

Asphalt Gold is a fashion brand that has secured its place among the top Shopify stores. Their success can be attributed to their visually appealing website and a diverse range of products. With 579,000 monthly visitors, Asphalt Gold offers customers a unique shopping experience. Along with their own brand, the store features several other notable brands, captivating customers who appreciate high-quality fashion. Asphalt Gold's ability to create a seamless shopping experience contributes to its remarkable success.

Keytron: A Niche for Gamers is a store dedicated to selling gaming keyboards, mice, and keycaps. Focused on meeting the needs of gamers, Keytron has achieved immense success with 1.96 million monthly visitors. During peak times, such as summer, the store even reaches 2.2 million visitors monthly. Keytron's commitment to delivering exceptional products for gamers has placed them among the top performing Shopify stores. The store's exponential growth showcases the rising demand for high-quality gaming equipment.

Skims: Kim Kardashian's Fashion Empire

Skims, the brainchild of Kim Kardashian, has taken the fashion world by storm. With relentless promotion and a strong brand identity, Skims has achieved unparalleled success. In the past month alone, the store attracted a whopping 6.2 million monthly visitors. Known for its inclusive sizing and diverse product range, Skims caters to a wide customer base. The brand's popularity thrives on the influence and reputation of Kim Kardashian, combined with well-designed products and a seamless shopping experience.

Polo Club: Inspired by Polo

Polo Club, a fashion brand, draws inspiration from the iconic Polo by Ralph Lauren. Despite some similarities, Polo Club has managed to establish its own identity. With 582,000 monthly visitors and consistent growth, the store offers an extensive range of apparel. The success of Polo Club can be attributed to its ability to offer high-quality products and a visually appealing website. By creating their unique take on a popular style, Polo Club has become a notable player in the fashion industry.


  • Color Pop, a successful beauty brand, attracts 7.3 million monthly visitors.
  • An unexpected store from Portugal has become the "Amazon of Portugal," garnering 1.5 million monthly visitors.
  • Aloe, a yoga brand turned apparel, generated 2.17 million monthly visitors, showcasing exponential growth.
  • Boat offers a wide range of electronics and receives 3.7 million monthly visitors, emphasizing their success.
  • Fast Growing Trees sells ready-to-plant trees, attracting over 2.8 million monthly visitors in the past.
  • Berger excels in selling accessories, with 1.2 million monthly visitors and continuous growth.
  • Crafted London focuses on jewelry for men, witnessing success with 860,000 monthly visitors.
  • Feature, a lifestyle brand, offers hats and more, attracting 750,000 monthly visitors.
  • Ruggable, known for washable rugs, excels with 4.3 million monthly visitors and unique product offerings.
  • offers wearable reminders made from recycled water bottles, with 680,000 monthly visitors.
  • Perusi, a curated general store, thrives with 1.09 million monthly visitors and a diverse product range.
  • Asphalt Gold, a fashion brand, showcases 579,000 monthly visitors and an extensive collection of products.
  • Keytron caters to gamers with gaming keyboards and mice, attracting 1.96 million monthly visitors.
  • Skims, Kim Kardashian's brand, achieves remarkable success with 6.2 million monthly visitors.
  • Polo Club draws inspiration from Polo by Ralph Lauren, gaining traction with 582,000 monthly visitors.


Q: How does Color Pop maintain its success in the beauty industry? A: Color Pop's success can be attributed to its clean brand image, long-standing presence, and a wide range of high-quality beauty products.

Q: What sets the Portuguese store apart from others? A: The Portuguese store stands out due to its diverse product range, competitive prices, and becoming the go-to online marketplace in Portugal.

Q: How did Aloe manage to expand beyond yoga apparel? A: Aloe's success in expanding its product range can be attributed to its visually appealing clothing and consistent brand identity.

Q: What makes Boat stand out in the crowded electronics market? A: Despite its unconventional name, Boat offers a variety of popular electronics and has achieved significant success through effective marketing and strategic partnerships.

Q: How does Fast Growing Trees thrive as a niche store? A: Fast Growing Trees capitalizes on the demand for ready-to-plant trees and targets customers seeking convenient solutions for their gardening needs.

Q: What attracts customers to Berger's accessory offerings? A: Berger's success lies in offering high-quality accessories, leveraging the popularity of Apple products, and presenting a visually appealing online store.

Q: How does Crafted London stand out in the competitive jewelry market? A: Crafted London focuses exclusively on men's jewelry, offering unique designs and high-quality products, which has resonated with its target demographic.

Q: What makes Feature a successful lifestyle brand? A: Feature's success can be attributed to its diverse product range, appealing to customers looking for hats, sneakers, and other fashion items.

Q: How does Ruggable differentiate itself from traditional rug sellers? A: Ruggable's innovative concept of washable rugs has disrupted the rug industry, attracting eco-conscious customers seeking convenient and sustainable options.

Q: What sets apart from other fashion brands? A:'s use of recycled water bottles to create wearable reminders, combined with uplifting messages, appeals to customers who prioritize sustainability and positivity.

Q: How does Perusi manage to succeed as a general store? A: Perusi's curated collection of diverse products, combined with effective search engine optimization and competitive prices, draws in a large customer base.

Q: What contributes to Asphalt Gold's success as a fashion brand? A: Asphalt Gold's visually appealing website, extensive product range, and association with prominent fashion brands contribute to its remarkable success.

Q: What makes Keytron a leading store for gaming keyboards? A: Keytron's focus on delivering high-quality gaming keyboards, mice, and keycaps has positioned them as a top choice for gamers seeking premium products.

Q: How does Kim Kardashian's brand, Skims, excel in the fashion industry? A: Skims' success can be attributed to Kim Kardashian's influence, a diverse product range, inclusive sizing, and superior brand image.

Q: What sets Polo Club apart from other fashion brands? A: Polo Club's high-quality products, visually appealing website, and unique brand identity enable it to stand out in the competitive fashion market.

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