Discover the Hottest Shopify Products for July 2023!

Discover the Hottest Shopify Products for July 2023!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Summer Winning Products
    • Electric Water Gun
    • Automatic Beer Opener Shotgunner
    • UV Sanitizing Water Bottle
    • Outdoor Camping Shower
    • Smoker for Charcuterie Boards and Drinks
  3. Non-Summer Winning Products
    • Temporary Tattoo Machine
    • LED Lights for Stairs
    • Invisible Silhouette Vases
    • Airpods Max Cases
    • Outdoor Misting Cooling System
  4. Conclusion



Hey guys, welcome back to another video! In today's video, we're going to cover the top 10 winning products for July 2023. I've put a lot of time and effort into finding these products myself, so you can be sure that they're the absolute best options for you to sell right now. Whether you're new to Shopify or a seasoned seller, there's something in this list for everyone. Plus, if you're starting a brand new Shopify store, you can get it for just one dollar for the first three months using my exclusive code. But enough about that, let's dive right into the top 10 winning products!

Summer Winning Products

Electric Water Gun

As we move into summer, it's essential to have the right products for the season. And what better way to have fun under the sun than with an electric water gun? This classic summer toy has been given an upgrade with new variations on the market. One popular option is the Spira water gun, which gained popularity on platforms like TikTok. Priced at $22.77, this electric water gun offers features like a digital display and auto-reload, making it an exciting addition to any pool party or outdoor gathering. With the potential for high engagement and viral content on social media, it's a great product to consider selling this summer.

Automatic Beer Opener Shotgunner

Speaking of summer parties, why not add some convenience to the mix with an automatic beer opener shotgunner? These handy devices make it easy to open and shotgun beers, perfect for college kids and party-goers. While there are branded options available, you can source similar products from sites like AliExpress at a fraction of the price. Consider bundling multiple openers or upselling related products like wine coolers or aerators to maximize your sales potential. With the right marketing angle and engaging content, this product has the potential to be a hit during the summer months.

UV Sanitizing Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is crucial during the summer, and what better way to ensure clean drinking water than with a UV sanitizing water bottle? These bottles feature a built-in UV light that eliminates harmful bacteria, making it easy to have a refreshing drink on the go. Brands like Hydro Flask offer similar products at a higher price point, opening up opportunities for more affordable alternatives. Priced at around $20-$25, this product offers great value for customers seeking a portable, self-cleaning water bottle. With the right marketing strategy and demonstration of its features, it's a product that can sell throughout the year.

Outdoor Camping Shower

With camping season in full swing, having an outdoor camping shower can make all the difference in maintaining hygiene while enjoying the great outdoors. These portable showers let you wash up without the need for a traditional bathroom, providing a convenient solution for campers. Look for models with additional features like a heating option for those wanting a warm shower. With the right advertising targeting camping enthusiasts and highlighting the product's versatility, selling outdoor camping showers can lead to great success this summer.

Smoker for Charcuterie Boards and Drinks

Looking to impress your friends at your next cocktail night or gathering? Consider adding a smoker for your charcuterie boards and drinks. These devices use wood chips to infuse a smoky flavor into your food and drinks, creating a unique and memorable experience. With a variety of designs available, you can cater to different preferences and styles. Selling these smokers in bundles with related bar accessories like wine chillers or aerators can increase your sales potential. Whether you're targeting drink enthusiasts or those looking to elevate their culinary skills, this product offers a fun and distinctive option for consumers.

Non-Summer Winning Products

Temporary Tattoo Machine

While not specifically summer-themed, temporary tattoo machines can be a hit for those attending concerts and festivals. These devices allow users to create their own temporary tattoos, offering a unique and customizable experience. With the potential for personalization and creativity, temporary tattoo machines have a niche market that can be tapped into. Consider offering replacement parts and accessories to increase repeat purchases and cater to different tattooing needs. Whether you're targeting festival-goers or individuals looking for a temporary artistic outlet, this product can be a great addition to your inventory.

LED Lights for Stairs

When it comes to safety and ambiance, LED lights for stairs are a practical and visually appealing option. These automatic on and off lights provide illumination when needed and add a touch of elegance to any staircase. With a low price point and easy installation, these lights have gained popularity among homeowners and renovation enthusiasts. Consider selling them in bundles or longer strips to accommodate different staircase lengths. Additionally, explore upselling opportunities with other home improvement products to maximize your average order value.

Invisible Silhouette Vases

For those seeking unique and modern home decor, invisible silhouette vases offer a distinctive touch. These vases create the illusion of floating flowers or objects, adding an artistic element to any space. With their minimalist and clean design, they are sure to catch the eye of those who appreciate contemporary aesthetics. Offer them in sets to encourage multiple purchases and consider upselling related decor items that complement the overall style. Whether targeting interior design enthusiasts or individuals looking to upgrade their living spaces, these vases provide a visually pleasing and conversation-starting product.

Airpods Max Cases

While Airpods cases are already popular, consider tapping into the market for Airpods Max cases. With fewer sellers in this niche, there's an opportunity to offer unique and stylish protective covers for this premium headphone model. Consider different themes or styles to cater to various preferences, whether it's a Disney-themed case or a sleek minimalist design. Upsell opportunities can include replacement parts or related accessories for the Airpods Max. By emphasizing customization and protection, you can attract customers looking to personalize their high-end audio gear.

Outdoor Misting Cooling System

To combat the summer heat, an outdoor misting cooling system provides a refreshing solution. These systems attach to a hose and release a fine mist, creating a cool atmosphere for any outdoor space. With their affordable price point and easy installation, they are a popular choice in hot regions. Consider highlighting the product's versatility in use cases, such as by the pool or on a patio. Bundling options and upselling related patio equipment can enhance your sales potential. Whether targeting homeowners or individuals seeking relief from the summer heat, this product offers a simple yet effective cooling solution.


And that wraps up our list of the top 10 winning products for July 2023. Whether you're looking to capitalize on summer trends or explore unique year-round options, these products offer great potential for success. Remember to consider your target audience, marketing angles, and additional upsell opportunities to maximize your profits. Bring your creativity to the forefront and create engaging content that resonates with your customers. With the right strategies in place and a thorough understanding of your product's value proposition, you can make the most of these winning products and drive your e-commerce business to new heights. So get out there, start selling, and make a splash in the online marketplace!


  • Discover the top 10 winning products for July 2023
  • Explore both summer-themed and non-summer themed products
  • Find unique and untapped product niches
  • Focus on creative marketing strategies and engaging content
  • Maximize profits through bundling and upselling opportunities
  • Customize your product selection to cater to different customer preferences
  • Emphasize the value and practicality of each product
  • Consider target audience and seasonal trends
  • Leverage social media platforms for product promotion
  • Stay ahead of the competition with unique offerings and value-added features


Q: Can I use the airpods max cases for other headphone models? A: No, the airpods max cases are specifically designed for Airpods Max and may not fit other headphone models.

Q: Can the water gun be used by children? A: While the water gun can be used by children, it is always recommended to supervise them during water play activities.

Q: Are the LED lights for stairs battery-powered or do they need to be plugged in? A: The LED lights for stairs are usually powered by batteries and do not require a power source.

Q: Can the misting cooling system be used indoors? A: The misting cooling system is primarily designed for outdoor use and may not be suitable for indoor applications.

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