Discover the Beauty of Stamped Cross Stitch Kits with OneDaySaving!

Discover the Beauty of Stamped Cross Stitch Kits with OneDaySaving!

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Review of Stamped Cross Stitch Kit from OneDaySaving
  3. Appreciation for Subscribers and Viewers
  4. Importance of Likes and Subscriptions on YouTube
  5. Explanation of Stamped Cross Stitch Kits
  6. Features of the Generic Kit 6.1. Kit Contents 6.2. Paper Pattern 6.3. Canvas Quality
  7. Detailed Analysis of the Picture and Color Scheme
  8. Step-by-Step Instructions for Cross Stitching
  9. Advantages of Stamped Cross Stitch Kits 9.1. Easy and Convenient to Use 9.2. Suitable for Beginners 9.3. Versatile Design Options
  10. Comparison with Counted Cross Stitch Kits
  11. Where to Buy Stamped Cross Stitch Kits
  12. Conclusion

Review of Stamped Cross Stitch Kit from OneDaySaving

Today, I have the pleasure of reviewing a stamped cross stitch kit from OneDaySaving. First and foremost, I would like to express my gratitude to all my subscribers and viewers for their support. Your time and attention mean a lot to me, and I truly appreciate it. If you haven't already, please consider liking, subscribing, and clicking the notification bell to stay updated on my future videos. Your likes play a crucial role in the YouTube algorithm, allowing more viewers to discover my content. Now, let's dive into the review.

Stamped cross stitch kits are a popular choice for cross stitch enthusiasts, and this generic kit offers a convenient and user-friendly experience. The kit includes everything you need to get started, with the exception of scissors. The floss, canvas, and instructions are all included, making it a convenient option for both beginners and experienced stitchers.

One of the standout features of this kit is the paper pattern. Unlike some other generic kits, the pattern included with this kit is pleasantly large. It provides clear visibility, allowing you to easily follow the instructions and identify the symbols on the canvas. The paper pattern includes a legend with floss numbers and DMC codes, ensuring seamless navigation throughout the cross stitching process.

Moving on to the canvas, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality. The fabric is soft and not overly stiff, which can sometimes be a concern with generic kits. The printing of the symbols on the canvas is clear and centered within the squares, making it easy to match the symbols with the corresponding floss. The edges of the canvas are surged, providing an added bonus of durability.

Now, let's talk about the picture itself. The design, titled "Faith Mom," is a beautiful and unique representation. It deviates from the traditional cross stitch patterns, striking a balance between intricate details and simplicity. The color scheme is vibrant, with a mix of purples, blues, and other bold shades. The result is a stained glass-like effect that adds a touch of elegance to the finished piece.

In terms of stitching, the instructions are straightforward and easy to follow. This kit primarily utilizes the simple cross stitch technique, making it suitable for stitchers of all levels. Additionally, the kit includes guidance on how to care for the canvas and remove the ink once you've completed your stitching. This ensures a polished final result where the printed colors are no longer visible.

Stamped cross stitch kits offer several advantages over other types of cross stitch kits. Firstly, they are incredibly easy to use. The pre-printed design on the canvas eliminates the need for counting and ensures accurate placement of stitches. This is particularly beneficial for beginners who are still developing their counting skills.

Furthermore, stamped cross stitch kits offer a wide range of design options. While some stitchers prefer the traditional counted cross stitch patterns, others may gravitate towards more unique and unconventional designs. Stamped kits cater to the latter group, providing a refreshing break from the standard offerings while still maintaining the essence of cross stitch.

In comparison to counted cross stitch kits, stamped kits require less time and effort. The pre-printed canvas allows for faster stitching, as the design is already outlined. This is especially advantageous when working on larger projects that could be quite time-consuming with counting.

If you're interested in purchasing a stamped cross stitch kit, OneDaySaving is an excellent option. They offer a variety of kits, including both stamped and counted cross stitch options. The kit reviewed in this article is reasonably priced at $14.69 and provides great value for the money. OneDaySaving also offers free shipping on orders over $50 and provides a customs payment guarantee for international customers.

In conclusion, the stamped cross stitch kit from OneDaySaving offers a delightful stitching experience. With its convenient and inclusive nature, this kit is suitable for stitchers of all skill levels. The high-quality materials, detailed instructions, and captivating design make it a worthwhile addition to any cross stitch collection. So, why not indulge in a new cross stitch project and bring your creativity to life with this fantastic kit from OneDaySaving?


  • Stamped cross stitch kit featuring a unique and elegant design
  • High-quality materials, including a soft and well-printed canvas
  • Large and clear paper pattern for easy stitching
  • User-friendly instructions suitable for beginners and experienced stitchers
  • Convenient kit contents, with the exception of scissors
  • Affordable price and excellent value for money
  • OneDaySaving offers free shipping on orders over $50 and custom payment guarantee for international customers
  • Stamped cross stitch kits provide a convenient and fast stitching experience


Q: Are stamped cross stitch kits suitable for beginners? A: Yes, stamped cross stitch kits are highly recommended for beginners. The pre-printed design on the canvas eliminates the need for counting, making it easier to follow and complete the project.

Q: Do the colors of the floss in the kit match the printed colors on the pattern? A: No, the colors of the floss may not match the colors printed on the pattern. However, the legend provided with the kit clearly indicates the corresponding floss number and DMC code.

Q: Can I use stamped cross stitch kits for larger projects? A: Yes, stamped cross stitch kits are suitable for larger projects. The pre-printed design on the canvas allows for faster stitching, reducing the time and effort required for completion.

Q: Where can I purchase stamped cross stitch kits? A: OneDaySaving is a reputable online retailer that offers a wide selection of stamped cross stitch kits. They provide excellent customer service, reasonable prices, and convenient shipping options.

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