Customize Shopify Debut Theme

Customize Shopify Debut Theme

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Overview of Shopify Themes
  3. Review of the Debut Shopify Theme
    • 3.1 Features of the Debut Theme
    • 3.2 Demo of the Debut Theme
  4. Customizing the Debut Theme
    • 4.1 Homepage Settings
    • 4.2 Header Customization
    • 4.3 Adding Announcements
    • 4.4 Image and Text Overlay
    • 4.5 Adding Call to Action
    • 4.6 Featured Collections
    • 4.7 Testimonial Section
    • 4.8 Gallery Section
    • 4.9 Footer Menu Customization
  5. Theme Settings
    • 5.1 Social Media Icons
    • 5.2 Search Bar
    • 5.3 Theme Fonts
    • 5.4 Store Colors
    • 5.5 Checkout Box Customization
    • 5.6 Currency Codes
  6. Conclusion

Review of the Debut Shopify Theme

The Debut Shopify theme is a popular choice for online store owners looking to showcase their brands and products in a beautiful and professional manner. In this article, we will provide an overview of Shopify themes, followed by a detailed review of the Debut theme. We will explore its features, demo, and customization options, so you can determine if it is the right fit for your Shopify store.


Shopify is a leading e-commerce platform that provides a wide range of themes to help businesses create attractive and functional online stores. Themes are pre-designed templates that determine the layout, appearance, and functionality of a store's website. The Debut theme, in particular, is widely used due to its clean and modern design, as well as its ability to highlight brands and products effectively.

Overview of Shopify Themes

Before diving into the specifics of the Debut theme, it's important to understand the concept of Shopify themes. Shopify offers a wide selection of themes, each with its own unique design and features. Themes are customizable, allowing store owners to tailor the look and feel of their website to match their brand identity.

Shopify themes come with various sections, such as the homepage, product pages, collections, and a footer. These sections can be customized to display product images, descriptions, pricing, and other relevant information. Furthermore, themes often include features like responsive design, slideshow sections, customer testimonials, and promotional banners, among others.

Review of the Debut Shopify Theme

The Debut theme is a free, responsive, and customizable Shopify theme that is designed to showcase brands and products in an elegant and user-friendly way. It offers several features that make it an appealing choice for online store owners. Let's take a closer look at what the Debut theme has to offer.

Features of the Debut Theme

  • Pickup Availability: The Debut theme allows store owners to engage with customers by indicating when items will be available for pickup.
  • Slideshow Section: This feature enables the addition of multiple product images on the homepage, allowing store owners to highlight their brand and products effectively.
  • Predictive Search: The Debut theme offers a live search feature, providing customers with instant search results as they type.
  • Quick Links: It provides a quick link to the store, ensuring easy navigation and quick access to important pages.
  • Customer Testimonials: This section allows customers to leave testimonials about products, providing social proof and building trust with potential buyers.
  • Promotional Banner: It enables store owners to promote sales and discounts by displaying eye-catching banners at the top of the website.
  • Supports Small Product Inventories: Ideal for stores with a limited number of products, the Debut theme is specifically designed to showcase smaller catalogs effectively.
  • Homepage Video: Store owners can use this feature to tell their brand story by featuring a YouTube or promotional video on the website.
  • Product Recommendation: The Debut theme offers a product recommendation feature that suggests relevant products to customers based on their browsing history or selected items.
  • Product Filtering: Customers can conveniently filter products by type, bestsellers, price range, and other criteria.

Demo of the Debut Theme

To better understand the look and feel of the Debut theme, let's explore a demo of its functionalities. The homepage of the Debut theme features a clean and minimalist design, which is ideal for highlighting products. The layout is responsive, ensuring a seamless browsing experience both on desktop and mobile devices.

The main menu sections allow easy navigation, with options to customize the menu items and layout. The homepage includes a slideshow section, where store owners can feature multiple product images and use a call-to-action button to direct customers to the shop page. The featured product section showcases products with simplicity and minimalism, enhancing the visual appeal of the store.

The Debut theme also offers sections for sharing customer testimonials, telling brand stories, and displaying additional product images. The footer menu can be customized to include necessary links such as shipping policies, contact information, and social media icons. Currency selection and language options are also available for a personalized shopping experience.

Customizing the Debut Theme

One of the advantages of the Debut theme is its ease of customization. Shopify provides a user-friendly interface that allows store owners to customize various aspects of the theme to align with their branding and preferences. Let's explore the different customization options available with the Debut theme.

Homepage Settings

In the homepage settings section, store owners can customize the store name, main menu, and add a logo. This section also allows for the addition of an announcement bar to display important messages or promotions to customers. Further customization options include image and text overlays, call-to-action buttons, and the ability to add featured collections.

Header Customization

The header customization options provide full control over the main menu appearance and layout. Store owners can choose to display or hide specific menu items, customize the menu order, and add additional dropdown menus for organizing products in different categories.

Adding Announcements

The Debut theme allows store owners to add announcements to their store's homepage. Announcements can serve various purposes, such as highlighting ongoing sales, new product launches, or important updates about the store. Store owners can customize the announcement text, link, and appearance to capture customer attention effectively.

Image and Text Overlay

A visually appealing element of the Debut theme is the image and text overlay feature. With this customization option, store owners can add text overlays to product images, explaining the uniqueness or benefits of the products. This helps create a more engaging and informative shopping experience for customers.

Adding Call to Action

The Debut theme provides a customizable call-to-action section where store owners can add buttons with specific calls to action. By strategically placing these buttons, store owners can influence customer behavior and encourage them to take the desired action, such as making a purchase or subscribing to a newsletter.

Featured Collections

The Debut theme allows store owners to showcase featured collections on the homepage. By selecting specific collections, store owners can effectively promote their best-selling or newly released products. The featured collection section can help increase visibility and drive sales for particular product lines.

Testimonial Section

Customer testimonials play a crucial role in building credibility and trust. The Debut theme includes a testimonial section where store owners can display feedback and testimonials from satisfied customers. By showcasing positive experiences, this section helps potential buyers make informed purchasing decisions.

Gallery Section

The gallery section provides an opportunity to display images relevant to the store or its products. Store owners can create visually appealing galleries by adding images that represent their brand or showcase the use of their products. This section does not contain clickable images but serves to enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the website.

Footer Menu Customization

The Debut theme provides customization options for the footer menu, allowing store owners to add links to essential pages such as shipping policies, terms of service, contact information, and newsletters. Social media icons can also be added to encourage customers to follow the store's social media accounts.

Theme Settings

Apart from the customization options specific to the Debut theme, Shopify provides a range of global settings that store owners can modify to further align the theme with their brand identity. These settings include social media icon integration, search bar customization, theme fonts, store colors, checkout box customization, and currency codes.

By utilizing these theme settings, store owners can create a unique and personalized shopping experience for their customers.


The Debut Shopify theme offers a clean, modern, and customizable design that effectively showcases brands and products. With its range of features and customization options, the Debut theme provides online store owners with the tools necessary to create an attractive and functional e-commerce website.

While the Debut theme is particularly suitable for stores with smaller product inventories, its versatility and ease of customization make it a viable option for a variety of business types. Whether you're launching a new store or revitalizing an existing one, the Debut theme can help create a visually appealing and user-friendly online shopping experience.

With its intuitive interface and extensive customization options, the Debut theme empowers store owners to create a unique and impactful online presence. Get started with the Debut theme today and captivate your customers with a stunning e-commerce website.


Q: Can I change the colors of the Debut theme to match my brand?

A: Yes, the Debut theme allows you to customize the store colors to match your brand identity. You can choose from a range of color options or specify your custom colors using hex codes.

Q: Are there limitations on the number of products the Debut theme can handle?

A: While the Debut theme is designed to showcase smaller inventories effectively, there are no strict limitations on the number of products you can have. However, for stores with extensive catalogs, other themes with advanced filtering and sorting functionalities might be more suitable.

Q: Can I add additional sections to the Debut theme's homepage?

A: The Debut theme provides several customizable sections, but adding additional sections beyond the theme's default options would require customization using Shopify's liquid coding language. It's advisable to consult a Shopify expert or developer for advanced customization needs.

Q: Does the Debut theme support multiple languages and currencies?

A: Yes, the Debut theme allows store owners to add language selectors and support multiple currencies. This feature enables global customers to browse and make purchases in their preferred language and currency.

Q: Can I integrate social media icons into the Debut theme?

A: Yes, the Debut theme offers social media icon integration. You can easily add links to your social media accounts, allowing customers to connect with your brand across different platforms.

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