Choosing the Right Website Translation Plugin: Weglot vs. WPML

Choosing the Right Website Translation Plugin: Weglot vs. WPML

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Comparison of WPML and Weglot
    • Approach to managing website translation
    • Translating content
    • Professional translation services
    • Translating plugins-generated content
    • Installation and setup process
    • Pricing and plans
    • Available languages
  3. Conclusion
  4. FAQ

WPML vs Weglot: A Comparison of WordPress Translation Plugins

In today's fast-paced digital world, having a multilingual website has become essential for businesses seeking to reach a global audience. WordPress translation plugins play a crucial role in making this process seamless and efficient. In this article, we will compare two leading WordPress translation plugins, WPML and Weglot, and provide you with insights to help you make an informed decision when it comes to choosing the right solution for your WordPress website.

1. Approach to Managing Website Translation

The most significant difference between WPML and Weglot lies in their approach to managing website translation. WPML, being one of the oldest translation plugins, takes a traditional method of duplicating your posts in WordPress for each language and linking them together. This allows you to manually translate the content in the duplicated post. While this approach provides more control and flexibility, it can quickly become heavy and messy, especially if you have a substantial amount of content on your website.

On the other hand, Weglot takes a more modern approach by automatically detecting and translating the content without the need for manual work. It provides a user-friendly dedicated dashboard outside of WordPress, making managing and editing translations effortless. This approach is ideal for those who want to translate their website quickly and with minimal manual effort. Weglot also shines when it comes to websites with a high volume of content and frequent updates, as it works automatically and does not clutter the WordPress database.

2. Translating Content

Both WPML and Weglot offer flexible options for translating content on your WordPress website. With WPML, you have the choice to translate the content yourself or with teammates, use machine translation engines for automatic translations, or opt for professional translators. However, to benefit from the automatic translation feature, you need to install three different WPML add-ons. This may add complexity to your setup process.

On the other hand, Weglot includes automatic translation as part of all plans without any additional steps required. With just one click, you can automatically translate your entire website. Weglot also integrates a professional translation service into its dashboard, simplifying the process. There are no multiple translation services to choose from, and the final price is provided upfront. Once the translation is complete, Weglot handles everything, including payment, directly within the dashboard.

3. Professional Translation Services

If you require professional translation services, both WPML and Weglot offer solutions. WPML allows you to choose from a range of translation service partners and connect your site to your preferred service using an API key. After selecting the content to be translated, WPML provides you with a cost estimate. However, the final cost and payment process need to be done on the translation services' websites.

In contrast, Weglot integrates the professional translation service directly into its dashboard. There is no need to choose from multiple services as Weglot handles everything in-house. Once you select the content for professional translation, Weglot informs you of the final price and manages the payment process within the dashboard. Your translations are automatically published as soon as they are completed.

4. Translating Plugins-Generated Content

WordPress websites often feature content generated by plugins like WooCommerce. When dealing with this type of content, WPML requires a separate string translation add-on and a different interface for translation. It's important to note that automatic translation cannot be used for plugins-generated content when using WPML.

On the other hand, Weglot seamlessly translates both native content and externally generated content. Within Weglot's dashboard, all the content on your website can be translated, eliminating any differentiation between types of content.

5. Installation and Setup Process

Getting started with WPML requires installing four separate zip files and setting up the plugin through your WordPress dashboard. After translating your content, you need to manually add a language switcher to make your website transitions live. It's a somewhat complex process that may require technical know-how.

In contrast, installing Weglot is a simpler process. All you need to do is install the plugin and connect it to your website using an API key. Once you choose your languages, your multilingual website becomes instantly live, complete with an automatically added language switcher.

6. Pricing and Plans

When it comes to pricing, WPML offers lifetime plans for a fixed price. However, to continue receiving updates and support, an annual fee of 75% of the original price is required. WPML does not offer a free trial or a free plan, but it does provide a 30-day money-back guarantee.

On the other hand, Weglot offers subscription-based plans. The plugin ensures access to the latest version, with updates every two weeks. Weglot also provides excellent support and export options. Additionally, Weglot offers a free trial and a free plan, making it easier for users to test out its functionality before committing to a paid plan.

7. Available Languages

The availability of languages is an essential factor to consider when choosing a translation plugin. WPML supports 65 languages, providing a wide range of options for users. However, Weglot surpasses WPML in this aspect, offering support for over 100 languages. Both WPML and Weglot also allow users to create custom languages, allowing for more flexibility in translation.

8. Conclusion

In conclusion, WPML and Weglot both offer valuable features and functionality for translating WordPress websites. WPML's traditional approach provides more control over translations and is suitable for those who prefer to work within the WordPress environment. On the other hand, Weglot's automatic translation and user-friendly dashboard make it a convenient choice for quick and effortless website translations. While WPML's pricing is based on lifetime plans with annual fees, Weglot offers subscription-based plans, including a free trial and a free plan.

When making a decision, consider your specific website translation needs, the complexity of your content, and your budget. By carefully evaluating the differences between WPML and Weglot outlined in this article, you can choose the translation plugin that best fits your requirements.


Q: Can I translate my WordPress website's content with WPML and Weglot by myself? A: Yes, both WPML and Weglot allow you to translate content on your own or with teammates.

Q: Does WPML offer automatic translation features? A: Yes, but you need to install three different WPML add-ons to access the automatic translation feature. Weglot, on the other hand, includes automatic translation in all plans without the need for additional steps.

Q: Are professional translation services available with WPML and Weglot? A: Yes, both plugins offer professional translation services. WPML allows you to choose from various translation service partners, while Weglot provides an integrated service within its dashboard.

Q: Can I translate content generated by plugins like WooCommerce? A: WPML requires a separate string translation add-on for translating plugins-generated content, whereas Weglot seamlessly translates both native and externally generated content.

Q: What is the installation process for WPML and Weglot? A: WPML requires installing multiple components and setting up the plugin in your WordPress dashboard. Weglot, on the other hand, only requires installing the plugin and connecting it to your website with an API key.

Q: Are there any language limitations with WPML and Weglot? A: WPML supports 65 languages, while Weglot supports over 100 languages, providing users with a broader range of options.

Q: What are the pricing options for WPML and Weglot? A: WPML offers lifetime plans with an annual fee for updates and support, while Weglot offers subscription-based plans, including a free trial and a free plan.

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