Choosing the Right Ink for Your Craft Projects

Choosing the Right Ink for Your Craft Projects

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Understanding Different Types of Inks
    1. Dye-Based Inks
    2. Pigment-Based Inks
    3. Hybrid Inks
    4. Reactive Dye-Based Inks
  3. The Versatility of Dye-Based Inks
    1. Memento Dye Inks
    2. Stampin' Up Dyes Inks
    3. Rainbow Pads
  4. Exploring Pigment-Based Inks
    1. Ranger Archival Inks
    2. StazOn Inks
  5. Exploring Hybrid Inks
    1. Hero Arts Hybrid Inks
    2. Versafine Clair Inks
  6. Chalk Inks and Distress Oxides
    1. Chalk Inks
    2. Distress Oxide Inks
  7. Using Pigment Inks for Different Applications
    1. Fabric Stamping
    2. Watercoloring with Pigment Inks
    3. Heat Embossing with Pigment Inks
  8. Recommendations for Starting Your Ink Collection
    1. Memento, Versafine Clair, and Versamark Pads
    2. Adding Specialty Inks
  9. Conclusion

Exploring Different Types of Inks for Crafters

In the world of crafting and stamping, the choice of ink can make a significant difference in the outcome of your projects. With a wide variety of inks available on the market, it can be overwhelming to understand the differences between them and choose the right ink for your needs. In this article, we will explore various types of inks and their unique characteristics, helping you make informed decisions when it comes to selecting the right ink for your projects.

Understanding Different Types of Inks

Dye-Based Inks

Dye-based inks are one of the most versatile and widely used inks in the crafting world. These inks are transparent and quickly absorb into the paper, resulting in vibrant and bold colors. They are perfect for stamping and layered stamping techniques, offering a wide range of colors for creative projects. The Memento dye inks are highly recommended for beginners, as they come in packs and offer a great variety of colors. These inks also have reinkers available, allowing you to easily replenish the ink pads. Other popular dye ink brands include Stampin' Up and the classic ink pads by Stuart Superior Ink Company.

Pigment-Based Inks

Pigment-based inks are known for their opacity and slower drying time. These inks sit on top of the paper, resulting in a more vibrant and crisp image. They are excellent for heat embossing and creating water-resistant stamped images. Ranger Archival Inks and StazOn Inks are popular choices for pigment-based inks. It is worth noting that pigment inks are less likely to fade over time, making them suitable for long-lasting projects.

Hybrid Inks

Hybrid inks are a combination of dye and pigment inks, offering some of the best qualities of both types. They are versatile and work well with various coloring mediums, such as watercolor and alcohol markers. Hero Arts Hybrid Inks and Versafine Clair Inks are examples of popular hybrid inks. They provide a balance between crisp images and blending capabilities.

Reactive Dye-Based Inks

Reactive dye-based inks, such as Distress Inks, are unique in that they react with water to create stunning effects. These inks are commonly used for creating blended backgrounds and adding watercolor effects to stamped images. Distress Inks, particularly Distress Oxides, are highly regarded for their versatility and ability to create beautiful effects.

The Versatility of Dye-Based Inks

Dye-based inks are a staple for any crafter due to their versatility and wide range of colors. Memento dye inks are recommended for beginners as they offer a comprehensive range of colors and are available in both small cubes and larger pads. These inks are ideal for stamping and work well with alcohol markers. They also have the advantage of reinkers, allowing you to prolong the life of your ink pads. Stampin' Up and other boutique stamping companies offer similar products using the same manufacturer, ensuring consistent quality across different color palettes.

Exploring Pigment-Based Inks

Pigment-based inks offer opaque and long-lasting results, making them suitable for various crafting projects. Ranger Archival Inks are recommended for watercoloring, as they hold up well to water and provide exquisite detail. StazOn Inks are excellent for stamping on non-porous surfaces like ceramic and plastic, but caution should be exercised when using them with alcohol markers, as they can cause smudging.

Exploring Hybrid Inks

Hybrid inks combine the best attributes of both dye-based and pigment-based inks, offering versatility and crisp results. Brands like Hero Arts and Versafine Clair provide a wide range of colors and are compatible with various coloring mediums. Hybrid inks are particularly useful for stamping sentiments and achieving detailed images.

Chalk Inks and Distress Oxides

Chalk inks are pigment-based inks that result in a matte, chalky finish. Distress Oxide inks are a unique variation of pigment inks that react with water, creating stunning effects. These inks are excellent for creating blended backgrounds and can be used for special effects. While both types of inks offer their own merits, it's essential to note that chalk inks do not react with water.

Using Pigment Inks for Different Applications

Pigment inks are incredibly versatile and allow for various applications in crafting. They work well for fabric stamping, especially when heat-set to ensure permanence. Pigment inks are also perfect for watercoloring stamped images and creating heat-embossed designs. Their opacity and ability to stick to different surfaces make them ideal for a wide range of projects.

Recommendations for Starting Your Ink Collection

If you're new to stamping and crafting, here are some recommendations for a basic ink collection:

  • Memento ink pad: Great for beginners, particularly if you use alcohol markers.
  • Versafine Clair ink pad: Offers versatility, crisp sentiments, and is suitable for watercoloring.
  • Versamark clear ink pad: Essential for embossing and creating watermark effects.
  • Optional: White pigment ink pad for opaque effects on colored cardstock.
  • Consider building a collection of mini ink pads in a variety of colors to expand your creative possibilities.

It's important to note that these recommendations are just a starting point, and the choice of inks ultimately depends on your personal preferences and project requirements.


Inks play a crucial role in the world of crafting, offering a range of colors, effects, and applications. By understanding the different types of inks available and their unique characteristics, you can make informed decisions and select the right ink for your craft projects. Whether you prefer dye-based inks for their versatility, pigment-based inks for their opacity, or hybrid inks for their flexibility, there is an ink out there to suit your needs. Experiment, explore, and have fun with different inks to unleash your creativity and bring your projects to life.

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