Bridge the Gap in Social Commerce: A Webinar with Wiesen Phan

Bridge the Gap in Social Commerce: A Webinar with Wiesen Phan

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Shopper behavior in social commerce
  3. Landscape of the social commerce market
  4. Tactics for branding in social commerce
    • Increasing social interaction
    • Leveraging brand trust
    • Expanding beyond borders
  5. How Ali Reviews can help in increasing social interaction and building brand trust
  6. How Transient can help in expanding globally
  7. Conclusion


Social commerce has emerged as a significant trend in the e-commerce industry. As consumers increasingly turn to social media platforms for product research and purchases, online merchants need to adapt their strategies to capitalize on this growing market. In this article, we will explore the key facts and statistics related to social commerce, discuss important tactics for branding in this space, and examine how Ali Reviews and Transient can assist online merchants in enhancing their social commerce presence.

Shopper behavior in social commerce

Before diving into the tactics for branding in social commerce, it is crucial to understand shopper behavior in this realm. Several statistics highlight the influence of social media on consumer buying decisions:

  1. 70% of internet users watch influencer streams on social media channels before making a purchase.
  2. 81% of shoppers discover products through platforms like Instagram and Facebook.
  3. 72% of shoppers make weekly purchases through social media channels.

These statistics demonstrate the high frequency at which shoppers rely on social media for their purchasing decisions. As an online merchant, leveraging social interaction and building brand trust on these channels becomes essential for success.

Landscape of the social commerce market

The social commerce market is experiencing a significant surge, with impressive growth rates and revenue projections:

  1. Social commerce sales in the US market have witnessed a 24.9% increase.
  2. The total revenue expected to be derived from social commerce in the US market by 2022 is estimated to be $45.74 billion.

These numbers indicate the thriving nature of the social commerce market, making it an attractive opportunity for online merchants.

Tactics for branding in social commerce

To effectively brand their businesses in the era of social commerce, online merchants can apply three key tactics:

  1. Increasing social interaction: By actively engaging with consumers through various social media channels, merchants can demonstrate excellent customer support and responsiveness. This interaction helps build a positive brand image and fosters trust among potential customers.

    • Pros: Enhances brand visibility, fosters customer loyalty, increases customer satisfaction.
    • Cons: Requires time and resources for continuous social media management.
  2. Leveraging brand trust: Displaying product reviews and testimonials on social media platforms can significantly enhance the perceived trustworthiness of a brand. This social proof serves as a powerful tool in attracting customers and driving sales.

    • Pros: Increases credibility, encourages potential customers to make purchases, improves conversion rates.
    • Cons: Negative reviews can harm brand reputation.
  3. Expanding beyond borders: Going international and targeting diverse markets can open up new avenues for business growth. With social media platforms enabling global connectivity, reaching an international customer base becomes a feasible option for online merchants.

    • Pros: Increases market reach, taps into new customer segments, boosts brand recognition globally.
    • Cons: Requires localization efforts, cultural adaptation, and logistic considerations.

How Ali Reviews can help in increasing social interaction and building brand trust

Ali Reviews, a top product reviews app at Shopify, developed by Fire App Group, offers valuable features that support online merchants in enhancing their social interaction and brand trust. The following functions facilitate these objectives:

  1. Email Marketing Feature: The integration of Ali Reviews with Klaviyo, an email marketing platform, takes the communication between merchants and customers to a new level. Merchants can now send tailored emails to customers, request reviews, and maintain a consistent brand experience.

    • Pros: Enables personalized customer communication, builds brand consistency, strengthens customer relationships.
    • Cons: Requires proper email marketing strategy and content creation.
  2. Displaying Customer Reviews on Social Media: Ali Reviews empowers merchants to connect their app with social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. This integration enables merchants to showcase excellent reviews on their social pages, showcasing their product quality and attracting potential customers.

    • Pros: Boosts brand reputation, encourages purchase decisions, increases social media engagement.
    • Cons: Negative reviews can damage brand image if not managed effectively.

How Transient can help in expanding globally

Transient, a translation and currency converter app, powered by Google, assists online merchants in expanding their presence internationally. By localizing their stores, merchants can target specific regions and provide a seamless shopping experience to customers worldwide. The key features of Transient include:

  1. Translation: Transient offers translation services that enable merchants to customize the translation of their store content into various languages. This localization capabilities support merchants in connecting with international customers effectively.

    • Pros: Opens up global markets, enhances customer experience, improves brand perception.
    • Cons: Accuracy of translation depends on the quality of language data and localization efforts.
  2. Currency Converter: With support for over 160 currencies, Transient allows merchants to cater to international customers by displaying prices in their local currencies. This feature eliminates currency conversion barriers and encourages global customers to make purchases.

    • Pros: Simplifies the shopping experience, increases customer trust, reduces cart abandonment.
    • Cons: Exchange rate fluctuations may impact pricing accuracy.


In conclusion, social commerce presents a vast potential for online merchants to reach and engage with customers. Implementing tactics such as increasing social interaction, leveraging brand trust, and expanding globally can significantly contribute to the success of their businesses. With the support of tools like Ali Reviews and Transient, merchants can enhance their social commerce presence, build a robust brand image, and extend their reach to international markets.

For any further questions or clarifications, please feel free to reach out to our team at [email protected]


  • Shopper behavior shows a high frequency of purchasing through social media channels.
  • The social commerce market is experiencing substantial growth and revenue projections.
  • Key tactics for branding in social commerce include increasing social interaction, leveraging brand trust, and expanding globally.
  • Ali Reviews helps increase social interaction and build brand trust through email marketing and displaying customer reviews on social media.
  • Transient supports expansion into international markets by providing translation and currency conversion services.


Q: Can Ali Reviews send review request emails and SMS to customers? A: Yes, with the integration of Klaviyo, Ali Reviews enables merchants to send review request emails to customers after they make a purchase. Additionally, SMS campaigns can also be utilized for review requests.

Q: Can Transient be used for platforms other than Shopify? A: Currently, Transient supports translation and currency conversion for Shopify domains. However, there are plans to expand its integration to include platforms such as WooCommerce and WordPress.

Q: Are negative reviews displayed on social media platforms using Ali Reviews? A: Yes, Ali Reviews allows merchants to display all reviews, including negative ones, on their social media pages. However, managing negative reviews and addressing customer concerns is essential to maintain a positive brand image.

Q: Can Transient's translation be customized to match the language preferences of customers in specific regions? A: Absolutely, Transient offers the flexibility to customize translations according to specific language preferences. This customization helps merchants provide a localized shopping experience for customers in different regions.

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