Boost Your Shopify Store's Loading Speed Without Coding

Boost Your Shopify Store's Loading Speed Without Coding

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Wrong Way to Measure Loading Speed
  3. Uninstall Unused Apps
  4. The Game Changer: Using the Beautify Theme
  5. Installing the Best Speed Optimizer App
  6. Resizing Images for Faster Loading Speed
  7. Conclusion
  8. Pros and Cons
  9. FAQ

Increase Your Shopify Store's Loading Speed Without Hiring a Developer

In this article, I will share four simple techniques to help you increase the loading speed of your Shopify store without the need to hire a developer or write any code. As someone with over four years of experience in Shopify and multiple successful dropshipping stores, I have discovered effective ways to optimize loading speed and improve conversion rates. By following these basic steps, you can ensure that your Shopify store loads quickly, reduces bounce rates, and ultimately boosts your sales.

The Wrong Way to Measure Loading Speed

Many people rely on tools like GTmatrix to measure the loading speed of their websites. However, this approach can be misleading and inconsistent. Major companies like Zara and Kylie Cosmetics have shown poor results on GTmatrix, even though they are billion-dollar companies with fast-loading websites. Instead, I recommend using your own browser's incognito or private mode to assess how your website loads. Testing it on different devices will give you a more accurate representation of its actual loading speed.

Uninstall Unused Apps

One common mistake that slows down Shopify stores is the accumulation of unnecessary apps. Each app installs additional code into your theme files, potentially conflicting with your store's performance. Even after uninstalling an app, it may leave behind lines of code that continue to impede loading speed. To avoid this, uninstall any apps that are not actively being used. Consider using a theme like Beautify that comes with built-in apps, offering more flexibility and customization options without compromising loading speed.

The Game Changer: Using the Beautify Theme

Beautify is a highly recommended Shopify theme that I have personally found to be the best in terms of loading speed and customization. Its fast-loading capabilities, extensive customization options, and over 50 inbuilt add-ons called "Beautify" boosts make it stand out from other themes. These add-ons, such as trust seals, sticky add to cart, countdown timers, and product bullet points, help improve the conversion rate and enhance the overall look and performance of your Shopify store. The Beautify theme is completely free to install, making it an excellent choice for optimizing loading speed.

Installing the Best Speed Optimizer App

To create the illusion of faster loading speed, I suggest installing the Best Speed Optimizer app. While it doesn't directly increase your store's loading speed, it optimizes the visitor's browsing experience. When a visitor lands on a page, this app starts loading the subsequent pages in the background. As the visitor clicks on buttons or links, the already-loaded pages give the impression of immediate loading, enhancing their overall experience. This app is particularly effective in boosting user satisfaction without any coding or significant performance improvements.

Resizing Images for Faster Loading Speed

Another substantial factor that affects loading speed is the size of your images. Photos taken with phones, cameras, or downloaded from stock image websites often have large file sizes ranging from 2MB to over 5MB. This significantly slows down the loading speed of your landing pages. To mitigate this, consider compressing your images before uploading them. You can find compression apps on app stores that allow you to resize images without compromising quality. Ideally, resize your images to a maximum of 1000 pixels, reducing their size to around 100KB or even 300KB. This simple step can significantly improve the loading speed of your Shopify store.


By implementing these four strategies—measuring loading speed correctly, uninstalling unused apps, utilizing the Beautify theme, installing the Best Speed Optimizer app, and resizing images—you can significantly enhance the loading speed of your Shopify store. These steps will not only improve user experience but also reduce bounce rates and increase conversion rates, resulting in higher sales. Remember to constantly assess and refine your store's loading speed for optimal performance.

Pros and Cons


  • No need to hire a developer or write any code
  • Utilizing incognito or private mode for accurate loading speed assessment
  • Uninstalling unused apps to prevent conflicts and improve performance
  • Using the Beautify theme for customization and inbuilt add-ons
  • Installing the Best Speed Optimizer app for an enhanced browsing experience
  • Resizing images for faster loading speed


  • Reliance on third-party tools like GTmatrix can lead to misleading results
  • Uninstalling apps may require backing up and careful theme customization
  • Theme choice may limit the availability of certain customization options
  • Best Speed Optimizer app creates an illusion of faster loading speed rather than an actual improvement
  • Resizing images may result in compromised image quality if not done correctly


Q: Can I trust GTmatrix for accurate loading speed measurement? A: No, GTmatrix can provide inconsistent and misleading results. It's best to test your website's loading speed using your browser's incognito or private mode.

Q: What should I do with apps I uninstall from my Shopify store? A: After uninstalling apps, make sure to check your theme files for any remaining conflicting code. Consider creating a copy of the original theme file for backup purposes.

Q: How does resizing images improve loading speed? A: Resizing images to a smaller pixel size significantly reduces their file size. This, in turn, speeds up the loading time of your webpages.

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