Boost Your Shopify Store with Photo Reviews by Loox!

Boost Your Shopify Store with Photo Reviews by Loox!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Importance of Reviews in Ecommerce
  3. The Journey of Luke's: From Idea to Success
  4. Pricing and Features of Luke's App
  5. Integrations with Other Shopify Apps
  6. Support and Customer Satisfaction
  7. The Power of Social Proof: Luke's Pop-up Feature
  8. Analytics and Insights for Luke's Pop-up
  9. Exciting Plans for the Future of Luke's
  10. Conclusion


Welcome to the Milk Bottle Labs Shopify eCommerce podcast, brought to you by Milk Bottle Labs, Ireland's top-rated Shopify experts. In this episode, we are joined by Yoni Alvarez, the founder of Luke's, a popular reviews app for Shopify stores. Yoni shares his insights on the importance of reviews, the journey of Luke's, pricing and features of their app, integrations with other Shopify apps, customer support, the new Luke's pop-up feature, analytics, and their future plans. Let's dive in!

The Importance of Reviews in Ecommerce

Reviews are an essential element of any successful online store. Despite their importance, many stores fail to utilize this powerful tool. Luke's founder, Yoni Alvarez, explains how reviews can significantly impact sales and credibility. In fact, research shows that having photo reviews increases sales conversion by an average of 26%. Yoni also highlights the need for fresh and recent reviews to maintain customer trust and improve search engine visibility.

The Journey of Luke's: From Idea to Success

Yoni shares his entrepreneurial journey, from working as an intelligence officer in the Israeli army to starting his own ventures. Inspired by the growing trend of Shopify store owners building their own brands, Yoni and his partner identified a gap in the market for a visually-driven reviews app. Luke's became the first Shopify app to offer photo review solutions, revolutionizing the way merchants showcase social proof on their stores. With over 15,000 installations worldwide, Luke's has proven to be a valuable asset for online business owners.

Pricing and Features of Luke's App

Luke's offers a pay-as-you-go business model, allowing merchants to choose a plan that suits their needs. Starting at just $9.99 per month, the basic plan provides 100 review request emails. The app's advanced plans offer additional features, such as integration with other apps and ecosystems. Yoni discusses the different pricing plans and emphasizes the value of these features in helping merchants maximize their review collection and leverage their reviews for marketing purposes.

Integrations with Other Shopify Apps

Luke's integrates seamlessly with other popular Shopify apps, including Google Shopping,, Searchanise, and Instant Search. These integrations enhance the user experience, allowing merchants to display star ratings on their Google Shopping ads, search results, and product pages. Yoni explains how these integrations provide social proof to potential customers, boosting click-through rates and increasing conversion rates.

Support and Customer Satisfaction

At Luke's, customer satisfaction is a top priority. Yoni highlights the importance of providing excellent customer support and quick response times. The in-house support team at Luke's ensures that all customer requests are answered within 24 hours, and they are continually improving their knowledge base to provide merchants with simple guides and video tutorials. Yoni also mentions the company's plans to expand their team to accommodate their growing customer base.

The Power of Social Proof: Luke's Pop-up Feature

Luke's recently launched a pop-up feature that displays relevant reviews to customers as they browse a store. Yoni explains how this context-aware pop-up pushes customers down the conversion funnel by showcasing reviews specific to the product or page they are viewing. This new feature has proven to be a valuable tool in increasing trust and encouraging customers to make purchases.

Analytics and Insights for Luke's Pop-up

Luke's is working on providing merchants with analytics and insights specifically for the pop-up feature. This data will help store owners understand the performance of the pop-up and its impact on customer engagement and conversion rates. By analyzing click-through rates and views, merchants can optimize their pop-up strategy to maximize its effectiveness.

Exciting Plans for the Future of Luke's

Luke's has exciting plans in store for the future. With a new office and an expanding team, they aim to further develop their app and offer innovative ways for merchants to leverage their happy customers for increased sales and brand building. Yoni hints at upcoming features and integrations with SMS and Facebook Messenger solutions, providing merchants with multiple communication channels to request and collect reviews.


Luke's has revolutionized the way Shopify store owners collect and showcase customer reviews. The importance of reviews in boosting sales and credibility cannot be overstated. With an easy-to-use app, competitive pricing plans, and seamless integrations with other Shopify apps, Luke's is helping merchants harness the power of social proof to grow their businesses. With their commitment to exceptional customer support and exciting plans for the future, Luke's is set to become a driving force in the Shopify ecosystem.

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