Boost Your Shopify Store with More Reviews

Boost Your Shopify Store with More Reviews

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Importance of Reviews for Online Businesses
  3. Types and Places for Reviews
    • 3.1 Business Reviews
    • 3.2 Product Reviews
  4. Strategies for Getting More Reviews
    • 4.1 Emailing Customers and Asking for Reviews
    • 4.2 Personal Phone Calls with Customers
    • 4.3 Automation
  5. Conclusion
  6. FAQs

Getting More Reviews for Your Online Business

In today's modern world, online businesses rely heavily on customer reviews to build social proof and establish trust. This not only helps customers trust your website and business more but also improves your search engine optimization (SEO) compared to your competitors. There are different types of reviews, including business reviews and product reviews, which can be gathered from various platforms like Google My Business and Facebook. It is crucial for online businesses to consistently work towards getting more reviews to boost their credibility and online presence.

Importance of Reviews for Online Businesses

Reviews hold immense importance for online businesses as they act as a form of social proof. When potential customers see positive reviews about your business or products, they are more likely to trust and choose your brand over others. Reviews not only showcase the quality of your products or services but also help in improving your website's SEO. As you accumulate more reviews, search engines like Google perceive your website as more trustworthy and relevant, leading to higher search rankings. Therefore, it is essential to focus on obtaining both business reviews and product reviews to enhance your online reputation.

Types and Places for Reviews

  1. Business Reviews: Business reviews provide an overall assessment of your company's performance and customer satisfaction. You can gather business reviews on platforms like Google My Business and Facebook, among others. Ensuring a steady stream of positive business reviews helps build credibility and trust with potential customers.

  2. Product Reviews: Product reviews are specific feedback related to the features, performance, and quality of your products. These reviews help potential customers understand the real-life experiences of others who have used the same product. Product reviews can be found on your website, social media platforms, or other online marketplaces.

Strategies for Getting More Reviews

1. Emailing Customers and Asking for Reviews

One of the easiest and most effective ways to gather reviews for your business is by simply reaching out to customers via email and politely asking for their feedback. Make sure to approach customers who have had a positive experience with your product or service, providing a higher chance of receiving a favorable review. When sending these emails, make it as effortless as possible for customers to write a review by directly linking them to the review page. Avoid asking for a specific rating and instead, request an honest review. Remember to follow up if you don't receive a response.

2. Personal Phone Calls with Customers

Another approach to encouraging more reviews is by personally calling your customers. Within a few days of a customer receiving their product, make a phone call to inquire about their experience and assist them with any questions or problems they might encounter. By offering personalized support and troubleshooting solutions, you not only improve their experience but also stand out among competitors. After resolving any issues, kindly ask them to leave a review for your business, ensuring a positive customer journey.

3. Automation

Implementing automation tools can significantly streamline the review-gathering process, especially as your business scales. Apps like on Shopify allow you to completely automate email marketing campaigns aimed at collecting reviews. Such tools offer customization options, such as defining the content, subject line, and timing of review request emails. Additionally, they enable follow-up emails to customers who haven't responded initially. While automation may come with a cost, it can yield impressive results in terms of review generation and customer engagement.


In conclusion, reviews play a vital role in establishing social proof and improving SEO for online businesses. By actively seeking both business and product reviews, you enhance your credibility and attract more potential customers. Strategies such as emailing customers, making personal phone calls, and utilizing automation tools can help boost the number of reviews your business receives. Constantly striving for more reviews and engaging with your customers can lead to increased sales, growth, and overall success.


  1. Q: How do online reviews impact SEO rankings?

    • A: Online reviews can positively impact SEO rankings by enhancing your website's credibility and relevance. Search engines like Google consider the quantity and quality of reviews when determining search rankings, leading to higher visibility for your business.
  2. Q: Can negative reviews harm my online business?

    • A: While negative reviews can impact your business's reputation, they also provide an opportunity for improvement. Responding to negative feedback promptly and professionally can demonstrate your commitment to customer satisfaction and can even turn a dissatisfied customer into a loyal one.
  3. Q: Are product reviews more important than business reviews?

    • A: Both product reviews and business reviews hold equal importance. Business reviews establish the overall reputation of your company, while product reviews provide specific insights into the quality and performance of your offerings. Both types of reviews collectively contribute to building trust and attracting customers.

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