Boost Your Shopify SEO with Linkified

Boost Your Shopify SEO with Linkified

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. What is Linkified?
  3. How Does Linkified Work?
  4. Setting Up Linkified
    • 4.1 Creating Paragraphs for Collections
    • 4.2 Choosing the Collection
    • 4.3 Adding Links and Variables
    • 4.4 Leaving Fields Empty
  5. Adding External Links
  6. Formatting the Paragraph
  7. Previewing and Checking the Results
  8. Important Considerations
    • 8.1 Exporting Products
    • 8.2 Using the Sync Button
    • 8.3 Deactivating the App
    • 8.4 Removing Paragraphs
  9. Feedback and Future Features
  10. Conclusion

What is Linkified?

Linkified is a Shopify app developed by Jay, aimed at boosting SEO for online stores. This powerful app allows you to add strategically placed paragraphs filled with links to your product descriptions. These paragraphs can contain links to other products, collections, or even external resources, making it easier for search engines to navigate and rank your store. In this article, we will explain how to effectively use Linkified to enhance your SEO practices and drive more organic traffic to your Shopify store.

How Does Linkified Work?

Linkified works by adding a custom paragraph to each of your products' descriptions. These paragraphs are filled with relevant links, increasing the connectivity and visibility of your products. By strategically placing links to related products, collections, or external resources, you can create a web of interconnected information that search engines will value highly. The app also allows for the use of variables to dynamically insert specific information, such as collection names, product tags, or other dynamic data, into the paragraphs.

Setting Up Linkified

To get started with Linkified, follow these simple steps:

4.1 Creating Paragraphs for Collections

Begin by creating paragraphs for each collection you want to optimize. Give each paragraph a title that corresponds to the collection it will be applied to. This will help you easily identify and manage the paragraphs.

4.2 Choosing the Collection

Select the collection on which you want the paragraph to run. Linkified allows you to choose multiple collections for the paragraphs, perfect for stores with a wide range of products. If a product is part of multiple collections, only one paragraph will be added to avoid redundancy.

4.3 Adding Links and Variables

In each paragraph, you can add up to four links consisting of four sentences. The first sentence should mention the collection in question, followed by subsequent sentences referring to other products, collections, or external resources. To dynamically insert specific information, use variables provided by Linkified, such as the collection name or product tags.

4.4 Leaving Fields Empty

If you don't want to include a specific link in a paragraph, simply leave the corresponding fields empty. This flexibility allows you to tailor the paragraphs to your specific needs.

Adding External Links

Besides linking to other products or collections within your Shopify store, Linkified allows you to add external links. These can be links to relevant blog posts, articles, or any other resource that can provide additional value to your customers.

Formatting the Paragraph

Before activating the paragraph, ensure that it looks aesthetically pleasing with proper punctuation and formatting. Linkified provides a preview option for you to check how the paragraph will appear to your customers.

Previewing and Checking the Results

After setting up and activating the paragraphs, it's essential to verify how they appear on your product pages. Visit the product pages in your Shopify store to see the added paragraphs and ensure they blend seamlessly with your product descriptions. The built-in preview feature in Linkified allows for a quick review before going live.

Important Considerations

When using Linkified, there are a few important considerations to keep in mind:

8.1 Exporting Products

Before running the app, it's recommended to export all your products as a backup. This precaution ensures that you have all your product information intact in case anything goes wrong during the process.

8.2 Using the Sync Button

The Sync button in Linkified is used to rerun the algorithm if you have added new products to your collections. This ensures that the paragraphs are updated to include the latest products.

8.3 Deactivating the App

If you wish to remove all the added paragraphs, you can easily deactivate Linkified. This feature provides flexibility for future changes or if you no longer require the app's functionality.

8.4 Removing Paragraphs

To remove individual paragraphs, simply deactivate or delete the corresponding paragraph from the app's settings. This allows for granular control over your SEO optimization strategy.

Feedback and Future Features

Jay, the developer behind Linkified, values your feedback and reviews. Feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions for improving the app's functionality and adding new features. Your input helps Jay shape the app to best suit your needs and enhance your SEO efforts.


Linkified offers a straightforward solution for boosting SEO on your Shopify store, allowing you to strategically add paragraphs filled with links to your product descriptions. By leveraging the power of interconnectivity and providing search engines with valuable information, you can increase your store's visibility and drive more organic traffic. Give Linkified a try and see the difference it can make in optimizing your online store's SEO performance.

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