Boost Your Productivity with My Proven System!

Boost Your Productivity with My Proven System!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Module 1: Coordinate
    1. Calendar Management
    2. Project Management
    3. File Management
  3. Module 2: Communicate
    1. Messaging Apps
    2. Email Management
  4. Module 3: Consume
    1. Podcasts
    2. Reading Materials
    3. Audiobooks
    4. Videos
  5. Module 4: Capture
    1. Automated Capture
    2. Manual Capture
    3. Note-Taking Apps
    4. Fitness Tracking
  6. Module 5: Create
    1. Text-Based Creation
    2. Media-Based Creation
  7. Module 6: Miscellaneous Utilities
    1. Alfred
    2. Time Tracking
    3. Mac Utilities
    4. Password Management


Module 1: Coordinate

In the coordinate module, there are three essential components to manage schedule and tasks effectively. Firstly, a reliable calendar app is necessary for managing one's schedule. The app Fantastical is highly recommended as it seamlessly integrates with various calendar platforms such as Google Calendar and Apple Calendar. Its natural language processing features make scheduling events a breeze. Secondly, a project management system is needed to keep track of tasks, lists, and projects. Todoist is a popular choice for personal task management due to its simplicity, cross-platform accessibility, and sharing capabilities. For personal daily tasks, the Part-Time Productivity Planner from Ali's stationery brand, Essentially, provides a tangible and flexible method to prioritize tasks. Lastly, a file management system is essential for organizing and accessing important documents. Google Drive is Ali's go-to choice for both personal and business storage, offering ample storage space and convenient accessibility.

Module 2: Communicate

Effective communication is key in personal and professional settings. To streamline communication, Ali utilizes various apps and platforms. is a web interface that combines multiple messaging apps such as WhatsApp, iMessage, Twitter DMs, and Telegram, making it easier to manage and reply to messages. Slack is used for team communication, providing channels for announcements, general discussions, and specific projects. Discord serves as a community platform, fostering interaction among students of the Part-Time Youtuber Academy and the broader Ali Abdaal community. For email management, Superhuman offers a fast and efficient way to navigate through large volumes of emails with its advanced features. Additionally, Loom is used for screen recording, allowing team members to share information and updates through recorded messages without the need for extensive meetings.

Module 3: Consume

Consumption of various forms of content, such as books, podcasts, articles, and videos, is an important part of learning and personal development. Ali relies on several apps to optimize his consumption experience. Castro is his preferred podcast app due to its simplicity and cross-platform availability. Kindle and Apple Books are his go-to platforms for reading, with Kindle offering synchronization across multiple devices. Instapaper serves as a read-it-later app, allowing Ali to save articles for later consumption and providing useful highlighting features. Audible is his preferred app for audiobooks, offering a vast library of titles and syncing capabilities. Shortform, a comprehensive book summary app, provides in-depth summaries from various sources, enhancing the consumption of key insights from books.

Module 4: Capture

In the capture module, there are manual and automated systems for capturing ideas and information. Readwise is an automated capture app that synchronizes with Kindle, Instapaper, and other platforms, sending daily emails with random highlights. It also allows for exporting to note-taking apps like Notion and Roam. For manual capture, Apple Notes is Ali's primary app of choice, enabling him to jot down quick notes, capture ideas from audiobooks and podcasts, and document his daily journal entries. For tracking workouts, Strong is utilized, providing personalized workout tracking and progression. These capture systems allow Ali to gather and organize information efficiently for future reference and content creation.

Module 5: Create

Text-based and media-based content creation is a significant aspect of Ali's work as a content creator. For text-based creation, Google Docs is used for collaborative book-related writing, while Notion serves as a project management tool for video-related content within the team. Apple Notes is utilized for quick note-taking and book research, providing a low-pressure writing environment. In terms of media-based creation, Keynote and Google Slides are employed for presentations, and Figma is used for web design and graphic creation, including thumbnails. Final Cut Pro is Ali's preferred video editing software, allowing him to produce high-quality videos for his various platforms.

Module 6: Miscellaneous Utilities

Miscellaneous utilities encompass a range of tools and apps that do not fit into the previous modules but are essential for productivity. Alfred, an enhanced search tool, offers more efficient searching capabilities on Mac devices., an automatic time tracker, helps Ali analyze how he spends his time across various activities. Additional Mac utilities such as Moom and password management tools like Dashlane and 1Password further streamline daily tasks and ensure security.

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