Boost Your Conversions with the Best Converting Shopify Theme

Boost Your Conversions with the Best Converting Shopify Theme

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Importance of a Converting Shopify Theme
  3. What Makes an Ideal Shopify Theme?
  4. Introducing the Best Converting Shopify Theme of 2019
  5. The Benefits of Ecom Turbo
    • 5.1 Fully Customizable Theme
    • 5.2 Fast Loading Speed
    • 5.3 Excellent Support and Training
    • 5.4 Conversion Boosting Apps
  6. Boosting Conversions with Ecom Turbo
    • 6.1 Email Collector
    • 6.2 Scarcity Timer
    • 6.3 Cash Boosting Upsell
    • 6.4 Custom Plain Footer
    • 6.5 Super Clean Call-to-Actions
    • 6.6 Urgency Sales Ticker
    • 6.7 Increase Instagram Profits
    • 6.8 Easy Trust Badges
    • 6.9 Profit Boosting Cart Buttons
  7. Customizing Your Shopify Store with Ecom Turbo
  8. Conclusion
  9. FAQs


Welcome to this comprehensive guide on the best converting Shopify theme available in 2019. If you're looking to improve the performance of your Shopify store and increase your conversion rates, then you're in the right place. In this guide, we will discuss the importance of choosing the right theme for your Shopify store and introduce you to the best option out there: Ecom Turbo.

The Importance of a Converting Shopify Theme

Many Shopify store owners focus on various aspects of e-commerce and dropshipping but often overlook the importance of investing in a high-converting theme. While there are many free themes available, they often lack the functionality and features necessary for driving sales. A poorly optimized theme may not load correctly on mobile devices, lack responsiveness, or make it difficult for customers to navigate and make purchases. By investing in a converting Shopify theme, you can significantly improve your chances of success in the competitive e-commerce market.

What Makes an Ideal Shopify Theme?

When choosing a Shopify theme, it's essential to consider several factors. First, the theme should align with your business brand and be customizable to fit your store's unique requirements. It should also be user-friendly, fast-loading, and responsive across different devices, ensuring a seamless browsing and shopping experience for your customers. Additionally, an SEO-friendly theme will help improve your store's visibility in search engine results. Lastly, excellent customer support and positive reviews are crucial for a hassle-free experience and ongoing assistance.

Introducing the Best Converting Shopify Theme of 2019: Ecom Turbo

Designed by Franklin Hatchett, a renowned online dropshipping expert, Ecom Turbo addresses the shortcomings of Shopify's free themes. Hatchett conducted extensive research on visitor behavior, optimized his own store, and developed Ecom Turbo to achieve higher conversion rates. This theme stands out for its conversion-boosting apps, customization options, speed, and outstanding support.

The Benefits of Ecom Turbo

5.1 Fully Customizable Theme

Ecom Turbo offers complete customization capabilities. From designing a homepage that aligns with your brand to changing layouts and colors, this theme allows you to create a professional and trustworthy look for your store.

5.2 Fast Loading Speed

Speed is a crucial factor in driving conversions. Ecom Turbo has minimal coding, ensuring fast loading times. Studies show that stores with a loading time of 3 seconds or more can lose up to 40% of their potential sales. With Ecom Turbo's optimized design, you can prevent visitors from getting frustrated and leaving your store.

5.3 Excellent Support and Training

Ecom Turbo provides comprehensive support, ensuring any issues or questions you have are swiftly resolved. Additionally, the theme comes with a comprehensive training course on setting up and customizing its coding. This allows you to make unique changes to your store, ensuring it stands apart from others using the same theme.

5.4 Conversion Boosting Apps

One of the standout features of Ecom Turbo is its pre-built conversion-boosting apps, worth over $900 in license fees. These apps enhance your store's functionality and increase sales potential. Let's explore some of the key apps:

Boosting Conversions with Ecom Turbo

6.1 Email Collector

The email collector feature allows you to offer discounts and collect leads simultaneously. Customizable pop-ups appear in front of your visitors, helping you capture their email addresses and incentivizing them to make a purchase. This enables you to send out promotions via email, maximizing your sales potential.

6.2 Scarcity Timer

Creating a sense of urgency and scarcity can significantly boost sales. Ecom Turbo includes a scarcity timer that makes it appear as though your stock is limited and time is running out to claim a certain offer. This psychological tactic encourages visitors to make a purchase quickly, fearing they may miss out.

6.3 Cash Boosting Upsell

Increasing the average customer order value is a powerful strategy for generating more revenue. With the cash boosting upsell feature, when a visitor adds a specific product to their cart, they are presented with related items that complement their purchase. This tactic mimics the shopping behavior seen on platforms like Amazon and effectively drives additional sales.

6.4 Custom Plain Footer

Ecom Turbo allows you to establish trust and credibility with your visitors through a custom plain footer. You can include trust elements such as satisfaction guarantees, free shipping logos, and 30-day refund policies. By displaying these badges, you instill confidence in your customers and increase their willingness to buy from your store.

6.5 Super Clean Call-to-Actions

To make purchasing from your store as easy as possible, Ecom Turbo offers super clean call-to-actions. These visually appealing buttons draw your visitors' attention to specific elements, such as the "Buy Now" button. By optimizing the purchasing process, you remove any obstacles that might deter potential buyers from completing a purchase.

6.6 Urgency Sales Ticker

The urgency sales ticker adds a pop-up that displays recent sales, creating social proof and emphasizing the demand for your products. Even if you're not currently making sales, you can set up an automated system that showcases recent purchases. This motivates visitors to make a purchase, fearing they might miss out on a popular item.

6.7 Increase Instagram Profits

With the integration of Instagram, Ecom Turbo provides you with a way to harness the power of this popular social media platform. By utilizing this feature, you can drive more sales by leveraging your Instagram presence and reaching a wider audience.

6.8 Easy Trust Badges

Trust badges are a simple yet effective way to build trust with your customers. Ecom Turbo enables you to easily add trust elements to your store, such as secure checkout logos, payment method logos, and customer satisfaction guarantees. These visual cues assure your customers that their information is safe and that they can trust your store.

6.9 Profit Boosting Cart Buttons

Even on the cart page, Ecom Turbo provides options for increasing your order value. By strategically placing additional product suggestions or upsells, you can entice customers to add more items to their cart before completing their purchase. This tactic allows you to maximize sales potential and increase your revenue.

Customizing Your Shopify Store with Ecom Turbo

One of the major advantages of Ecom Turbo is its customizability. You can tailor the theme to fit your brand's unique identity and create a store that stands out from the competition. With the ability to change every aspect and element of your homepage and product pages, you can truly make your store your own.


Choosing a converting Shopify theme is crucial for the success of your online store. Ecom Turbo offers a comprehensive solution that addresses the shortcomings of free themes and provides powerful conversion-boosting features. With its customization options, fast loading speed, outstanding support, and pre-built apps, Ecom Turbo can significantly improve your store's performance and increase your sales.


Q: How is Ecom Turbo different from other Shopify themes? A: Ecom Turbo stands out for its conversion-boosting apps, customization options, and fast loading speed. It was designed with conversions in mind and offers a range of features to enhance the shopping experience and drive sales.

Q: Can I customize the Ecom Turbo theme to match my brand's identity? A: Absolutely! Ecom Turbo is fully customizable, allowing you to design your homepage, change layouts, and adjust colors to match your brand and create a professional look for your store.

Q: Will using Ecom Turbo improve my store's loading speed? A: Yes, Ecom Turbo is optimized for fast loading speeds. With minimal coding and efficient design, your store will load quickly, reducing the chance of potential customers getting frustrated and leaving.

Q: Does Ecom Turbo offer support if I have any issues or questions? A: Yes, Ecom Turbo provides excellent customer support. If you encounter any issues or have questions, their team is readily available to assist you and ensure a smooth experience.

Q: Can I increase my sales with Ecom Turbo's conversion-boosting apps? A: Definitely! Ecom Turbo includes a range of pre-built apps, such as the email collector, scarcity timer, and upsell features, that are designed to enhance conversions and increase your average order value.

Q: Is Ecom Turbo suitable for new Shopify store owners? A: Yes, Ecom Turbo is beginner-friendly and comes with a comprehensive training course on setting up and customizing the theme's coding. This allows you to personalize your store and make it unique to your brand.

Q: Can I integrate Ecom Turbo with my Instagram account to boost sales? A: Absolutely! Ecom Turbo provides features that enable you to increase profits by integrating closely with Instagram. This allows you to leverage your social media presence and reach a wider audience.

Q: Does Ecom Turbo offer any trust elements to build confidence with customers? A: Yes, Ecom Turbo offers easy trust badge integration, allowing you to add elements such as secure checkout logos, payment method logos, and satisfaction guarantees to build trust and increase customer confidence.

Q: How can Ecom Turbo help with increasing urgency and scarcity? A: Ecom Turbo's scarcity timer and urgency sales ticker features help create a sense of urgency and scarcity for customers. This motivates them to make a purchase quickly, fearing they may miss out on a limited-time offer or popular item.

Q: Can I improve my average customer order value with Ecom Turbo's cash boosting upsell feature? A: Absolutely! The cash boosting upsell feature suggests related products to customers based on their initial purchase. This encourages them to add more items to their cart, thereby increasing their average order value and generating more revenue.

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